15 Simple And Easy Bullet Journal Font Ideas To Inspire You Right Away

Bullet Journaling is for anyone and everyone! You don’t need to have any special skills or talents to start a bullet journal and you don’t even need to have much – a pen and a notebook can do the job! Though the bullet journal system is intended to be clean and minimal style, it doesn’t mean you have to stay like that forever. Like me, many people in the bullet journal community have found that we can use the bullet journal to spark creativity in us.  My bullet journal is always a mix of planner systems and creative outlets. If you, too, want to add more fun and creativity to the spreads you are working on in your bullet journal, then you are at the right place. There are numerous ways to decorate your bullet journal pages; you can use stickers, washi tapes, stencils, stamps, etc. But all these require you to make a purchase. If you are anything like me and want to add creativity without spending a dime, this article is especially for you. Today, let us talk about some super fun and easy bullet journal fonts that immediately spice your spreads like magic. You just need to use the same old pen you are using for bullet journaling to create some awestruck bullet journal handwriting fonts. Scroll down for 15 unique and beginner-friendly fonts. I hope you will have super fun while using them in your bullet journal. But, before, let me give you a few tips on mastering these fonts.  

Tips For Creating Bullet Journal Fonts

You might think it is a hard thing to decorate your bullet journal pages with different fonts. When I started, I also felt that I didn’t have it in me to make bullet journal fonts look cute and beautiful.  But what we need to know is, you don’t need to have neat handwriting and drawing skills to create beautiful bullet journal fonts; anyone can do it. Below are a few tips that will stop you from making silly mistakes when you start creating bullet journal fonts. 
  • Practice is the key to everything! I recommend that you leave a few blank pages in your BuJo for practicing your handwriting to avoid any mistakes. You can even have a separate notebook only for handwriting practice if you are pretty serious about your fonts.
  • The more you use the bullet journal cursive writing, the better you will become. So try to use it as often as possible. You can use it for writing the days of the week, special notes, quotes, headings, etc.
  • Try tracing if you are unsure about your calligraphy skills. You have to print the fonts and trace them in your bullet journal.
  • I always use a pencil first, and once I am happy with the outcome, I will then use the pen over the top. 
  • Don’t use low-quality pens. Use good ones! Trust me, this will make a huge difference in your handwriting. These Micron Fineliner Pens are one of my all time favorite pens.
  • A dot journal will keep your letter sizing even because the easiest way to make your handwriting look neat is by making it all a consistent size. So try to use a dot journal for bullet journaling.
  • Youtube has some great videos on calligraphy that will make sure you start your lettering in the right place. So do watch a few videos before starting to have the proper flow.

Recommended Supplies To Create Bullet Journal Fonts

Of course, it is always your choice of what supplies you want to use in your bullet journal. However, if you’re going to change a few supplies and want some recommendations, below are my favorite ones.

15 Simple And Easy Bullet Journal Font Ideas To Inspire You Right Away

If you already have a layout planned out for your spread and you just want that extra little bit of decoration to spice the page, then the below-listed bullet journal font ideas will definitely give you the inspiration you want to make the page look chic. I searched the Internet and found a nice variety. So whether you want something super simple and minimalist or colorful, you will find the one that suits your style. Do let us know in the comments section below which one you like the most.

Straight And Simple Font

Let start with the most simple and basic font, the straight and simple lettering. Let might look like the ones they teach kids at kindergarten, but these straight lines are adorable and doable even if you are not good with your handwriting yet. If you want to make this lettering more interesting, you can always use color, add shapes and play with the size of the letters.

Serif Font

Serif or I instead call it the typewriter font is very simple, easy, and quick to draw. You just have to add serif to the above straight and simple letters. They are a great way to give your headers some authority.

Block Lettering

Block letters might look a bit hard to draw, but they are easier to draw than they seem. It is all about connecting straight lines while using the same sized area for all the letters. To make it easier, use a dot-grid journal; it will make sure the letters are straight. Want to add extra fun? Play with colors, shapes, and patterns.

Half Block Lettering

Do you feel daunting for creating complex block letters? Try half-block font instead. The best part about the half-block lettering is that they are easier to draw, and you can also add more fun by adding colors and shapes.

3D Lettering Font

The 3D font is a bit difficult when compared to others. But trust me, it is worth it because drawing this font is therapeutic. Basically, after drawing your block letter, you need to draw another one but a bit of a bit offset. Then you need to connect the two-letter letters to get the perfect 3D letter. Even though it takes a bit of effort, it looks fascinating and can really stand out.

Colorful Bubble Lettering

Block letters are one of my favorites. This is the only font I used to have in my notebooks. They are sassy, curvy, and cute. Check the alphabet below; that clouring made the font look even more adorable and beautiful. Don’t you think so?

Cursive Lettering

Cursive lettering is again one of my favorite letterings. The basic cursive can look as beautiful as any other font in your bullet journal. You can add colors, banners, shapes to make the font stand out. If you are just starting with hand lettering and are not yet confident about your lettering, don’t worry; practice more. You will get better eventually.

Brush Lettering

Other Bullet Journal Font Ideas

Written by – Sowmya Cherukuri

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