Bullet Journal New Year Cover Ideas

Bullet journal new year cover pages are a fantastic way to start your bullet journal for the new year. They can represent a hope, be funny, be minimalist or just simply be a starting off point for the year.

There are a few reasons why you should have a new year cover but I know what you are actually here for. You want the new year cover inspiration.

Before we get started here is a list of my recommended supplies.

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New Years Bullet Journal Covers

There are two types of bullet journalers. The simple and functional bullet journalers and the artistic and functional bullet journalers.

I’m in the artistic group. I like adding little pieces of art in my bullet journal. While the actual planner portions of my journal are usually pretty minimalist I like drawing and using modern calligraphy in my bullet journal.

Monthly covers are one of the places that I like to get creative. This year my New Years cover is no exception. I decided to go with a gem feel and pretty sapphire blues.

New Year Bullet Journal Cover Page - Sapphire

Other New Year Cover Options

Here are a couple other options that you can try out in your bullet journal this New Years.

Simple With A Splash Of Color

New Year Bullet Journal Cover Page - Firework

This cover is just a simple greeting for the new year with a super simple firework design in the upper right corner. Add a short quote to the bottom of the page or more fireworks to make it really stand out.

Loading 2019

New Year Bullet Journal Cover Page - Loading Bar

My husband and I are both gamers and I seriously considered going with this type of design to start my year. It’s simple and a bit of fun.

Minimalist Wreath

New Year Bullet Journal Cover Page - Minimalist Wreath

If you are looking for something quick and easy to do this circle wreath is not hard to do. I just recommend creating the wreath first and writing out your new year greeting second.

Starting a Book

New Year Bullet Journal Cover Page - New Book

For many of us this type of new year cover helps us to start the year fresh. The word goodbye really helps you to mentally close out the previous year so you can start fresh.


New Year Bullet Journal Cover Page - Cheers

This is a simple design that anyone can do. It allows to start the new year in a happy and fun way. I used the Tombow 433 from the galaxy palette. It’s the perfect color for a wintery new year celebration.

Why You Should Have A New Year Cover

Like with our monthly covers the New Year cover identifies the beginning of a whole new year. If you are resolution setter and keeper this can go a long way to helping you feel the last year is finished and focus on the new year.

A New Year cover is a useful way to split up your journal when you are starting the year in the middle of one journal.

Finally, let’s take a look to the future. Imagine you or your kids are reading through your bullet journals. An abrupt move from one year to the next without an identifying page may halt progress.

As we go through memories we typically associate the things we go through with the year that we went through them. Reading through past journals later in life you can identify, “this was the year such and such happened.” You are now mentally prepared for reading through that year.

Yearly Themes for Bullet Journal

Lately I’ve noticed there are a lot of bullet journalers who are picking a yearly theme to go with for their bullet journals. They pick a word and base their theme for the year around that word.

I find this an interesting concept and I might give it a try in the future. This year I can’t seem to pick just one word though if I had to it would be “happy.”

I’m pretty sure a two or three word phrase like “work hard” could also be a good theme for a year. Whatever the theme you choose brainstorm out all 12 months and make sure you give you write it down so you remember.

Things To Put After Your Bullet Journal Cover

I highly recommend adding a few collections after your New Year cover page. Collections at the beginning of your year, be it in a new journal or not, can help you to plan and organize the next few months or the entire year.

I am a goal driven type of person so it helps me to have a yearly goals page. I can reference the page as I work through each month and week keeping that yearly goal in mind. It helps me to keep my focus on the end goal.

I also do a future log. The future log helps me to make sure I remember birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and other important upcoming events for the year.

Finally, I do a vision board in my bullet journal. My vision board looks like a word cloud where I have positive thoughts, goals, and dreams collected so I can focus on it easily throughout the year.

Happy New Year

Do yourself a huge favor this year, don’t be so hard on yourself. This year make sure you add a bit of care for yourself. Make yourself a priority this year.

Recommended Products

Do you use new year covers? Let me know in the comments below. Follow me on Pinterest for more like this and pin this to your Bullet Journal boards.

New Year Bullet Journal Covers New Year Bullet Journal Covers New Year Bullet Journal Covers

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