14 Bullet Journal Ideas

I love my bullet journal. Creating spreads for anything I want to track. Using them to keep my mind on task with upcoming projects. These bullet journal ideas can organize just about everything in your life.

Now we all love beautiful spreads, however, not all of us have great drawing capabilities. Don’t let this stop you from taking the concepts of the spreads and creating something that will work for you.

Your bullet journal should absolutely be catered to your needs. That’s why I love mine so much. I’ve catered mine to help me stay on track with all of my daily, weekly, and monthly goals. It also helps me track my daily activities and appointments.

I admit it takes some getting used to, especially if you are not used to using a planner of any sorts. Just remember it takes time to get into the habit of doing certain things so work on creating a habit of working in your bullet journal.

Before we get started here is a list of my recommended supplies.

Recommended Products

From time to time the Scribbles that Matter Journal is sold out on Amazon. When this happens third party sellers will try to sell the journal for an insane amount of money. DO NOT BUY THAT! Scribbles that Matter should be back in stock soon. My second favorite journal is the Essentials Dot Matrix, though I warn you the pages on this one are thinner and bleeding and shadows show up on opposite sides. However, it's a decent cheap journal if you are in a pinch and just want to get started.

Now let’s get into looking at some of the awesome new spreads I found.

Bullet Journal Spreads

Christmas Present Spread

Christmas Presents Spread

With this spread you can plan Christmas gifts and what you buy. It means no longer needing to just remember ideas for gifts it means having a planned and well organized Christmas instead of a disorganized and chaotic holiday.

Anxious Spread

Mental Health Help Guide

If you are like me and have to deal with depression and anxiety having a guide in your bullet journal gives you a place to record all the things that help you cope. This way on particularly bad days you have something to reference.

Habit Tracker Spread

April Habit Tracker Spread

Habit trackers are a fantastic way to encourage improvement of your daily tasks through habit. For me I use the habit trackers to help me form good habits for my businesses.

Clean House Spread

Clean House Spread

I am not a natural at keeping a clean house. This tracker helps me plan out in advance the cleaning that needs to get done that we can often times forget about.

14 Bullet Journal Spreads - Sleep Log

Sleep Log

For those of you who like to track how long they sleep this is the tracker for you. Make sure you are getting healthy amounts of sleep.

Birthday Spread

Birthday Spread

I forget birthdays. I’m just really bad about it. It’s not that I don’t care I just always seem to forget them. This spread really helps to make sure that I remember birthdays. Just check the spread and add the birthdays to your daily or weekly spreads so no more forgetting birthdays.

Water Tracking Spread

Water Tracker Bullet Journal Spread

I have a real problem with making sure I’m drinking enough water. If you are like me you could really benefit from this type of spread.

Savings Goal Spread

Savings Goal Spread

No matter what your savings goal is this tracker will help you get there. These can be especially useful towards motivating you to hit that goal.

Netflix Spread

Netflix Bullet Journal Spread

I don’t know about you but I always end up watching the same movies and the same TV shows on Netflix. This tracker helps to encourage finding and watching new TV shows.

Period Tracker

Period Tracker For Bullet Journal

I am absolutely horrible about tracking my period. This would help me to stay prepared instead of all of a sudden needing to rush home or to the store for supplies.

Mood Tracker

Mood Tracker

This is an interesting tracker. If you are curious as to how you are on a daily basis track your moods with this tracker. Then you can start making conscious changes to improve your mood daily.

Movies to watch Spread

Movies to Watch Spread

How many times have you seen a preview for a movie and forgotten the name of it? It happens to me all the time. With this tracker you can start planning when you will go to the movies or when to rent videos based on which movies you want to watch.

30 day fitness challenge spread

30 Day fitness challenge

Thinking of trying that squat fitness challenge. Keep track of your progress in one spot. It’s like a habit tracker that will help you meet your fitness goals for the month.

Bill Tracker

Bill Tracker

Bills are such a pain in the butt. Use this tracker to make sure you pay on time every time. Add your debts to it with your payoff amounts and monthly payment strategy too. Get your finances under control with the bill tracker.

Recommended Products

From time to time the Scribbles that Matter Journal is sold out on Amazon. When this happens third party sellers will try to sell the journal for an insane amount of money. DO NOT BUY THAT! Scribbles that Matter should be back in stock soon. My second favorite journal is the Essentials Dot Matrix, though I warn you the pages on this one are thinner and bleeding and shadows show up on opposite sides. However, it's a decent cheap journal if you are in a pinch and just want to get started.

There are spreads for just about anything you want to track. Use the spreads to help you stay organized, get on track, or even just improve your daily life. Which bullet journal spreads are you interested in trying? Leave a comment below. Follow me on Pinterest for more like this and pin this to your Bullet Journal boards. Related Posts:
14 Bullet Journal Spread Ideas 14 Bullet Journal Spread Ideas 14 Bullet Journal Spread Ideas


  1. I really like the ideas from your BuJo spreads list. I plan on using some for my own BuJo.

  2. I love this!! I want to start in 2018. Can you give me some recommendations to get started? Type of book, markers etc

    1. Hi Missy, I did add some of my top recommendations to get started with bullet journaling at the bottom of the post. I have found bullet journaling helps me stay on track to reach goals so it’s perfect to start at the first of the year.

  3. Which journal book do you use?

  4. Is there any way I can buy one of these already made so I just have to color it throughout the year?

    1. I don’t know of any pre-filled bullet journals, however, I do know there are lots of stencils that can be used to help keep a bullet journal nice and neat. I have a couple recommended at the bottom of the post now.

    2. Check out Etsy! I have found several that you can print yourself until you are comfortable doing it on your own!

  5. I absolutely Love your designs. Have you ever thought about providing them as downloads?

    1. Most of the designs were actually found on Instagram. All sources are linked under each picture. Bullet journals are typically very personal, which makes finding bullet journal designs would be difficult to offer as a download. To create your own I recommend using stencils the first few times.

  6. These are some unique ideas I would never have thought of. I love the Netflix one. So many times I can’t remember what I’ve seen or what’s on my list to watch next. This will definitely come in handy!

    1. The Netflix one is a favorite. Remember you can modify the collection to include things like release dates for new seasons too.

  7. Love your habit tracker! I’m very excited to try several of your ideas out! Thank you!

  8. HI Crystal,
    I love your ideas for bujo. I am going to start my first bujo. I have following you, and you have inspire me to do it. I am studying from home, volunteer 2 days, and looking into starting my own business from home. My office desk is a mess, notes and papers every where. So I need to get organised. Look forward to hearing from you. I have been following you for a while now.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Have a great week.
    Thanks Kerry.

    1. Hi Kerry, bullet journaling is a fantastic way to get organized. Make sure you check out my blog Bullet Journal Addict for loads of inspiration and tips on starting a bullet journal.

    1. Keep practicing. The people who drew the ideas here started somewhere. Just keep practicing and you will get better at drawing.

    2. The drawing and fancyness is nice but completely unnecessary. The guy who came up with bullet journal just used basic headings and lists. I have been using a bujo for over 2 years, never drew anything in it, works great.

      Sometimes all the overly fancy spreads are discouraging, but I take the idea and make it work for me. My birthday tracker is just a page with the months of subheadings and birthdays written under each month.

      1. This is what I love about bullet journaling. You do not have to do it any one certain way, for those who do the fancy artwork the bullet journal is a place for them to plan and be creative. For those that don’t it’s a place for planning and collecting thoughts. Each persons Bullet Journal is specifically catered to the person who owns it and that is what makes bullet journaling fantastic.

  9. I guess I’ve been living under a rock because I only recently heard about bullet journals. I love the idea and the look but I don’t quite understand how it remains a “living” document. I have to make a new page every time something changes??? For example, the birthday page is beautiful but how do I add birthdays without redoing it? And then am I pulling pages out of the journal? And how do I organize the pages in a way that is usable – where I don’t have to flip through every page to find the list I want when I need to reference it? Maybe there are instructions somewhere? Or a class even?? Ha ha!

    1. It is a “living” document because you can add to it as needed. Collections basically work by filling them in as you go and as you think of things. So if you need to add a birthday you just add a birthday to your existing spread. There is no real set way to set up a bullet journal because it is personal to each and every individual. Additionally, the pages are usually numbered and you keep an index at the front of your journal as a sort of table of contents, you can easily go to the page that you are looking for when you do this.

      For more on starting a bullet journal take a look at this post on Bullet Journal Addict.

  10. Lovely ideas!!!!!!!!! Am v excited to try these out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Much love from India

  11. OMG, I had never even heard of bullet journals – this is great! It reminds of scrapbooking. I scrapbook and I also create elaborate to-do lists and excel sheets but this is a very creative way to do it. Really cool…

  12. I love making things creative and this was just amazing
    I loved it???
    And will definitely use these spreads in MY bullet journal…..??????♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️☺️☺️☺️

  13. As a teenager i have benefited from using a bullet journal with every day stuff. I love the page ideas and I have used some in mine it’s really helped me keep track of everything. So thank you for the ideas!!!??

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