Have A Blank Notebook? – 10 Most Fun And Creative Ways To Use Your Notebooks

Did you know that journal hoarding is real? How many empty or half-empty notebooks do you have? Or How many notebooks are lying around with just the first page filled and then nothing but sad blank pages after that? Don’t worry! There are plenty of people in this category, including ME!. I have always been drawn to the stationery aisle, oohing and ahhing over the pretty and sparkly front covers. Full of creative possibilities, it is one of the most exciting sensations to get home a brand new blank notebook. That feeling of cracking open the front cover, the texture of each page when you touch them, ahhhh, it is so intoxicating.  But, here is where the problem begins. Once I come home, I don’t want to start the book until I get the best idea to use them. It is so intimidating and overwhelming; I feel like I might ruin the beautiful thing. And the next best thing to do is to keep the notebook neatly on a lonely shelf (with the other empty journals I’ve collected).  If you are like me and have a vast collection of underused journals, join the club, folks! Here is excellent news for those who have that unique frustration when you see that pile of blank notebooks lying around the house. After years of journaling and journal exploration, I have found dozens of ways to put your beautiful notebooks to good use. So in the spirit of mindful buying, minimalism, and using everything to its full potential, let us get inspired to take on your journal collection and transform it into something useful!


Journaling is one of the best and the most popular thing we can do when we get a blank notebook. It is a great way to reflect on the stressful life at the end of the day. All you have to do is take a few minutes to yourself and jot down everything you did that day. This helps you keep a little memory of that day for the rest of your life. Trust me; this habit can make a huge difference. It helped me remember people, things, and events. Learn more about journaling here – How To Keep Using Bullet Journal? What Is A Bullet Journal? How To Start A Bullet Journal? 

Dream Dairy

Another great way to use your blank notebook is by tracking your dreams. You need to jot down what you have experienced while you are sleeping. A dream tracker will help you in looking up the meaning and track what is actually going on with you when the lights are off. It will also help you keep up with the changes to your sleep patterns.

Brain Storming

Do your work need a lot of creativity? Do you constantly need to develop unique ideas to make your project stand out in the crowd? If your job involves designing, writing, or advertising, you don’t know what will inspire you. Maybe a 2:00 am dream in the morning, a magazine cover, or a display in the store window. And if you don’t have a notebook with you at that time, you might lose a precious tidbit of inspiration that is required to finish what you are working on. So, it is always an excellent idea to have a notebook with you all the time to jot down your thoughts and inspiration quickly.

Gratitude Journal

The gratitude journal is one of the most impactful notebooks I have to date. Taking time to write down what you are grateful for every day is, I think is immensely powerful. It helps you in looking at life differently. You will be able to notice more of the beautiful things around you. You will become more appreciative and mindful. Starting a gratitude journal in your cute little notebook will bring you the little happiness boost you need every day.


Doodling your heart out is probably the most fun and prettiest way to record your emotions. You can also doodle what you did that day. When you have some time alone or are just in a mood to scribble something, you can always use a blank notebook to transfer your quirky imagination onto the pages. 

Practice Journal

Are you learning a new language, lettering, or something that requires you to remember things? Then why not use your blank notebook as a practice journal. A practice journal is one of the great ways to actually see your progress.  There are plenty of websites like Skillshare, Coursera, Udemy, Duolingo, etc., where you can learn and improve your skills. You can also watch YouTube videos. Watching Youtube videos is how I learn most of what I know about Canva and Blogging. Taking notes while you are learning will help you remember things you are taking in. It makes your time worthwhile.

Wedding Or A party Planner

Planning weddings or parties are fun, but it can get very stressful. So it is always an excellent idea to keep all your ducks in a row by dedicating an entire blank notebook to your planning. This is especially handy when you are planning out your wedding. This wedding planner can be your one central location for all your appointments, music playlists, color swatches, registry information, and much more so that you don’t have to lose your head.

Meal Planner

Are you on a mission to have a healthier lifestyle? Then what is better than planning your meals for the week and your grocery list in a blank notebook? You can even track your water intake every day and make sure you are drinking enough. 

Memory Book

You might think I am a grandma if I tell you that preserving your memories is very important. But cherishing our memories by taking more pictures, filling out photo albums, and keeping significant moments is an absolute necessity. I can see it after I started doing monthly memory pages. It helps you in being more appreciative of your life. With a memory book, you can always save those little moments of happiness that would otherwise be lost in time. You can do it as a college scrapbook style, a diary, a set of doodles and text, and anything that will speak to you. Trust me; gradually, this book will become your place of joy. Because looking back will always cheer you up. It will remind you of the good things that happened in your life.

A Catch-all Notebook

A catch-all notebook is where you can write down all your random ideas, questions, goals, to-do lists that pop into your head. Take a few seconds to check out what you wrote in there at the end of the day or week and transfer all the information to their respective places.  For example, if you have a blog post idea while traveling, you can add it to the “Blog -post ideas” doc you have in the notebook.   Written by – Sowmya Cherukuri  

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