One of the best things we all love about bullet journals is that every new page offers a new opportunity to experiment, and play. Not only do they help you in organizing your whole life but will also allow you to create something different and unique without any rules and restrictions. And this makes your bullet journal an excellent place to express your creativity however you like through doodling.    Bullet Journal Doodles are simple enough that anyone even without any artsy background can create them and beautiful enough to take your notebook to the next level. Whether you prefer easy doodle ideas, or wantRead More →

Do you have a page dedicated to just bullet journal calendars in your bullet journal? Having a calendar for every month is great! You can have a look at all your upcoming plans, events, special days, holidays, etc., in just a glance.  You can create calendars for all months together in the front of your bullet journal, or you can also add them when you start a new month. After all, it is your choice. You get to decide what’s best for you and where everything goes in your journal.  I used to have only weekly and daily planners in the past; I didn’t includeRead More →

One of the best things about the whole bullet journal system is decorating it the way you like. I personally love to incorporate my style and decorate every single page. To come up with beautiful bullet journal spreads, you need to focus on a simple yet essential element – Bullet Journal Headers And Titles. The Bullet Journal headers, titles, and banners are a simple and easy way to turn your drab bullet journal to fab. They are an excellent way to highlight all the crucial items in your planner.  Titles and headings are everything, and they set the theme for the page and its design.Read More →

The bullet journal weekly log or the bullet journal weekly spread is the most common and the best way to log your entries in your journal. Even you are a big fan of the daily spreads, many bullet journalists also see the advantage of having a weekly bullet journal spread. Unlike the bullet journal monthly spread where you see a general overview of the entire month, a weekly spread will have more space to add more entries and make it easier to migrate tasks.  Depending on what you want to write about and how much space you need to log in each day, there areRead More →

A bullet Journal Daily Spread is one of the essential spreads of your journal; it is like the heart of your bullet journal. Or at least, that is what is believe. If you don’t plan it right or are just starting with your BuJo journey, it can also become one of the toughest spreads. A daily bullet journal spread will keep your time suck away. Trust me; it makes a significant difference. Below is how a bullet journal daily spread has helped me. A bullet journal daily spread helps me in completing my monthly and weekly to-do list easily and quickly. It helped me inRead More →

If you have already picked up your header or title and want to add more fun and spice it up, then you are at the right place. These super cute banner doodles will definitely add that extra decoration and finish off the look. Banners are one of the fun and exciting ways to add design and creativity to your BuJo pages.  The best part is they are perfect for beginners as they are pretty simple, easy, and quick to draw (you will learn below). When I was a beginner, banners were my go-to tools for creating any kind of bullet journal spreads. I use themRead More →

Are you a vanilla coffee drinker? Are you a little modern and enjoy a chai latte the most? Or do you love to have pumpkin spice in everything you drink, especially in the fall? The following coffee-themed bullet journal spreads will help you in filling your warm cup up! If bullet journaling is in vogue, then the coffee-themed bullet journal spreads are probably the flavor of the month. Since winter is around the corner, you probably want to get cozy and remember all the things you are most thankful for. I am sure there might be a lot to plan for the holiday season too.  Read More →

I don’t think I am the only one who hoards washi tapes. Most of us have loads of washi tapes mysteriously appearing in our study table drawers, nest there and forming families!  If you are like anything me, then you might have a washi tape addiction and wonder what to do with the rolls. Don’t worry! I am here to guide you; let us put those tiny cute rolls of joy into good use. In this article, I have listed some fun and creative ways to use washi tapes in your bullet journal (from creating the best bullet journal trackers to stunning bujo layouts orRead More →

Are you new to bullet journaling? Then you might have got confused after seeing all those kooky icons and symbols in the bullet journal spreads you found online. The circles, dots, squares, X’s – What do they mean? How do these tiny symbols make you more organized? A bullet journal key spread is what makes the bullet journal system so superior to other planners. What is a bullet journal key? In this article, let us discuss everything you need to know about the key for bullet journals. If you are already an expert in bullet journaling, scroll down to see tons of inspiration for yourRead More →

We all know that we should consume more water to stay hydrated and healthy. But learning and practicing are two different things. In this busy world, We may find difficulty in remembering to drink water regularly. You can forget how much you have had to drink. This is where a water tracker comes to the rescue. If you follow us regularly, you might have already know how much we love trackers in our bullet journals. A tracker is an easiest and quick way to make or break habits. With the help of a bullet journal water tracker, you get to know how often you areRead More →

Do you feel overwhelmed by the things you need to do? That feeling can bring negative consequences to our lives. But, a technique has helped me overcome this feeling – The Brain Dump! All the responsibilities and social roles we have these days will get us quickly overwhelmed. We keep pushing our brains to remember all the work, tasks, appointments, etc., which can turn into a huge messy pile of chores. These chores will lead to feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and lots and lots of stress! And this will eventually lead to a pretty dangerous state of mind – a mental breakdown, which is obviously notRead More →

A bullet journal keeps your life organized, but what keeps your bullet journal organized? It is the index page of the bullet journal! An index page in the bullet journal is one of the first pages; it acts as a table of contents. This spread is specially designed to list out what material is located on which pages in the entire bullet journal.  In this article let us know about the bullet journal index and how to create the most functional one. What Is A Bullet Journal Index? An index page is a list of items with their respective page numbers. It is just likeRead More →

Minimalist bullet journal spreads are so easy, fun, and beautiful to recreate and look at. Personally, I am a minimalist, or at least I consider it myself, as I love to keep things simple and functional in my bullet journal.  Minimalist bullet journal spreads are the easiest and the most functional type of spreads to make for beginners. The minimalist bullet journal pages are a great way to start instead of getting overwhelming with the colors, washi-tapes, stickers, stencils, markers, etc. I lean more towards the minimalist bullet journal is because I don’t have the time and energy to decorate it constantly. The best partRead More →

In this article, find the best fall doodles for your bullet journal for 2021. Fall/ Autumn is one of my favorite seasons, and also, with it, another bullet journal spread starts.  The below shows adorable fall doodles that will add a special touch to the autumn season to make your bujo journey more fun and exciting! I love the season’s colors, the spirit of change in the air, and that sweet transition into winter. Fall is all about its colors. You can find them everywhere and live your best life without sweating buckets! It is just magical. What do you like about the season? LetRead More →

If you have already picked up your header or title and want to add more fun and spice it up, then you are at the right place. These super cute banner doodles will definitely add that extra decoration and finish off the look. Banners are one of the fun and exciting ways to add design and creativity to your BuJo pages.  The best part is they are perfect for beginners as they are pretty simple, easy, and quick to draw (you will learn below). When I was a beginner, banners were my go-to tools for creating any kind of bullet journal spreads. I use themRead More →

Bullet Journaling is for anyone and everyone! You don’t need to have any special skills or talents to start a bullet journal and you don’t even need to have much – a pen and a notebook can do the job! Though the bullet journal system is intended to be clean and minimal style, it doesn’t mean you have to stay like that forever. Like me, many people in the bullet journal community have found that we can use the bullet journal to spark creativity in us.  My bullet journal is always a mix of planner systems and creative outlets. If you, too, want to addRead More →

Sleep is one of the most important aspects of our heath. You need to get a good night sleep in order for your body and mind to function properly, but did you know that not only can sleeping poorly affect how healthy you are physically – it also affects your memory as well? Poorly slept individuals have been found to do worse on cognitive tests than those who got enough shut eye.   How many hours of sleep do you need?   You might probably grow up being told that 8 hours a night was best. But, the fact is we are all different, andRead More →

Finances are one of the scariest, daunting, and tedious chores we could ever think of. If you don’t know how to control them, it can also become an area where you can feel stress and worry. The first time you sit down to get organized, it might take a while, but trust me, it is not as bad as it sounds. It will be as easy as a pie once you have cracked the system. Getting hold of your money and finances can help you in numerous ways. First of all, you will getting better at paying your debt and paying your bills. Paying offRead More →

Stickers for planning and bullet journaling is always an overlooked tool. While a few use stickers for bullet journals regularly or occasionally, most people don’t even think of the fantastic possibilities stickers could provide to your planning aesthetic. Because they think of stickers as those super childish ones, they played with when they were kids.  Stickers are exactly what to think they are- those cute tiny images that you can stick to anything (paper, notebooks, picture frames, etc.) When I was a kid, I used to be a sticker freak. I love those tiny little pieces of cute art, which I can paste anywhere toRead More →

If I ask you about the things you are grateful for in the present moment, can you be able to answer it right away? Can you easily recall those small things in your daily life that brings you happiness and joy? Did you know the simple habit of jotting down what you are grateful for can actually make your life happier and more content?  The gratitude journal is not like your diary, where you record all your random things and thoughts about your day. But, it is where you write about the things you are grateful for (big or small) on that day. Everyone’s gratitudeRead More →