Stunning Bullet Journal Daily Spread Ideas For Planning Peace And Inspiration

A bullet Journal Daily Spread is one of the essential spreads of your journal; it is like the heart of your bullet journal. Or at least, that is what is believe. If you don’t plan it right or are just starting with your BuJo journey, it can also become one of the toughest spreads. A daily bullet journal spread will keep your time suck away. Trust me; it makes a significant difference. Below is how a bullet journal daily spread has helped me.
  • A bullet journal daily spread helps me in completing my monthly and weekly to-do list easily and quickly.
  • It helped me in achieving my goals.
  • I can be laser-focused on what is essential to do.
  • I can start each day on the right foot.
  • The daily bullet journal spread help me finish every day feeling satisfied and fulfilled.
  • I am staying motivated all the time.
  • I can keep track of my daily routine.
Today, I will show you some fantastic bullet journal daily spreads to inspire you right away in this article.  These ideas are great for beginners and those looking for new ways to tweak your daily task journal. We have all the work for you and searched the internet to list out the most fun, and beautiful bullet journal daily spread ideas for you. Keep reading if you are done with unachieved goals, unproductive days, and frustration!

What Is A Bullet Journal Daily Spread?

A bullet journal daily spread/log is a layout where you can plan and record tasks, notes, events, appointments as they occur throughout the day. It is simply a daily to-do list. You generally have to create the page first thing in the morning or the night before. You will have ample space to jot down anything you want (your goals for the day, essential ideas, your plans, etc.).

Pros Of a Bullet Journal daily Spread

  • You are left with more space for more detailed to-do lists when compared to monthly and weekly spreads.
  • There is plenty of room to be more creative and organized.
  • You will have more of a journal style.
  • You will be able to focus on what is planned for the day without any distractions.

Bullet Journal Daily Spread And Weekly Spread, Which Is The Best?

Creating a bullet journal daily spread every day requires more work than creating weekly and monthly layouts. For this reason, you might think it is a waste to make the daily logs. But think about the number of times you failed to achieve your weekly goals thinking that you still got time.  Believe it or not, we all procrastinate at some point; we find numerous excuses to postpone tedious tasks. Let’s be, honey! Even if you do what you are passionate about for a living, you can always find a few things less exciting and fun. There is always a chance to fall into the “tomorrow is another day” trap. With this in mind, having only a weekly bullet journal spread is risky and not recommended.  On the contrary, a bullet journal daily spread will keep you accountable day after day. It makes you more likely to get things done. However, In my opinion, there is no winner and loser. I recommend you to make both bullet journal spreads. A bullet journal daily spread together with the bullet journal weekly spread word just perfect for life organization.

Recommended Products To Set Up Your Bullet Journal Daily Log

Before we dive right into some excellent inspiration for bullet journal weekly spreads, I want to mention the tools I use in my bullet journal quickly. If you are a beginner, these are the tools I wish I had purchased when I started bullet journaling instead of those overpriced books and markers that others recommended.     To be entirely honest with you, I only use stencils and washi tapes when I have time to decorate or only when I set up new spreads. However, the bread and butter for bullet journaling is simply a blank notebook and a pen you carry with you every day. So, don’t get too crazy in the beginning, first figure out what pages you need and what doesn’t work for you. Start bullet journaling, learn your style (whether you like minimalistic, aesthetic, artistic, etc.), and slowly upgrade your supplies according to your style. 

What To Include In A Bullet Journal Daily Spread?

Although each daily log with being different and unique for every person depending on their lifestyle and what they do, there are a few essentials that most of the bullet journalers need in their daily bullet journal spreads.
  • Date
  • Tasks that you want to complete in the day.
  • Significant events, meetings, appointments, etc.
  • A space to jot down ideas and notes.
  • Any goals you have for the day
You will see many more ideas below in the bullet journal daily spread ideas list, but I think the above-listed ones are the must-haves for everyone. 

Important Tip 

If you want to keep your bullet journal daily spread consistent, don’t overwhelm yourself with too much going on on your page, as you have to create a new page every day. You have the motivation for the first few days, but if you try to keep up with the elaborative spreads, it will get real old quickly. So it is always recommended to try to stick to simple spreads most of the time.

10 Stunning Bullet Journal Daily Spread Ideas For Some Planning Peace And Inspiration

Are you now convinced that it is worth including a bullet journal daily spread in your BuJo? If yes, that it is now to think about the design and layout. Undoubtedly, after some time, when you get to know about bullet journaling and its spreads, you will know exactly how your daily log should look like. However, if you are a beginner, coming up with a layout for your bullet journal daily log can be daunting. Having said that, I gathered the best and stunning bullet journal daily log ideas that you can easily mimic in your bullet journal. Please do look at them and let me know which one you like the most in the comments section below. Written by – Sowmya Cherukuri

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