Adding a cleaning schedule to your bullet journal is just smart. It’s a great way to stay on top of your cleaning, especially if it’s something you’d rather put off for a day or two.

I personally struggle with sticking to a cleaning schedule. I often get so wrapped up in work that by the time I call it quits for the day I’m just too mentally exhausted to cook dinner and clean the house. Keeping a cleaning schedule in my bullet journal allows me to break up my cleaning into small doable chunks.

What I love most about keeping a bullet journal cleaning schedule is I can set up reminders in my daily or weekly spreads to stay on track with my cleaning. Additionally, I can plan cleaning for those monthly, every 3 months, and 6 month tasks.

Before we get started here is a list of my recommended bullet journal supplies.

Recommended Products

Why You Should Track Your Cleaning

Let’s face it when you work from home, have a toddler, and have a pretty active lifestyle it can be difficult to keep track of everything you have going on. If you are like me a bullet journal or planner is an absolute necessity.

Writing out my daily cleaning tasks means I can easily stay on top of all my cleaning. I simply look at my list each morning, complete my tasks before starting work, and check off my reminder in my daily or weekly spread.

By tracking your cleaning you can also keep up with an easier schedule. If you know you have to vacuum and wash the floors you are less likely to schedule some other huge labor intensive task. On the flip side, if all you have to do is dust your house you might feel more inclined to do another major task in the day.

Additionally, you can schedule out things like cleaning your fridge, sweeping up the patio, or changing your furnace filter so you never forget. By scheduling your cleaning and setting up reminders in your weekly and daily spreads, you never forget to clean dryer vents, ovens, or gutters making your home safer in the long run.

Cleaning Schedules

No two cleaning schedules are the same. What works for me may not work for you. I have cats and a toddler to clean up after, so I do the floors twice weekly. You may not have a toddler or any animals and may only need to do your floors once weekly.

The trick to a successful cleaning schedule is to figure out what works best for you. I like doing my laundry all in one day. However, I know plenty of people who do laundry all weekend or even one load each day.

Let’s take a look at bullet journal cleaning schedules then you can plan and create your own.

Bullet Journal Cleaning Schedules

Below are some of the best ways to plan out your cleaning schedule in your bullet journal.

Bullet Journal Cleaning Calendar


This one page cleaning calendar gives you the ability to check off your tasks as you do them too. You have 52 weeks to check off for your weekly chores, 26 for your bi-weekly chores, each month for monthly chores, and those smaller twice yearly and annual chores that need to be done.

Bullet Journal Chore List


I’m a fan of using post it notes in the bullet journal. Instead of checking off a box you can just move your post it over so you know you did the chore. Set it up the night before and you are ready to tackle your chores again the next day or the next week.

Bullet Journal Cleaning List

Bullet Journal Cleaning List Source

This creative spread lists out your daily, bi-weekly, and bi yearly tasks. It’s like playing a cleaning game every time you go to clean. Set up a reward system to turn it into an actual game.

Spring Cleaning Bullet Journal Spread

Spring Cleaning Bullet Journal Spread Source

This is a weekly spread that is set up to focus on getting spring cleaning done. It’s a simple way to set your focus for handling all that spring cleaning that needs to get done.

Bullet Journal Cleaning Tracker


For another great checklist to make sure you get all your cleaning done. This easy to follow, detailed list, focuses on one room at a time to make sure your cleaning gets done.

Bullet Journal House Work Tracker


If you prefer you can set up a monthly cleaning schedule like this one. You can easily check off all the cleaning you’ve done in the entire month. It’s great for people who forget to go back to the front of their journal and check their cleaning schedule.

Cleaning Schedule Bullet Journal

Cleaning Schedule Bullet Journal Source

This is a beautiful cleaning schedule spread that’s just a simple list of your monthly and seasonal chores. It’s perfect for all those big chores that only need to be done every once in a while.

Weekly Cleaning Schedule Bullet Journal

Weekly Cleaning Schedule Bullet Journal Source

A weekly cleaning schedule is a great way to stay on track too. In this case each day you are focused on cleaning one area of your home. It’s a great way to spread out your cleaning and have sparkling rooms all over your house.

Bullet Journal Cleaning Routine

Bullet Journal Cleaning Routine Source

This is another great weekly cleaning schedule that keeps you on track with every task you need to accomplish in the week. I like how simple and creative it is.

When Did I Last Bullet Journal Spread

Bullet Journal Cleaning Schedule Spread - 10 Source

This is a fantastic reminder spread for all those chores you need to get done that don’t need to be done often. I used this type of spread for my quarterly and bi-annual chores because I know I’d forget otherwise.

Daily Cleaning Schedule Bullet Journal Spread

Daily Cleaning Schedule Bullet Journal Spread Source

This is a fantastic daily and weekly cleaning schedule layout. It’s simple and keeps everything well organized so you know what you need to get done on a daily basis.

Creating Your Own Bullet Journal Cleaning Schedule

Now that you have some great ideas you can go ahead and create your own bullet journal cleaning schedule.

First, write out a list of all your cleaning tasks. Mark which ones are daily tasks, such as making the bed and dishes. Weekly tasks would include things like floors, windows, and bathrooms. Monthly tasks would be cleaning out your fridge, vacuuming, and washing bedding.

Now you can start creating your bullet journal cleaning schedule. Use the pictures above as inspiration for your own. Or create a completely different spread all together. Make sure you customize it to you.

Now add reminders in your weekly or monthly spreads. Now you will stay on track with your cleaning tasks as well as all future tasks.

Recommended Products

Do you use a bullet journal cleaning schedule? Do you have a cleaning schedule? Let me know in the comments below. Follow me on Pinterest for more like this and pin this to your Bullet Journal boards.

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