Bullet Journaling is for anyone and everyone! You don’t need to have any special skills or talents to start a bullet journal and you don’t even need to have much – a pen and a notebook can do the job! Though the bullet journal system is intended to be clean and minimal style, it doesn’t mean you have to stay like that forever. Like me, many people in the bullet journal community have found that we can use the bullet journal to spark creativity in us.  My bullet journal is always a mix of planner systems and creative outlets. If you, too, want to addRead More →

Finances are one of the scariest, daunting, and tedious chores we could ever think of. If you don’t know how to control them, it can also become an area where you can feel stress and worry. The first time you sit down to get organized, it might take a while, but trust me, it is not as bad as it sounds. It will be as easy as a pie once you have cracked the system. Getting hold of your money and finances can help you in numerous ways. First of all, you will getting better at paying your debt and paying your bills. Paying offRead More →

Stickers for planning and bullet journaling is always an overlooked tool. While a few use stickers for bullet journals regularly or occasionally, most people don’t even think of the fantastic possibilities stickers could provide to your planning aesthetic. Because they think of stickers as those super childish ones, they played with when they were kids.  Stickers are exactly what to think they are- those cute tiny images that you can stick to anything (paper, notebooks, picture frames, etc.) When I was a kid, I used to be a sticker freak. I love those tiny little pieces of cute art, which I can paste anywhere toRead More →

If I ask you about the things you are grateful for in the present moment, can you be able to answer it right away? Can you easily recall those small things in your daily life that brings you happiness and joy? Did you know the simple habit of jotting down what you are grateful for can actually make your life happier and more content?  The gratitude journal is not like your diary, where you record all your random things and thoughts about your day. But, it is where you write about the things you are grateful for (big or small) on that day. Everyone’s gratitudeRead More →