Bullet Journal Summer Bucket List Ideas

Seasonal bucket lists are a fun way to challenge yourself to get out and enjoy the season in your area. Today I’m going to share a few ideas and a few spreads to mimic for your summer bucket list.

First you need to see what is going on in your area or see if a bigger plan is in the cards this year. Perhaps you want to take a family vacation or you just take a roadtrip to a nearby major city.

Before we get started here is a list of my recommended supplies.

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A good bucket list combines relaxing and invigorating adventures. So add that week staycation of reading and binge watching your favorite TV show. Add that long hike in a nearby national park.

Challenge yourself to get out of your comfort zone and experience something new. Then grab this printer and print out pictures from your experience and add them to your bullet journal. This provides a great way to remember your adventure.

How To Choose Your Bucket List Plans

I usually have two bucket lists going at the same time. I have a lifelong bucket list filled with things I want to do at some point in my life. The second list is usually a seasonal list filled with smaller things to do.

Leave the big dreams and goals to a lifelong bucket list until you are ready to add them to a seasonal list.

When you are choosing what to put on your Summer bucket list consider things like the schedule you already have, your budget, and commitments. You want a bucket list that is filled with all sorts of fun activities without feeling like you missed out.

Additionally, if your budget doesn’t allow for an extravagant vacation you might want to leave it off your list entirely. This way you aren’t reminded of what you can’t do all summer long.

Always put something in for just yourself. Maybe a weekend at a local hotel room, a day at the spa, or something similar. You want to make sure you there is something that’s just solely for you alone.

Summer Bucket List Ideas

  1. Read a book series
  2. Go hike a national park
  3. Go camping
  4. Go on vacation
  5. Walk around your area like a tourist
  6. Volunteer at a local shelter
  7. Throw a party
  8. Go to a water park
  9. Go to a concert
  10. Take a roadtrip
  11. Do random acts of kindness
  12. Go to a drive in movie
  13. Go to a county fair
  14. Go to a farmers market
  15. Go to a flea market
  16. Have a backyard fire with friends
  17. Go on a picnic
  18. Write a book
  19. Find shapes in clouds
  20. Stargaze
  21. Have a water balloon fight
  22. Go to an amusement park

Summer Bucket List Theme Ideas

If you need inspiration for you own summer bucket look I have a couple of ideas for you below.

Lemon Theme Summer Bucket List

Lemon Theme Summer Bucket List Source

Consider doing a summer type theme for your bucket list. Make it bright and cheery or have it match your planned themes for the summer months.

Visual Summer Bucket List

Visual Bullet Journal Summer Bucket List Source

I love the idea of a visual summer bucket list because it’s not just reading words but gives you an actual idea of what the experience might be like.

Simple Summer Bucket List

Simple Bullet Journal Summer Bucket List Source

A simple summer list allows you some small doodles but gives you a small list of things to try out.

Mason Jar Bucket List

Mason Jar Bullet Journal Bucket List Source

I love this mason jar bucket list as it provides a beautiful spread for you to work with.

Minimalist Summer Bucket List

Minimalist Summer Bucket List

I personally went with a minimalist look in my summer bucket list. A minimalist bullet journal collection spread means it will work with all sorts of fun themes throughout the summer.

Summer Bucket Lists In A Bullet Journal

I love having a summer bucket list because it’s like setting goals for everything you want to do. As you can see in mine most of my bucket list plans are based in Pittsburgh.

It’s been a goal of ours to move to Pittsburgh. I’ve done a lot of research around Pittsburgh. This summer I want to focus on exploring Pittsburgh like I’m on an extended vacation.

I set up my bucket list with loads of outdoor activities that I want to do either as a date with my husband or as a family with our son. I’ve also included some much needed alone time in my bucket list.

I plan on reading an entire book series of some sort. I don’t know which series yet, I just know that I want to take a bunch of time this summer to read.

Bullet Journal Bucket List

Bucket lists are a great way to set lifelong or seasonal goals for things you want to experience in life. Make sure you pick things that are actually achievable for a seasonal bucket list.

It’s meant to be treated more as a reminder and less like a vision board. Every month as you start to fill in your monthly and weekly spreads add something from your bucket list and make your plans.

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So what’s on your summer bucket list? Let me know in the comments below. Follow me on Pinterest for more like this and pin this to your summer bullet journal boards.

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