Bullet Journal Yellow Theme Ideas

It’s no secret that yellow is my favorite color. Maybe it’s the Hufflepuff pride in me or that my favorite teams are all black and yellow. Personally I think it’s because yellow is such a great happy color. So if you need something bright and happy to look at, these yellow bullet journal ideas are great for inspiration.

In fact, for August 2019 I will be doing a yellow themed bullet journal spread that’s based on the word happy. Yellow reminds me of happiness and I need a little bit more of it in my life.

It’s been a bit stressful in my house lately so I’ve been taking time to reflect and escape into books in between my work and family time.

Hoping to make August an amazing month so I’m making the one thing I am in every single day the happiest looking journal I can. Start and end my days right with happy quotes and doodles. Keep my mind focused on happiness.

Before we get started here is a list of my recommended supplies.

Recommended Products

Yellow Bullet Journal Ideas

When it comes to yellow themes for bullet journals I highly recommend having the mildliner gold yellow because it’s not super bright like a normal highlight. Crayola also has some great looking yellows in their super tip kit.

Sunflower Bullet Journal Theme

Sunflowers are a popular yellow theme. They are great as small doodles in a weekly spread or covering an entire page. Use a couple of different yellows to create depth to your artwork. Or use one yellow and a black outline to make it look more cartoonish.

Lemon Bullet Journal Theme

During the summer you will often see lemons or lemonade spreads through the bullet journal hashtags on Instagram. It’s the perfect representation of summer and are easy to create if you’re short on time.

Hufflepuff Bullet Journal Theme

Harry Potter spreads are extremely popular among bullet journal enthusiasts. Hogwarts house Hufflepuff has yellow and black as their house colors so it’s a natural choice for Hufflepuff and Harry Potter fans.

Sunshine Bullet Journal Theme

The ultimate in yellow themes would be a sunshine theme. The nice thing about using the sun as a spread is how simple it is to set up and the many different styles you can use. Keep it cartoonish with cute doodles or create a beautiful landscape.

Honeycomb and Bee Bullet Journal Theme

The bee and honeycomb theme is popular for Spring and Summer spreads. It’s simple to set up, though I do recommend having a stencil to help guide your honeycombs. Also blend with a couple different shades of yellow to give your drawings depth.

Yellow Bullet Journal Spread Inspiration

Below I found a bunch of yellow bullet journal spread inspiration for you to look at. Remember to change up your versions in your own bullet journals.

Simple Stars Weekly Spread

Simple Stars Weekly Spread Source

Yellow Dot Weekly Spread

Yellow Dot Weekly Spread Source

Bee Kind Bullet Journal Quote

Bee Kind Bullet Journal Quote Source

Goal Quote Sunflower Spread

Sunflower Goals Quote Source

Honeycomb Weekly Spread

Honeycomb Weekly Spread Source

Lemon Slice Doodle

Lemon Slice Doodle Source

Pineapple Theme Weekly Spread

Pineapple Theme Weekly Spread Source

Golden Monthly Spread

Golden Monthly Spread Source

Simple Sunflower Washi Tape Spread

Simple Sunflower Washi Tape Spread Source

Sunflower Weekly Spread

Sunflower Weekly Spread Source

Lemonade Monthly Spread

Lemonade Monthly Spread Source

Funny Lemon Quote Page

Funny Lemon Quote Page Source

Summery Yellow Stripes

Summery Yellow Stripes Source

Yellow Elephant Monthly Cover Page

Yellow Elephant Monthly Cover Page Source

Bullet Journal Spreads In Yellow

Yellow really is the happiest color you can use in your bullet journal. With shades ranging from bright to golden the possibilities for a yellow theme are endless.

Recommended Products

What’s your favorite yellow theme? Let me know in the comments below. Follow me on Pinterest for more like this and pin this to your favorite Bullet Journal boards.

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