Free Bullet Journal Book Tracker Printables That Will Make You Want To Read More Books

To all the book lovers out there, I have good news for you! Suppose you are anything like me and always search for brilliant book recommendations from fellow bookworms. In that case, you probably might have written them on small pieces of paper and lost them in less than a day. Extended, important information all gone in a split second. Ughh! So frustrating, right? Worry no more! I have got fantastic technique.  I have recently used my bullet journal to monitor my book reading habit, and it turned out to be the most productive thing I have done. Just like a mood tracker and a habit tracker, I created a bullet journal book tracker. It has helped me in improving my reading habit and productivity.   Want some inspiration to create your own bullet journal book tracker? Check out our blog post – 10 Creative Bullet Journal Book Trackers. Want to learn more about bullet journal trackers? Have a look at our articles – 10 Super Bullet Journal Trackers For Your Planner

Types of Bullet Journal Book trackers With Free Printables

There are basically two types of book trackers – one is listing out the book recommendations you wanted to read, and the other one is listing the books after reading them. Love the idea of book tracking but are too busy to create a spread for bullet journal book tracker? Don’t worry; I will help you out. Below I have made bullet journal book tracker printables for you to track your books. All you gotta do is just print the one that is convenient for you and add them to your planner or bullet journal. Why late? Let’s check out the printables. Also, please note that the free printables are created by the team of Bullet Journal Addict. They are only for your personal use and thus should not be redistributed, duplicated, or sold in any way without any prior consent. When sharing on social media, please do credit appropriately by Bullet Journal Addict either in the comments or in the tags. Are you interested in free printables? Check out our other printables – Free Printable Water Tracker Bullet Journal To Stay Hydrated All The Time.

“Books To Read” Free Printable Bullet Journal Book Tracker

The “Books to read” free printable bullet journal book tracker will allow you to track the books you want to read. List all the book recommendations you have got from your loved ones in the space given below and start reading one by one. The tracker not only keeps you organized but also motivates you to read more. You can also use a star system for a brief review; this can be beneficial to look back at to make recommendations to other people. 

Download Here

“Books I Have Read” Free Printable Bullet Journal Book Tracker

“Books I Have Read” is another type of bullet journal book tracker that is popular. Here you have to list out the books in the spaces provided after reading them. Readings books is an achievement that deserves recognition, and maintaining a bullet journal book tracker will make you recognize your achievement quite easily. 


How Do I Download The Printables?

Both the bullet journal book tracker printables are completely free; all you have to do is follow the below instructions.
  1. Select a printable you are convenient with and click on the download link provided below the image.
  2. You will find a download option in the link; click on it to download the PDF.
  3. For printing out the downloaded PDF, you can either do it at a copy shop at home on a color printer.
  4. After printing the bullet journal book tracker, place it in your planner, bullet journal, binder, or you can also stick it on your study stable wall. 
Written by – Sowmya Cherukuri

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