Bullet journaling is a creative organizational system that is used as an alternative to a traditional weekly or monthly planner. Whether you are just getting started with your first bullet journal or a seasoned bullet journal, you have probably noticed that there are various different styles. When you look around on Pinterest and Instagram, you will come across many self-described minimalists using bullet journals that look like art journals. So how do you decide the best bullet journal for you? There is no one best or perfect bullet journal notebook. While a grid or dot notebook will allow you to easily customize your own pageRead More →

If you are keen on art, then you have definitely come across some beautiful examples of hand lettering. From street signs to coffee shop walls to national ad campaigns, you can find hand lettering styles everywhere. As hand-lettering is so much in trend nowadays, it is nearly impossible for it to go unnoticed. Unlike the typical printed fonts, these hand lettering fonts are visually appealing and stand out. Especially for those of us who always look out for something creative and handmade, hand lettering instantly connects to our hearts.   If you are anything like me and find yourself spending a lot of time binge-watchingRead More →

A lot of amazing things are happening in the lovely bullet journal world, thanks to the many talented bullet journalists out there. Today we have rounded up the our favorite to celebrate the creative and inventive minds that grace our community. We all know that the power of the bullet journal is that it is purely based on a physical notebook and therefore it is easy to flip the pages and write down anything your heart desires. You can track your water intake, exercise, flossing, mood, daily steps, and so much more.    Not only is it very satisfying to fill in the box whenRead More →

You might have already heard by now that journaling is great for your mental health. Studies also proved that bullet journaling or the positive affect journaling specifically helps in managing mental distress, boosting overall well-being, and improving your ability to do physical tasks. A bullet journal mainly gives you the confidence to do any task. After all, is there a better boost to working than the confidence to do it?   Especially in these fiery times of our Lord COVID-19, where we find incredibly invalidating to our own nonpositive emotions, mood journaling might be the perfect solution. You can mood journal all your emotions justRead More →

Are you finding yourself constantly making excuses to postpone cleaning your space? Or are you finding yourself overwhelmed with the idea of cleaning? Do you always keep pushing your cleaning tasks to the next day? If your answer is a big yes, then you are at the right place. Finding the motivation and time to clean out your house is indeed a real struggle. But, have you ever tried a bullet journal cleaning schedule or a cleaning tracker? It might be the perfect solution for you.   Having a bullet journal cleaning schedule spread will keep you motivated to clean out all the clutter aroundRead More →

 It is nearly impossible to find a planner that has everything you need to perfectly fit your schedule. That is why Bullet Journals have become very popular. You can customize it as you wish to fit your schedule.   If you are a student, it is easy to understand how busy your life can be. Keeping track of days off, holidays, work schedule, class timetable, labs, social schedule, homework, group projects meetups… it can get overwhelming. Plus, if you are one of those who like to track things like meal planning, workouts, budget planning, habits, etc. it might get overwhelmed to fit all of thatRead More →

 Another month has gone by, and it’s time to choose your February Bullet Journal Theme!  Many people consider the month of February to be about love, but there are so many different things that you can do for your theme.  Below you will find cover pages, habit trackers, mood trackers, and much more.  Tiny Hearts I love this tiny heart themed bullet journal spread. It’s very easy and looks great! Strung Hearts Another simple yet appealing spread. Sometimes you don’t have to do something complicated! I also love the hand lettering.  Pink and Purple Hearts Don’t these little hearts look perfect? I love the softRead More →

Getting out of the house and enjoying the world around you is something we all want to do. A seasonal bucket list can help you to do that. We have a few ideas to get you started on your own summer bucket list.    A good place to start is to see what’s going on in your area, whether it is a concert, food festival, a movie in the park or some other activity. Or you might want to plan something a bit bigger, like a road trip of a family vacation.    To make sure you’re able to get everything on your bucket listRead More →
Bullet Journal Cover Page With Quote For January 2020 Coffee Theme

Seeing that it’s the beginning of a new year I found I decided to start it off right with a coffee themed bullet journal spread. I love coffee and can’t start my day without it so I decided to start my year a bit in the same way. This month I plan to slow it down a bit and enjoy more days on the sofa with a cup of coffee and my amazon fire tablet to read. The Amazon Kindle Unlimited plan allows me to read loads of free to read books. Last year, even with a busy schedule I read 17 books using myRead More →

Something I really want to do is try to improve my hand lettering and handwriting as a whole. After years working as a waitress I have managed to complete jack up my handwriting. So starting January 1st I will be posting a word of the day on Instagram. Hand lettering is a fun little hobby but takes quite a bit of practice to get the hang of. I am going to be working with the Tombow Fudenosuke brush pens through the month. This is actually going to do double duty for me because I now get to do a review on these pens. Before weRead More →

A lot of bullet journalers will prefer to use a travelers journal instead of a typical hardcover bullet journal. Today I want to show you why you might do this, what to use, and help you find the perfect cover for your bullet journal. Instead of filling up a journal and then buying a whole new one some bullet journalers opt to use travelers journals. These journals allow you to switch out the inserts and keep one cover. You can also have several different inserts. This would allow to keep yearly trackers and logs in one booklet, collections in another, and then your monthly andRead More →