Bullet Journal Fruit Themes - How To Draw Fruit in your Bullet Journal

For people who are brand new to bullet journaling I usually recommend that you start off with a minimalist theme for the first month or two. This will get you in the habit of using your bullet journal every single day.

When you are ready to start using themes and want to get more creative, fruit doodles are the way to go. Especially for those who are learning to draw. Fruit doodles are easy to make while still being bright and pretty in a bullet journal.

Different Ways To Use Fruit Doodles In Your Bullet Journal

I’m not going to blab on forever before getting the tutorials but I do want to give you a couple of ideas on how you can use fruit doodles in your bullet journal. Fruit doodles are some of the easier doodles to do so they are perfect for the beginner bullet journaler.

Fruit Doodles can be used in themes. Especially for the beginner bullet journaler because they are super easy to learn and draw. This will give you a beautiful spread to look at throughout a month while you practice other types of drawings.

You can add fruit doodles to your meal planners, food logs, and daily planners as a reminder to eat healthy. They are great for use in habit trackers as well if you are trying to build healthy eating habits.

Before we get started here is a list of my recommended supplies.

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How To Draw Fruit Step By Step

Fruit drawings are some of the easier things to draw and are a great starting point for people who are just learning how to draw. You do not have to be an expert but it gives you great practice. Below are some easy fruits that you can practice with.

As I draw more fruit I will make sure to add them to this post. Make sure you bookmark or pin this post on a Pinterest board so that you can return to it later as it gets updated.

Orange Doodle

How To Draw Fruit Step by Step - Orange

Apple Doodle

How To Draw Fruit Step by Step - Apple

Pear Doodle

How To Draw Fruit Step by Step - Pear

Lemon Slice Doodle

How To Draw Fruit Step by Step - Lemon Slice

Lemon Doodle

How To Draw Fruit Step by Step - Lemon

Kiwi Doodle

How To Draw Fruit Step by Step - Kiwi

Watermelon Doodle

How To Draw Fruit Step by Step - Watermelon

Avocado Doodle

How To Draw Fruit Step by Step - Avocado

Fruit Drawing Tips

As with all of my drawing tips make sure you work in pencil first and then go over the drawing in pen or marker. Also do not aggravate yourself trying to draw the perfect circle. Use a compass like this or stencils like these to help make the basic shapes easier.

I don’t care how advanced someone is in drawing, drawing perfect circles without the help of a compass is extremely difficult. Additionally, it’s not cheating if you use anything to help you draw, at least until you get the hang of it.

Finally, practice makes semi perfect. Keep practicing your art. We are not born artists we practice our art, by practicing our art we gain more creativity which continues to fuel the fire of creating more art.

Recommended Products

What doodles do you really want to draw? Let me know in the comments below. Do you have bullet journal spreads you would like shared? Email them to [email protected] and they may be featured on an Instagram post and/or to the blog. Please leave your IG Username so I can tag you in the posts. Follow me on Pinterest for more like this and pin this to your Bullet Journal boards.

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