If there is one thing bullet journalers love it’s picking, designing, and creating a theme every month for their spreads. Bullet journal themes give you a uniform look throughout the month and are super fun to design. If you need some bullet journal inspiration for your bullet journal setup you’ve come to the right place.

It’s not uncommon to go to pick a theme and have your mind go completely blank. This is why I have created a comprehensive list complete with examples to some super popular themes that you can use throughout the year.

Coming Up With Bullet Journal Themes

I want to discuss how to come up with different themes. First thing to take into account is your skill set. Are you capable of drawing Hogwarts? If not you may want to wait and practice that until you are capable of the project.

Once you figure out where your skill set is you can more easily pick a theme. Remember you will not always be at a lower skill set. With practice you will improve and be able to do more with your bullet journal.

You can try writing down all your favorite TV shows, books, and movies. After that add favorite flowers, nature scenes that inspire you, activities you love, and any hobbies you have. Before you know it you will have a list of your own themes to choose from.

Once you have your bullet journal themes grab a drawing pad notebook and start practicing doodles and drawing things that match that theme. By practicing your theme and drawing them out you can reference those sketches and drawings when you go to add them to your bullet journal later.

Before we get started here is a list of my recommended supplies.

Recommended Products

Popular Bullet Journal Themes

Now you can get some bullet journal inspiration for some of the different popular themes. There is a lot of examples here, make sure you give them a follow so that you can see everything these bullet journalers come up with.

Crystal Bullet Journal Themes

amandarachdoodles Purple Crystals Source @amandarachdoodles Purple Crystals @urbanstationary How To Draw Crystals @thuys.bujo Crystals On The Edge @jihielephant Crystals in May @bujocute Crystal Habit Tracker

Lilac Bullet Journal Themes

@anna.rastorgueva Spring Lilac Spread @journalbymalin July Lilac Monthly Spread @cattalema Lilac Daily Spread @thebujophase Lilac Weekly Spread @colorfulblackrose Minimalist Lilac Weekly Spread

Lily Bullet Journal Themes

February Lily Monthly Spread @bujo.crafts Water Lily Weekly Spread @bujoonabudget How To Draw Calla Lilys @einfach_lilienhaft Orange Lily Weekly Spread

Orchid Bullet Journal Themes

@craftyenginerd Purple Orchid @bumblebujo Orchid Weekly Spread @sijasbullets Minimalist Orchid Weekly Spread @bulletjournalinspox Orchid Future Log @allorasbujo Simple Orchid Weekly Spread @bonjournal_ How To Draw Orchids

Rose Bullet Journal Themes

@amandarachdoodles Rose Doodles @bulletby_r Yellow Rose Monthly @pages2plans Rose Border Future Log @bonjournal_ How To Draw A Rose

Mixed Flower Bullet Journal Themes

@mygianthandwriting Flower Border Future Log @littleolivebujo Hello June Flowers @my.life.in.a.bullet May Daisies @lacqueredworld January Poppies @larissawrites Sunflower Weekly Spread @my.first.bu.jo Purple Flower Weekly Spread

Harry Potter Bullet Journal Themes

jannplansthings November Sorting Hat Source @jannplansthings November Sorting Hat @northernplanner Sorting Hat Weekly Spread @rachelmaybujo Floating Candle Mood Tracker @my_limit_is_me Hogwarts Monthly Spread @abracadabe Hogwarts Contact Page

Disney / Pixar Bullet Journal Themes

@planyourdayright Under The Sea Gratitude Spread @doodledaydarlings Peter Pan Weekly Spread @doodledaydarlings Alice in Wonderland Weekly Spread @smcnabstudio Up Quote Spread @doodledaydarlings Inside Out Weekly Spread @bumblebujo Frozen Weekly Spread

Star Wars Bullet Journal Themes

@maydeerest Porg Doodle @ohneweiteres R2-D2 and BB-8 Weekly Spread @sleepy_bujo Droid Weekly Spread @norton_kenobi Star Wars Vehicles Weekly Spread @maplebujo Cute Characters Weekly Spread

Holiday Bullet Journal Themes

@showmeyourplanner Easter Weekly Spread @craftyenginerd Thanksgiving Monthly Spread @oak.tree.journaling Planning Thanksgiving @planyourplanner Halloween Monthly Spread @Bulletjournalcollection This Is Halloween Monthly Spread @alexandra_plans Christmas Weekly Spread @showmeyourplanner Christmas Light Monthly Spread

Seasons Bullet Journal Themes

nicoles.journal Spring Weekly Spread Source @nicoles.journal Spring Weekly Spread @planninginspiration4u Summer Ice Cream Weekly Spread @happybujolife Palm Tree Weekly Spread @showmeyourplanner Autumn Monthly Log @planningmyday Hello November @lifeinabujo Hello January

Fruit Bullet Journal Themes

@amandarachdoodles August Fruit Doodles @thuys.bujo Strawberry Weekly Spread @bujo_mel_ Citrus Weekly Spread @rachelbujo Lemon Weekly Spread @stl.journals Watermelon Weekly Spread

Coffee Bullet Journal Themes

@the.journal.life June Coffee Cover @bujolan Weekly Coffee Spread @bujowithdaya June Monthly Spread @crafter.pillar Hello November Coffee Spread

Minimalist Bullet Journal Themes

@monokromajic Hello January Cover @bujowithkat Minimalist Floral Weekly Spread @amandarachlee Minimalist One Page Weekly Spread @journalspiration Minimalist Future Log @yukikosakamura Simple Weekly Spread @minimalistbujo Minimalist Cleaning Schedule Collection

Comic Book Bullet Journal Themes

littlemissrose Comic Daily Spread Source @littlemissrose Comic Daily Spread @bulletjournalbypeanut Geometric Comic Weekly Spread @bullet.rookie Comic Book Weekly Spread @sj_bujo Comic May Monthly Spread @crafthippy Comic Mood and Habit Tracker

By now your brain is probably flowing with all sorts of bullet journal themes you can use. This is not an exhaustive list of themes by any means but it’s a great starting ground. Remember if you are unsure about your capabilities it’s ok to go with a minimalist theme while you practice in a separate notebook or drawing pad.

Recommended Products

Which bullet journal themes are your favorites? Let me know in the comments below. Do you have bullet journal spreads you would like shared? Email them to [email protected] and they may be featured on an Instagram post and/or to the blog. Please leave your IG Username so I can tag you in the posts. Follow me on Pinterest for more like this and pin this to your Bullet Journal boards.

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