Bullet Journal Habit Tracker Ideas

One of the best things a person can do with their bullet journal is start a habit tracker. A bullet journal habit tracker will help you to build better or healthy habits. The goal is to fill them in completely with habits that you want to start.

It takes 21 days to make or break a habit. So if you are looking to create new habits a habit tracker that you fill in daily is a great way to make it happen.

There are so many different ways you can set up a habit tracker. You can use fun designs, a simple grid, or several small calendars. The key to successful habit tracking is making sure that you fill it it daily. Set reminders or make it apart of your morning or nightly bujo routine.

Before we get started here is a list of my recommended supplies.

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Habits To Track

There are loads of different habits that you can track in your bullet journal. Below are a few of the major categories you can track.


Hobbies you can track are anything from reading to crafting. Use your habit tracker to help you get in some daily fun time for you. Hobbies help to relieve the stress that we feel on a day to day basis. By having a daily hobby habit you can take an hour each day to relieve some of that stress.


Use your habit tracker to keep track of your daily healthy eating goals, water intake, or workout. Tracking health and fitness habits will help you to get healthy and stay on track with your fitness goals.


Need help staying on top of a beauty routine create a habit tracker for it. Weather it be remembering to wash your face every night or to take your hair and nail vitamin these habit trackers will keep you on track.


Running your own business means there are certain tasks that will have to take place every day. It’s pretty easy to forget a task like posting to Instagram or social media daily. A habit tracker will help you to stay on top of that.


Daily tasks that need to be completed at work? Start a habit tracker for them. Not only does it work as a reminder for what you need to do it also helps you to build this habit up so you do it every day you are at work.


Set up your habit tracker to stay on track with a no spend month or reaching certain financial goals. Watching your spending habits and creating better ones can set you up for more financial success.


Find habits that you want your kids to start. Is there a new bedtime routine, after school routine, or morning routine? Track these new habits in your bullet journal with how they affect your own routine.


You can also track completing your chores every day. Set up a cleaning schedule as a collection and then fill in a habit tracker every month to make sure your cleaning chores are handled.

Using a Habit Tracker in Your Bullet Journal

I highly recommend keeping your habit tracker simple and easy at first. Pick just 3 or 4 habits to track daily and get into the habit of using it. As you complete each month add more habits you want to track.

By keeping your habit tracker and your habits easy at first you are setting up your own habit in filling out a habit tracker every day. As time goes on and you get used to using a habit tracker you will find it easier and natural to just flip to it and use it.

10 Bullet Journal Habit Tracker Ideas

@january.journal Habit Jar

january.journal Habit Jar Source

This is a fun way to get creative with your habit tracker. You can fill the jar with color coded marbles and hopefully by the end of the month your jar is full and you’ve stayed on track for 30 days straight.

@the.nerdy.spinster Harry Potter House Points Habit Tracker

the.nerdy.spinster Harry Potter House Points Habit Tracker Source

I love themed habit trackers and this Harry Potter one is fantastic. Fill each of the vials with points for completing good habits every day. This is a fun way stay on track with your good habits.

@craftydeesigns Grid Layout Habit Tracker

craftydeesigns Grid Layout Habit Tracker Source

A simple grid layout always does the trick and hopefully by the end you have a wonderful little colorful pattern.

@journal_junkies Small Calendar Habit Tracker

journal_junkies Small Calendar Habit Tracker Source

The small calendar habit trackers allows you to individualize each habit that you are trying to start. This also helps you stay on track with the dates and days a lot easier. This is a great starter habit tracker because it’s super easy to create.

@passionateplanning Habit Tracker and Mood Tracker

passionateplanning Habit Tracker and Mood Tracker Source

If you are tracking your habits you can track your mood too. This is a great way to save page space while still tracking some pretty important things.

@wiredmoonchild Crystal Themed Habit Tracker

wiredmoonchild Crystal Themed Habit Tracker Source

You can always do a simple grid layout and also add in your theme for the month. The crystal theme is a popular one and a fantastic way to add a bit of color to your bullet journal.

@suppliesobsessed Circular Grid Habit Tracker

suppliesobsessed Circular Grid Habit Tracker Source

This is always a beautiful way to fill in a habit tracker. You can do varying tones of the same color to fill it in and create an aura of sorts around your middle picture and design. This grid is a very popular one, I recommend getting a stencil to make perfect circles.

@aartbyamandaa Several Small Grids

aartbyamandaa Several Small Grids Source

This is a favorite of mine for it’s minimalist look. I also recommend this design for beginners because it’s easy to mimic. If you have a dotted journal you don’t even need a ruler to create this look.

@bloomingbujo Simple Habit Tracker

bloomingbujo Simple Habit Tracker Source

This is another great habit tracker for beginners due to the easy minimalist design. It’s a slightly different way to create the small calendar layout.

@bujo.with.ems Habit Tracker With Review

bujo.with.ems Habit Tracker With Review Source

I really like the review portion of this habit tracker layout. At the end of the month you can review how you did and how you feel about certain habits or your month in general. It’s a great way to make sure you get in some self reflection every month.

Recommended Products

Is Habit Tracking For You?

That’s only something you can figure out after you try it for about a month. Create a habit tracker for this month and start tracking your habits. If at the end of the month you haven’t felt it to be a helpful tool then don’t worry about doing a second month.

Some people like using habit tracking as a tool to start new healthy habits. Some people prefer to do it without this tool. It’s all about personal preference just like your bullet journal. You do with it what works for you.

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