One major appeal to bullet journaling are the collections you see floating around Pinterest and Instagram. A bullet journal collection is a place where you organize your lists or projects that fall into a specific category. A collection can be grocery shopping lists, books you have read or want to read, and more.

Collections are a great way to keep all your ideas on a certain project in one place and organized. Collections are used for mental health, self care, meal planning, book reading, movie watching, netflix binging, and anything else that you want to keep track of.

How To Use Bullet Journal Collections

Collections make it easier to track certain things within a specific category than having tidbits of information placed throughout your bullet journal. Let’s say you write down books you want to read as you hear about them. Instead of having names of the books within your daily spreads throughout your bullet journal you can keep a spread of books you want to read or have read. This collection makes it easier for you to reference important topics. What Ryder Carroll says about it.

Another use for collections are in self care and motivation. Keep a collection of quotes that inspire you to work or promote mental well-being. You can write down things that you enjoy doing for self care. Keep a collection of long term goals you want to achieve.

Collections can also be used as a reference for household cares. A cleaning schedule, grocery list, favorite meals list, or favorite activities your kids love. Creating these types of guides you can not just keep track of things around your home but quickly reference them to make sure your lists are complete.

Your collection spreads are meant to help you stay on track and be a quick reference to things you want to do or need to do regularly without taking up the whole of your daily bullet journals.

Before we get started here is a list of my recommended supplies.

Recommended Products

Bullet Journal Collections

@rainbowbulletjournal 15 Minute Tasks

rainbowbulletjournal 15 Minute Tasks Source

Keeping small task lists like these will help you to make the most of your time. You may find that you have an extra 20 minutes in your day. Now you have a quick reference guide to completing a task and making your life just a little bit easier. Set times for 15, 30, and 45 minutes to make the most of your time.

@_clairebuhrow Books To Read and Movies To Watch

clairebuhrow Books To Read and Movies To Watch Source

Have you ever had a moment where you saw a preview for a movie that you wanted to see and then a few weeks or months later cannot recall the name. Having a collection like this means you can keep track of movies you want to see to rent later or see in the theatre when it comes out.

Movie Night

Movie Night Source

Easily keep track of movies that you have seen by creating a spread for them. I would add a scoring system to the collection so I can remember if I liked the movie or not as well.

@boho.berry Work Day Schedule

bohoberry Work Day Schedule Source

These come in handy for the work at home types or business owners. It’s extremely likely that you may find yourself working way too much. Having a daily schedule you can reference and stick to is a great way to train yourself to shut it down at a certain time of the day.

@lailovespen2paper Clean Snacks Collection

lailovespen2paper Clean Snacks Collection Source

There is nothing worse than trying to eat healthier or being on a diet and suddenly getting a case of the munchies. This spread helps you to pick healthy snacks so you don’t blow your diet. You can go further by including healthy meal choices or your eating schedule too.

@rainbowbulletjournal Self Care Collection

rainbowbulletjournal Self Care Collection Source

By having a collection you can refer to for self care you can more easily keep your mental health under control. During times of high stress it can be helpful to see small things you can do and practice in your daily life to improve your mental state.

@doodledaydarlings Christmas Presents

doodledaydarlings Christmas Presents Source

This spread is an amazing one for the holiday season. Not only can you plan out your gifts for the people on your list but you have a fantastic reference guide to fill out so you can keep track of who you already bought for. The material list is great for DIY gifts as well as making sure you pick up gift wrapping supplies.

@plant.doodles Washi Tape Collection

plantdoodles Washi Tape Collection Source

Having a spot in your bullet journal where you can display your washi tape collection can help you to decide on monthly themes. Washi tape collections are a great place where you can doodle, get creative, and show off the washi tapes you have collected.

@mrs_bullets_journal42 Song Lyrics A Day

mrs_bullets_journal42 Song Lyrics A Day Source

Collecting song lyrics you enjoy, find motivational, or find a deeper meaning in make a great collection. Music can be extremely therapeutic so when you are having a rough day or need a pick me up lyrics can help recall a song you enjoy. If you get earwormed often this collection could save you from having a song stuck in your head for days on end.

@ravenclawjournals Keep Notes

ravenclawjournals Keep Notes Source

A collection for notes that you find extremely helpful life advice is almost mandatory in a bullet journal. Write down notes from your latest business, non-fiction, or self help book. Write down notes from a documentary. Maybe just notes from your favorite motivational speaker or video. Reference them a lot to help create a new mindset for yourself.

@bujo.grow A to Z Of Me

bujogrow A to Z Of Me Source

How about a collection of positive traits within yourself? Give yourself a self esteem boost by filling in a referencing the qualities you have that make you special and unique. These spreads are great for confidence building and mental well being.

@himmels.journal Goals Collection

himmelsjournal Goals Collection Source

Goal planning is an extremely popular spread to include in your bullet journal. Referencing your goals daily keeps your mind set on the things you need to do each and every day to reach your goals.

@bujo_mamzelle_boulette Pen Collection

bujo_mamzelle_boulette Pen Collection Source

This is more than just a colorful page featuring all the different colors you have but you can also reference colors you still need to get. Additionally, this can help you to determine the bleed of your pens so you know which ones will work best with your journal pages. It’s a great testing collection.

@ravenclawjournals Stop Binge and Emotional Eating

ravenclawjournals Stop Binge and Emotional Eating Source

There are loads of people who eat when emotional and end up binging on their favorite snack. If you are looking to eat healthier or stop this habit have a collection of things to do instead will help you change the habit into something healthier. By having your reasons to not binge eat too you will stay motivated to change this habit.

@livejoyfulandhealthy Trip Planning

livejoyfulandhealthy Trip Planning Source

Start a collection of things you want to pack for an upcoming trip. You can plan for weeks or months in advance and keep it all in one easy to reference place. I’ll take weeks to figure out what I need to pack so this collection is a must have for travelers.

Creating A Bullet Journal Collection

When deciding on the layout and design of a collection think about what the collection will hold. You can make it a simple place to reference or you can turn it into a colorful design. Remember the point of the collection is to be a reference for you to look at when dealing with projects, activities, or ideas.

Recommended Products

Which collections are you looking to include in your bullet journal? Let me know in the comments below.Do you have bullet journal spreads you would like shared? Email them to [email protected] and they may be featured on an Instagram post and/or to the blog. Please leave your IG Username so I can tag you in the posts. Follow me on Pinterest for more like this and pin this to your Bullet Journal boards.

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