New To Bullet Journaling? Here Is A Bullet Journal Kit Just Under 20$

Are you having thoughts on starting your bullet journal? In the last few years, bullet journaling has been all the craze. Along with being a marvelous productivity tool, it is also a great creative outlet (you might have probably seen the fun and gorgeous spreads on the Internet) I got into bullet journaling a few years back and was pleasantly surprised to find how it has helped me in enriching my life in more than one way. In this journey, I have tried a lot of stationery supplies, and this is one of my favorite parts. I am a pen and paper junkie, and if you are anything like me, you will enjoy trying out different supplies to create gorgeous spreads. Still, sometimes, it can also get highly daunting to figure out what supplies to spend your hard-earned cash on. I mean, we obviously don’t want to sink our money in a crappy notebook and lousy set of pens. Therefore here I am letting you in on my favorite bullet journal supplies that I have used over the years. The following is a starter kit for bullet journal beginners who don’t want to spend much money on the supplies. So, let me walk you through my top affordable choices for the best beginner bullet journal supplies. Also, remember that if you think you are feeling overwhelmed, you can always go at your own pace. There is absolutely no need of buying everything at once; take baby steps and try out a few things at a time.

Bullet Journal Starter Kit Under 20$

Bullet journaling can be consumeristic. Everything is in your hands. If you want to spend money on stationery, there are loads of supplies you can use to create beautiful spreads. But if you’re going to stick to your budget, you need to be conscious and look for different ways to create gorgeous spreads with just the essential tools. The following is a bullet journal kit I would recommend for those who are just starting out bullet journaling and not so sure about it.  


A Notebook is the first you need to start bullet journaling. While you can use any blank notebook, I prefer a dot grid notebook as it is very convenient to create any kind of spread. Most of the dot grid notebooks on Amazon run around $15 – $20, but there are also a few that cost less. The Dotted-Grid Journal Premium notebook is the best option for your bullet journal starter kit. It has premium thick papers with a good inner pocket.  If you want to slice the cost, even more, there are other options too. But, do read the reviews before making a purchase. For more bullet journal Notebook recommendations, have a look at our previous post – Best Bullet Journaling Notebooks In 2021. Pens Okay, the Staedtlers and Stabilos pen set might not fit into our $20 budget. Still, we have an alternative set on Amazon for less than $10. Great, right? This Rosylife Fineline Colour Pen Set is Amazon’s best seller with a 4+ rating. While I didn’t use this pen set for myself, most of my bullet journal friends tried them and suggested budget bullet journaling.  The best part is, this Fineline pens set comes with a black one too. So, there is no need to purchase a special one for daily writing. For more bullet journal pens recommendations, have a look at our previous post – An Honest Review Micron Fineliner Pens.


It is possible to bullet journal without either of the below ones, but I think they are worth the few dollars you want to spend on bullet journaling. The first item is the correction tape. Trust me; this stuff is a miracle worker. We all need one because one day, when you finish your perfect spread, your ruler might slip, and your pen might make an ugly mark. Then your correction tape will be your knight in shining armor. The other item you will need in your bullet journal started sit is a 6-inch ruler. It is less than a dollar but so worth it. Why 6-inch? A 6-inch ruler will fit much better on the A5 journals; plus, it is easy to pack and carry around when compared to a standard 12-inch ruler.

Other Recommended Supplies.

All the above-listed supplies are for those who are just starting bullet journaling and don’t want to spend much on the supplies. But if you are already a bullet journaler and are looking for bullet journal supplies that are of the best quality and affordable at the same time, I have got you covered too. The following are the bullet journal supplies I am using for years and I would hight recommend them. To be entirely honest with you, I only use stencils and washi tapes when I have time to decorate or only when I set up new spreads. However, the bread and butter for bullet journaling is simply a blank notebook and a pen you carry with you every day. So, don’t get too crazy in the beginning, first figure out what pages you need and what doesn’t work for you. Start bullet journaling, learn your style (whether you like minimalistic, aesthetic, artistic, etc.), and slowly upgrade your supplies according to your style. 

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