Habit trackers are an extremely useful tool that can help you to become more organized in your own life. Habit trackers help us to stay on track and meet our goals. The act of filling in your completed habits daily helps to motivate you to accomplish and continue to build heathly habits. I use habit trackers mainly for business. However, you can easily use a habit tracker for literally anything. If you would like to learn a bit more about good habits to start tracking, check out this article. Not only have I gathered a bunch of layouts for bullet journal habit trackers, but I’ve also put together a list of 50 ideas for what habits to track in your bullet journal. Before we get started here is a list of my recommended supplies.   Recommended Products

Bullet Journal Habit Tracker Layouts

Take a look at some of the beautiful trackers below to help you figure out how you want to set up your bullet journal habit tracker. Remember, your habit tracker should work for you. You don’t need to copy these exactly, rather customize the mand make it your own. That is the beauty of using a bullet journal.

Mini Habit Tracker

Bullet Journal Habit Tracker 1   I love these mini habit trackers. You can make them look like little calendars or mandalas. You can fill them in with different colors the goal being each one gets filled in daily till they are completed. You’ll be proud once they are completely filled in.

Minimalist Habit Tracker

Bullet Journal Habit Tracker 2   For those who don’t have a lot of creativity or just need a simple layout to track their progress this minimalist approach is clean and easy to do. Just highlight or color in the dates of the accomplished habit daily. Check out my post 16 Minimalist Bullet Journal Spreads 

Clean Habit Tracker

Bullet Journal Habit Tracker 3   I love the look of this clean tracker. Easy to duplicate but effective in building those healthy habits. Each habit having a it’s own box allows for easy tracking in a neat and tidy way.

Planner Habit Tracker

Bullet Journal Habit Tracker 4   I love how this habit tracker allows you to block out days that you may not be able to accomplish a certain habit. Travel, appointments and other life events can often through your habit-building for a loop. Using a habit tracker in this way allows you to not feel overwhelmed on busy days but keep you on track when your schedule returns to normal.

Cool Design Habit Tracker

Bullet Journal Habit Tracker 5 Turning your habit tracker into a fun design idea is extremely pleasing to the eyes. Not only does the rainbow of colors create a finished product that is beautiful you can see where you need to work on things as well. Turn habit tracking into a fun hobby like this and you will find success. Check out my post 21 Easy Weekly Spreads for Bullet Journaling

Simple Habit Tracker

Bullet Journal Habit Tracker 6   This simple tracker is an efficient way to track your habits daily. An easy to duplicate and non-complicated approach to tracking is great for busy or minimalist people.

Around a Square Theme

Bullet Journal Habit Tracker 7   While it would take a bit of time to set up this habit tracker is an effective one. As you fill in the squares throughout the month you can see what your mood was like while doing them. This could help you to decide which habits are worth it and which ones you might want to ditch in the future. The goal is to build healthy habits that also help improve your mood and well being.

Marble Theme 

This is a fun way to get creative with your habit tracker. You can fill the jar with color-coded marbles and hopefully by the end of the month your jar is full and you’ve stayed on track for 30 days straight.

Grid Habit Tracker Theme

A simple grid layout always does the trick, and hopefully by the end you have a wonderful little colorful pattern.

Small Calendar Tracker 

The small calendar habit trackers allow you to individualize each habit that you are trying to start. This also helps you stay on track with the dates and days a lot easier. This is a great starter habit tracker because it’s super easy to create.

Mood Tracker

If you are tracking your habits you can track your mood too. This is a great way to save page space while still tracking some pretty important things.

Circular Grid Habit Tracker

This is always a beautiful way to fill in a habit tracker. You can do varying tones of the same color to fill it in and create an aura of sorts around your middle picture and design. This grid is a very popular one, I recommend getting a stencil to make perfect circles.

Minimalist Habit Tracker

This is another great habit tracker for beginners due to the easy minimalist design. It’s a slightly different way to create a small calendar layout.

Small Grid 


This is a favorite of mine for it’s minimalist look. I also recommend this design for beginners because it’s easy to mimic. If you have a dotted journal you don’t even need a ruler to create this look.

Crystal Themed Tracker

You can always do a simple grid layout and also add in your theme for the month. The crystal theme is a popular one and a fantastic way to add a bit of color to your bullet journal.

Habit Tracker Ideas for Bullet Journals

Now that you see how you can set up the layout of your tracker lets take a look at some habits to track. Below is a list of 50 ideas to track. Everything from self-care, home care, to even business. Check out my post 10 Creative Bullet Journal Tracker Ideas

Self Care and Beauty Habit Tracker Ideas

    1. Manicure or Pedicure
    2. Style Hair
    3. Wash and Moisturize Face
    4. Mental Health Check
    5. Self Care
    6. Makeup
    7. Hobbies
    8. No Phone Time
    9. Daily Journaling
    10. Compliment Myself
    11. Laugh Today
    12. Watch 1 Episode of Favorite Show
    13. Read
    14. Learn Something New

Money and Productivity Habit Tracker Ideas

    1. No Spending
    2. Pay Bills
    3. Create Daily To Do’s the Night Before
    4. Finished To-Do List

Family and Relationships Habit Tracker Ideas

    1. Read To Child
    2. Quality Time with Family
    3. Educational Play with Kids
    4. Compliment my Husband
    5. Call a Family Member
    6. Call a Friend

Healthy Habit Tracker Ideas

    1. No Cigarettes
    2. Drank Water
    3. Exercised
    4. No Soda
    5. No Alcohol
    6. Veggie Servings
    7. Fruit Servings

Home and Family Care Habit Tracker Ideas

    1. Eat Breakfast
    2. Cooked Dinner
    3. Packed Lunch
    4. Cleaned House
    5. One Load of Laundry
    6. Walk Dogs
    7. Play With Cats
    8. Declutter

Try Something New Habit Tracker Ideas

    1. Try a New Craft or Hobby
    2. Smile at a Stranger
    3. Talk to a Stranger
    4. Exercise Brain with puzzles or memory games

Business Habit Tracker Ideas

  1. Wrote for Blog
  2. Marketed Business
  3. Social Media Posts
  4. Created new Products
  5. Updated Products
  6. Pinterest Pinning
  7. Daily Brain Dump
Tracking your habits is one sure-fire way to make sure you build healthy habits that will keep you on track for success. If you are new to tracking habits the hardest part will be looking at your tracker daily to fill it out. Try leaving notes or making it a part of your nightly routine before bed. I fill mine out over a cup of tea before I go to bed. Check out my post 14 Bullet Journal Spreads that are Perfect  Remember it takes 21 consecutive days to make or break a habit. Start small by only picking a few habits to track at first. After you master those habits and make them a part of your daily routine you can start adding more or building on the habits you’ve now mastered. Starting or breaking a habit is difficult, a tracker is a sure-fire way to make sure that you are successful. Recommended Products   What habits are you looking forward to creating? Let me know in the comments below. Do you have bullet journal spreads you would like shared? Email them to [email protected] and they may be featured on an Instagram post and/or to the blog. Please leave your IG Username so I can tag you in the posts. Follow me on Pinterest for more like this and pin this to your Bullet Journal boards. Related Posts:  
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  1. I was working on my first bujo and I didn’t know how to make the habit tracker. So I looked up on the internet and my eyes were caught by this website. And I find it really helpful and inspiring. I love the habit tracker inspirations too! The habit tracker ideas to track was very helpful so I can see what I need to track on my habit tracker. Thank you so much for the post!

  2. Wow I am not so creative but this definitely helped! Thanks so much!

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