In today’s world, where everybody has loads of things going on in their lives, it is pretty difficult to remember all our friend’s and relatives’ birthdays, important events, appointments, etc. And we don’t want that heart-dropping and the sickening feeling of forgetting an important day, do we? If you are looking for a way to prevent such alarms and dreads, you have come to the right place. Let me introduce you to the future log spread in the bullet journal. A future log in a bullet journal is a draft to log all your significant moments of upcoming months.  What Is A Future Log In ARead More →

Did you know that journal hoarding is real? How many empty or half-empty notebooks do you have? Or How many notebooks are lying around with just the first page filled and then nothing but sad blank pages after that? Don’t worry! There are plenty of people in this category, including ME!. I have always been drawn to the stationery aisle, oohing and ahhing over the pretty and sparkly front covers. Full of creative possibilities, it is one of the most exciting sensations to get home a brand new blank notebook. That feeling of cracking open the front cover, the texture of each page when youRead More →

Have you ever wondered what is up with those bullet journal spreads that have beautiful drawings and the name of a month on them? Those spreads are the bullet journal cover pages. Bullet journal cover pages are some of the most creative, engaging, unique, and artistic spreads.  But, do you know why bullet journalers include a cover page in their journals? What is the need to have them? In one sense, there is no proper reason to have a bullet journal cover page, and they don’t include important information. A monthly calendar page is a separation page between the months, but more like a coverRead More →

We might live in digital life, but don’t you think there is something quite meditative and romantic about jotting down your thoughts and feelings while you are on the road. Travel journals can become your time capsules of emotions, memories, and descriptions of the people, things, and places you have encountered in your journey. They are very personal.  Even if you travel to a well-known city like New York and Paris, on which there are many travelogues, your experience is still unique and extraordinary. You will be discovering a few little hidden cafes, meeting and striking conversations with the locals and fellow travelers.  Since weRead More →

The reason why I started bullet journaling was to learn about myself, get organized in many things, and be more productive. I am sure you, too, might have started your bullet journaling for these reasons. But, what does this have to do with the title? Well, getting organized means not just organizing your daily tasks and finances; it includes your periods too.  Having a period tracker bullet journal will not only stop you from getting unexpected flow surprises but also will help you in knowing more about your body. A bullet journal period tracker is a simple layout that keeps track of your menstrual health.Read More →

Are you having thoughts on starting your bullet journal? In the last few years, bullet journaling has been all the craze. Along with being a marvelous productivity tool, it is also a great creative outlet (you might have probably seen the fun and gorgeous spreads on the Internet) I got into bullet journaling a few years back and was pleasantly surprised to find how it has helped me in enriching my life in more than one way. In this journey, I have tried a lot of stationery supplies, and this is one of my favorite parts. I am a pen and paper junkie, and ifRead More →

Do you binge-watch eye candy lettering videos on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest? Welcome to the club, bro! There is something so mesmerizing about these videos. Watching letters become a piece of graceful art is so satisfying. You may think this beautiful hobby is out of your reach but let me tell you, it is not valid. Anyone can master it.  Brush lettering is extremely easy to pick up. You just need three things – A pen, paper, and some practice. Trust me, in no time; you will make breathtaking modern calligraphy just like those videos. So why late? Let’s get you started. Hand lettering isRead More →

To all the book lovers out there, I have good news for you! Suppose you are anything like me and always search for brilliant book recommendations from fellow bookworms. In that case, you probably might have written them on small pieces of paper and lost them in less than a day. Extended, important information all gone in a split second. Ughh! So frustrating, right? Worry no more! I have got fantastic technique.  I have recently used my bullet journal to monitor my book reading habit, and it turned out to be the most productive thing I have done. Just like a mood tracker and aRead More →

Bullet Journaling has become very popular in recent years as it is the best, fun, and efficient way to keep memories and organize your tasks. In fact, we can use bullet journals just for anything – for taking notes, tracking habits, moods, dumping ideas, gratitude, etc.  A bullet journal is a blend of a planner, a task list, a diary, and a creative outlet. If you are planning on starting a bullet journal, you can easily get confused by all the different ways you can use the bullet journal. There is an infinite amount of collections you can include in your journal, and you canRead More →

One of the best things we all love about bullet journals is that every new page offers a new opportunity to experiment, and play. Not only do they help you in organizing your whole life but will also allow you to create something different and unique without any rules and restrictions. And this makes your bullet journal an excellent place to express your creativity however you like through doodling.    Bullet Journal Doodles are simple enough that anyone even without any artsy background can create them and beautiful enough to take your notebook to the next level. Whether you prefer easy doodle ideas, or wantRead More →

Do you have a page dedicated to just bullet journal calendars in your bullet journal? Having a calendar for every month is great! You can have a look at all your upcoming plans, events, special days, holidays, etc., in just a glance.  You can create calendars for all months together in the front of your bullet journal, or you can also add them when you start a new month. After all, it is your choice. You get to decide what’s best for you and where everything goes in your journal.  I used to have only weekly and daily planners in the past; I didn’t includeRead More →

One of the best things about the whole bullet journal system is decorating it the way you like. I personally love to incorporate my style and decorate every single page. To come up with beautiful bullet journal spreads, you need to focus on a simple yet essential element – Bullet Journal Headers And Titles. The Bullet Journal headers, titles, and banners are a simple and easy way to turn your drab bullet journal to fab. They are an excellent way to highlight all the crucial items in your planner.  Titles and headings are everything, and they set the theme for the page and its design.Read More →

The bullet journal weekly log or the bullet journal weekly spread is the most common and the best way to log your entries in your journal. Even you are a big fan of the daily spreads, many bullet journalists also see the advantage of having a weekly bullet journal spread. Unlike the bullet journal monthly spread where you see a general overview of the entire month, a weekly spread will have more space to add more entries and make it easier to migrate tasks.  Depending on what you want to write about and how much space you need to log in each day, there areRead More →

A bullet Journal Daily Spread is one of the essential spreads of your journal; it is like the heart of your bullet journal. Or at least, that is what is believe. If you don’t plan it right or are just starting with your BuJo journey, it can also become one of the toughest spreads. A daily bullet journal spread will keep your time suck away. Trust me; it makes a significant difference. Below is how a bullet journal daily spread has helped me. A bullet journal daily spread helps me in completing my monthly and weekly to-do list easily and quickly. It helped me inRead More →

If you have already picked up your header or title and want to add more fun and spice it up, then you are at the right place. These super cute banner doodles will definitely add that extra decoration and finish off the look. Banners are one of the fun and exciting ways to add design and creativity to your BuJo pages.  The best part is they are perfect for beginners as they are pretty simple, easy, and quick to draw (you will learn below). When I was a beginner, banners were my go-to tools for creating any kind of bullet journal spreads. I use themRead More →

Are you a vanilla coffee drinker? Are you a little modern and enjoy a chai latte the most? Or do you love to have pumpkin spice in everything you drink, especially in the fall? The following coffee-themed bullet journal spreads will help you in filling your warm cup up! If bullet journaling is in vogue, then the coffee-themed bullet journal spreads are probably the flavor of the month. Since winter is around the corner, you probably want to get cozy and remember all the things you are most thankful for. I am sure there might be a lot to plan for the holiday season too.  Read More →

I don’t think I am the only one who hoards washi tapes. Most of us have loads of washi tapes mysteriously appearing in our study table drawers, nest there and forming families!  If you are like anything me, then you might have a washi tape addiction and wonder what to do with the rolls. Don’t worry! I am here to guide you; let us put those tiny cute rolls of joy into good use. In this article, I have listed some fun and creative ways to use washi tapes in your bullet journal (from creating the best bullet journal trackers to stunning bujo layouts orRead More →

Are you new to bullet journaling? Then you might have got confused after seeing all those kooky icons and symbols in the bullet journal spreads you found online. The circles, dots, squares, X’s – What do they mean? How do these tiny symbols make you more organized? A bullet journal key spread is what makes the bullet journal system so superior to other planners. What is a bullet journal key? In this article, let us discuss everything you need to know about the key for bullet journals. If you are already an expert in bullet journaling, scroll down to see tons of inspiration for yourRead More →

We all know that we should consume more water to stay hydrated and healthy. But learning and practicing are two different things. In this busy world, We may find difficulty in remembering to drink water regularly. You can forget how much you have had to drink. This is where a water tracker comes to the rescue. If you follow us regularly, you might have already know how much we love trackers in our bullet journals. A tracker is an easiest and quick way to make or break habits. With the help of a bullet journal water tracker, you get to know how often you areRead More →

Do you feel overwhelmed by the things you need to do? That feeling can bring negative consequences to our lives. But, a technique has helped me overcome this feeling – The Brain Dump! All the responsibilities and social roles we have these days will get us quickly overwhelmed. We keep pushing our brains to remember all the work, tasks, appointments, etc., which can turn into a huge messy pile of chores. These chores will lead to feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and lots and lots of stress! And this will eventually lead to a pretty dangerous state of mind – a mental breakdown, which is obviously notRead More →