Fun And Creative Ideas To Use Washi Tape In Your Bullet Journal

I don’t think I am the only one who hoards washi tapes. Most of us have loads of washi tapes mysteriously appearing in our study table drawers, nest there and forming families!  If you are like anything me, then you might have a washi tape addiction and wonder what to do with the rolls. Don’t worry! I am here to guide you; let us put those tiny cute rolls of joy into good use. In this article, I have listed some fun and creative ways to use washi tapes in your bullet journal (from creating the best bullet journal trackers to stunning bujo layouts or decorating your planner….all using washi tape. But if you are a newbie, washi tapes are inexpensive tools to give a super special touch to your project. Don’t let all your cute and gorgeous washi tapes sit unused. 

What Is A Washi Tape And What Is It Used For?

Washi tape is a type of tape with some cute designs, generally used for decorative purposes. Washi is a Japanese word for thin paper. So, washi tape is of versatile material that is thin like paper and adhesive like tape. It is like a masking tape with beautiful designs on it but not as adherent as a masking tape.  Washi tapes are flexible, durable and come in solid color options as well as patterns of all kinds. You can find just about any color and design for just a buck or two. You can use washi tape like a tape, at its simplest. Washi tapes are also great for scrapbooking, craft projects, decorative items, and bullet journaling. Add the spreads some color, quickly decorate a spread, be it like a divider, a border, or in whichever way you can think of! Many bullet journalers use washi tape to organize themselves by creating a color-coded system to quickly label and prioritize their tasks, events, and pages.

Where To But Washi Tape?

I always try out new washi tape stores and look out for the best deals. So, here I am sharing a few of my favorite places to shop for washi tapes on Amazon. It has pretty much everything you could ever wish for in washi tapes.  

40 Rainbow Colors Washi Tape Set

This 40 Rainbow Colors Washi Tape set from Amazon has everything color one could think of. They are perfect for decorating your scrapbooks, photo albums, greeting cards, and bullet journals. They are very easy to use, flexible and durable. 

Ninico 30 Rolls Washi tape Set

Ninico 30 Rolls Washi Tape Set from Amazon can be a great start if you are looking to collect a few washi tapes to decorate your bullet journal. It has flower designs, geometric designs, animal prints, succulent prints, plain solid vibrant colors, and whatnot. You will be left with infinite options to decorate your bullet journal spreads. The tape is very skinny like paper and doesn’t leave a residue when peeled later.

Fun And Creative Ways To Use Washi Tape In Your Bullet Journal

The best part about washi tapes is that you can pick a bunch of rolls at a very reasonable price. And this gives you a lot of options on how to use the. A washi tape can make your bullet journal look pretty, very quickly, and easily. They are especially great for some who don’t like to spend hours making a single spread.  Plus, if you have too many rolls sitting in your stationery trolley and don’t know exactly what to do with them, below are some genuine ways to use washi tape in your bullet journal. 

Washi tape To Create A Post-It Note

Out of post-it notes? Washi tape to your rescue. Whether you need more space to write down tasks or want to cover something, be it a mistake or some private information beneath, try cutting a piece of paper and use washi tape to attach it to your spread. You can use the tape from just one side so that you can flop and check the notes below, or you can attach washi on both sides and completely cover what’s underneath.

Washi Tape As Dividers

What is the most daunting task about setting up a weekly spread for you? If you ask me, I will say it is drawing all the dividing lines. Drawing lines is one of the only things I don’t enjoy much in bullet journaling. I might have something against rulers.  Thankfully there is a simple, quick, and best alternative solution for that. You can just use thin washi tape to divide the space. This way, you can set your spreads even faster.

Washi tape Swatch Page

Okay, How many of you love swatches? Swatches aren’t only about the pen, though. You can create a super gorgeous and creative swatch for washi tape as well! A washi tape swatch can be a great outlook on all your collection. And you can see which washi design goes well with which one in just a glance. I think it is super helpful for the next time you want to decorate your bullet journal.

Washi tape For Decoration 

No need to say, washi tapes are just perfect for decorating your bullet journal, especially when you are busy and don’t want to spend much time decorating your bullet journal spreads.  You can use washi tape as a header, a divider between blocks, or just at the bottom or top of the spread. I personally love to decorate my quote pages with washi tapes. To bring out a great theme together, just use the same washi tape on all your pages. It will look more cohesive.

Washi tape To Cover Up Mistakes

We all tend to make mistakes at some point, even though we are very conscious and careful, haven’t we all been there? These mistakes can be quite upsetting, especially when you are a beginner. No more worries! Use washi tape to cover your mistakes in your bullet journal layout.

Washi Tape To Create Banners

Creating decorative banners with washi tape is a fun idea to use washi tape on your bullet journal spreads. You can either use fun-colored washi tape for simple Decoration or can also use dark-colored ones to write something in them.  Written by – Sowmya cherukuri

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