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If you have already picked up your header or title and want to add more fun and spice it up, then you are at the right place. These super cute banner doodles will definitely add that extra decoration and finish off the look. Banners are one of the fun and exciting ways to add design and creativity to your BuJo pages.  The best part is they are perfect for beginners as they are pretty simple, easy, and quick to draw (you will learn below). When I was a beginner, banners were my go-to tools for creating any kind of bullet journal spreads. I use them for my little to-do lists, at the corner of my spreads, or when I have to fill that awkward empty space. So I always look for gorgeous new ideas when it comes to adding simple little banners in my bullet journals.   In this post, I will show you loads of banners bullet journal inspirations from other creators. So whether you are entirely new to bullet journaling, a seasoned bullet journalist, or want to learn how to draw banners, this article is especially for you.

When And Where To Use Bullet Journal Banners

How to use banners in your bullet journal? The most asked question! Banners are basically used to highlight the titles or headings on your bullet journal pages. This, in turn, helps in organizing the content. Let us go through some banner inspirations in this post, but if you want to look for some header inspirations too, then do check my post – Fun And Awesome Bullet Journal Header And Title Ideas To Inspire You Right Away. Okay! Let’s go back to our discussion. Below are a few ways I could think of at the moment you can use banners in your bullet journal.

Bullet Journal Banners For Page Titles

Every spread in the bullet journal has to start with a header or title. If you add a banner to these headers, it will look more accessible, fun, and enjoyable. You will clearly understand what the page is about at first glance.

Bullet Journal Banners To Add Decor

If you don’t have much time in your hands for bullet journaling or are not artistic but want to add some creativity, decoration, and fun, bullet journal banners are a great choice!

Bullet Journal Banners For Weekly / Daily Spreads

If you have daily, weekly, and monthly spreads and you want to have a clear understanding at first glance of what date & day it is and where you should write your tasks and goals, banners can do that for you. They are a great addon to the spreads. What do you think?

Bullet Journal banners To Fill Out Empty Spaces

If you have a weird empty space in your bullet journal spreads, add a banner for decoration. You can color the banners in a fun way, add a little quote or use it to create an interesting pattern.

Bullet Journal Banners To Add Quotes

For writing a quote, you can use more than just the fun hand-lettering styles. You can add different banners. It is a great way to spice up your quote pages.  

Recommended Supplies For Creating Banners Bullet Journal

From time to time the Scribbles that Matter Journal is sold out on Amazon. When this happens third-party sellers will try to sell the journal for an insane amount of money. DO NOT BUY THAT! Scribbles that Matter should be back in stock soon. My second favorite journal is the Essentials Dot Matrix, though I warn you the pages on this one are thinner and bleeding and shadows show up on opposite sides. However, it’s a decent cheap journal if you are in a pinch and just want to get started.

The Two Basic Bullet Journal Banners And How To Draw Them

There are only two basic bullet journal banners. If you can master them, you can draw any kind of banner. So here I am teaching you how to the most basic and primary banners – a doodle banner and a ribbon banner.

How To Create A Doodle Banner

  1. Start with drawing a rectangular and then add a horizontal line at the middle of the rectangular.
  2. Then draw a right-angled triangle to the upper or lower part.
  3. Add a horizontal line from the triangle’s corner and connect the two lines with a flag shape.
  4. Repeat the same steps on the other side of the rectangle.
  5. To spice the banner, you can add colors and drop shadows. These are entirely optional, by the way.

How To Create A Ribbon Banner

  1. For a ribbon banner, you need to create a curved rectangle first.
  2. Then draw an S-curved line both from the top and the bottom.
  3. To achieve the ribbon fold effect, create loops and complete the banner with a flag shape.
  4. You can always add shadows and colors to make the banner look more fun and interesting.

10 Simple And Easy Banners to Spice Up Your Bullet Journal Right Away

Now that you know how to create the most basic bullet journal banners, it is time for you to practice them and try copying the ton of banners I have shared with you below! I hope they are not too confusing to create, and I know you will definitely find the one that goes just right for any page in your bullet journal.  The bullet journal banners below are simple, yet they look gorgeous when deployed tastefully in your BuJo pages. You can either draw them freehand and can use a ruler for the straight line. Once you get comfortable, it will become easier to play around and create a few that are unique to your BuJo spread style. Do try everything and let me know which you like the most in the comments section below.

Step-By-Step Banners Bullet Journal

Cute Banners For BuJo Headers

Black And White Bullet Journal Banners

Cute Colorful Cat Banners

Floral Bullet Journal Banners

Written by – Sowmya Cherukuri  

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