Free Printable Water Tracker Bullet Journal To Stay Hydrated All The Time

We all know that we should consume more water to stay hydrated and healthy. But learning and practicing are two different things. In this busy world, We may find difficulty in remembering to drink water regularly. You can forget how much you have had to drink. This is where a water tracker comes to the rescue. If you follow us regularly, you might have already know how much we love trackers in our bullet journals. A tracker is an easiest and quick way to make or break habits. With the help of a bullet journal water tracker, you get to know how often you are drinking water and how to improve your water intake. Suppose you can also include a health or mood tracker. In that case, you will eventually notice how big of problem dehydration is.   So, here I am, helping you with your water intake. Read on to know more about water trackers. You will also find a free printable bullet journal water tracker at the end of the article.

How Much Amount Of Water Do You Need To Drink In A Day?

We all have heard that we need to drink eight glasses a day, but did you know there is no natural science behind this number? In fact, the number of glasses differs from person to person. Factors like the weather, your health, weight, how active you are, affect your water intake. This is why it is a great idea to track your mood and health while tracking your water intake.  Things like tiredness, dizziness, and headaches can be the warning signs of you not staying hydrated.  On average, one should drink eight glasses of water but remember this is just a rough guide.  I am sure your next question is – “How to start drinking more water?”  I heard you, let us find out!

How To Start Drinking More Water

There are numerous ways to create new habits and change your old practices. A European study showed that it takes at least 66 days to form a new habit. The number might seem daunting, but you will surely succeed if you can keep yourself motivated in this time frame. One of the great ways I found to keep myself accountable and motivated is through bullet journal tracking. Bullet journaling has become my key to success and self-development in many situations. I can break my bad habits and form new good ones.  With a simple bullet journal tracker, we can hold ourselves motivated and accountable every day with just a glance.  

What Is A Water Tracker?

A water tracker is a simple chart to mark off every time you drink water. Why do we need a water tracker? Below are few benefits of using a water tracker.
  • A water tracker helps you in losing weight. Did you know that the hungry feeling you get sometimes is actually thirst?
  • Drinking water regularly will help you improve your brain function and focus.
  • Staying hydrated will boost your skin to stay more radiant and youthful.
  • Water intake can reduce headaches.
  • Regularly drinking water will help in keeping your joints working healthily.
Now you know why you should need a water tracker to track your water intake.  

Free Printable Bullet Journal Water Tracker

The below free printable monthly habit tracker is created by the team of Bullet Journal Addict. The tracker is only for your personal use. The printable may not be duplicated, redistributed, or sold in any way without any prior consent. Also, please do credit appropriately when sharing on social media by including Bullet Journal Addict either in the tags or in the comments.


How To Print The Free Printable Habit Tracker

  1. Click on the link.
  2. Download the PDF.
  3. Print out the tracker either at a copy shop or at home on a color printer.
  4. Place the tracker in your planner, binder, or even stick it on your fridge or wall.
Written by – Sowmya Cherukuri

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