What Is A Bullet Journal And How Can It Help You

What exactly is a bullet journal?


How to start a bullet journal

Bullet Journal Supplies - Tips To Keep Using Your Bullet Journal and Making It A Habit

Sticking with your bullet journal


About The Bullet Journal Addict

Hi! I’m Crystal, the bullet journal addict. I've been using the bullet journal method for over 3 years to manage my hectic life. On a daily basis I see people who want to bullet journal but feel they can’t because they aren’t creative enough. I’m here to tell you, you are creative enough.

My philosophy is that creativity is like a muscle, if you don’t exercise it enough you lose your creativity. Here on Bullet Journal Addict I motivate you to get creative by providing simple tutorials and new ideas that you can use in your own bullet journal.

Bullet Journaling is a fantastic experience. Not only does it provide a creative outlet from your everyday life but it helps you organize your entire life into one easy to manage book.

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