How To Use Washi Tape In Bullet Journals

There are a lot of reasons to use washi tape in your bullet journal. Be it artistic flair, to cover mistakes, or to just make your spreads more interesting.

If you are new to bullet journaling you’ve probably seen the colorful paper like tape used often on spreads. For many bullet journalers we use washi tape, stickers, and other easier design options so we can have a beautiful spread without spending loads of time on it.

I personally used washi tape for the first time in my February spread. It was a nice change of pace and added a little something more to my minimalist weekly spreads.

My Current Favorite Washi Tape And Organization Tools

I recently bought washi tape for the purpose of giving it a try. I have to say it’s kinda won me over and I’m loving the different uses for it.

For my bullet journal it’s usually just an added flair when I don’t feel like drawing or if I’m running short on time.

For now I want to share the tape that I did buy and the organizational tools I’m using to keep it all together.

Ways To Use Washi Tape In Bullet Journals

There are quite a few different ways to use washi tape in your bullet journal and later I’m going to show you a few examples.

Add Flair

You can add short pieces of washi tape layered slightly on top of each other to give your spread a more artistic flair. You can add a piece all the way across the top bottom or even the middle of a spread to add flair to a simple spread.

Washi is easy to remove from paper as well. So you can use a thin piece of washi tape to draw over then peel away for a space in the middle of your word. Then use a script font to write inside that space.

Cover Mistakes

Washi is a great way to cover up mistakes in your journal too. If you misspell a word, have a smudge or had an accidental line from a dropped marker, just cover it up.

I usually use a solid color to cover the mistake and then apply a patterned piece of tape over it. Due to the slightly sheer nature of washi tape the solid color diminishes the mistake and the patterned makes it so you can’t even see the mistake.

You can see my exact technique in this post here.

Secure Keepsakes

Glue will hold a keepsake like a photo in the journal, the washi just makes it appear as though it’s been taped in. It gives the spread the look of a scrapbook.

I personally love the look of washi tape holding in photos, paper, and other items. It makes the spread more personal to the bullet journaler while adding different textures.

Make Your Spreads Functional

You can use washi tape to section off your spreads to hold different lists and ideas. On a weekly spread you can section off each day. On a brain dump you can section off the types of ideas you have.

Save Time

The final way to use washi tape is to save yourself some time. The paper like tape is a quick way to make a beautiful spread when you are short on time.

You can easily set up your weekly, monthly, and normal spreads just using a pen and washi tape and without spending hours drawing intricate designs. The designs are beautiful but you can still achieve beauty and save time.

Examples of Washi Tape Use In Bullet Journals

Below are some examples on how you can use washi tape in your bullet journal. These are all fairly simple to pull off and will save you time in your spread creation.

CreabyJana Scrapbook Style

CreabyJana Scrapbook Style Source

I love the look of adding different textures of paper to a bullet journal. It gives the journal a bit of scrapbook type style without needing to draw.

Bujomirte Minimalist Style

Bujomirte Minimalist Washi Style Source

The two different types of tape on the sides of this spread add style and flare while keeping the spread minimalist. This is perfect for people who log a bunch and aren’t really wanting to go with a super complicated or artistic spread.

Kiiabujoilee Quote Page Scrap Book Style

Kiiabujoilee Quote Page Scrap Book Style Source

This is a great style for a quote page. The washi tape looks like it’s holding in the different paper and adds style to the quote page. Without the tape this page might look incomplete.

BujobyBien Simple Style

BujobyBien Simple Style Source

In this bujo you see how a couple pieces of washi tape really tie the theme together. It’s perfect for the plant theme and fills some vacant spots with a bit of flare.

Verbl.rendezvous Color Palette Collection

Verbl.rendezvous Color Palette Collection Source

The use of tape in this morning and nightly routine collection is fantastic. A light pink and lavender color palette for morning and a deeper blue and purple color palette for evening. It’s the perfect way to divide up the spread.

Simple Bullet Journal Quote Page

Simple Bullet Journal Quote Page

In my quote page for February I had this idea to do a simple quote in the bottom left corner of the page. I liked it well enough on it’s own but it still needed something. I decided to give washi tape a try.

I’m really happy with the way this quote page turned out after adding the simple washi tape to it. The different patterns really added just enough flair to this page to make it interesting to the eye.

Do You Use Washi Tape?

While I am new to washi tape usage in my bullet journal I have actually grown to really enjoy using it. In March I plan on using a lot of the paper like tape in my journal.

I get extremely busy towards the end of February and this is when I usually fail to keep up with my bullet journal. Because of that I want to try to make sure that I keep up with it.

Do you use washi tape in your bullet journal? Let me know in the comments below. Follow me on Pinterest for more like this and pin this to your favorite bullet journal boards.

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