The Ultimate List Of Simple And Easy Journal Doodle Ideas For Your BuJo

One of the best things we all love about bullet journals is that every new page offers a new opportunity to experiment, and play. Not only do they help you in organizing your whole life but will also allow you to create something different and unique without any rules and restrictions. And this makes your bullet journal an excellent place to express your creativity however you like through doodling.    Bullet Journal Doodles are simple enough that anyone even without any artsy background can create them and beautiful enough to take your notebook to the next level. Whether you prefer easy doodle ideas, or want to try art journal doodles, they are step-by-step tutorials all over the Internet for all levels of talent.   If you want to get inspired to start your doodle game, keep scrolling for 12 easy and beautiful journal doodles.

What Are Bullet Journal Doodles?

  A doodle is just like those little drawings you probably did in the back page of your school notebooks. They are those simple drawings that usually don’t take much time to create.    Doodles are the easiest way to personalize your bullet journal and you can get as creative as you can get. You can find bullet journal doodle ideas on any topic you can imagine. And also, there are loads of doodle prompts available online to help even if you are a beginner and aren’t creative, create art.     

Why Doodling?

We can all agree that doodles are the prettiest way to decorate your Bullet Journal, but it can actually do so much more to your life. Doodling helps you in reconnecting with your emotions. Just like any other form of art, It can have positive effects in your mind and mood.   When you practice doodling regularly, it can definitely improve your mood and calm you down by creating those a-ha moments for you. While you doodle, your brain is engaged enough to stay active and at the same time it is not enough to spiral in the same thought. You will eventually give a whole new state to work and you will be amazed at the solutions it can come up with.    Doodling also can help you in staying alert and awake to the topic you lost interest in and therefore it is pretty effective for students as well.    So doodling is not just a mere hobby, but it is something that can help you in developing your creativity.   Plus, as an added bonus, along with making your BuJo look fabulous, journal doodling also acts as a stress reliever. It aids concentration and helps you relax all while making your journal look pretty and personalized.

Recommended Tools To Get Started With Bullet Journal Doodling

Incredible Bullet Journal Doodling Ideas With How-Tos To Inspire You Right Away

“I wish I am artsy and could draw like that, but I am not”, is what I hear a lot from the people. But guys this is just a mere justification you give to yourself instead of trying. There is nothing impossible!   When I was a beginner in bullet journaling, I could only draw stick persons and smiley faces. There was never a thought of other doodling ideas in my arsenal. But after a few months into it, I can now create any doodle I can imagine.    If you ask how? The answer is – a lot of practice and learning. Doodling, just like everything, is a skill and all you need to do is train it. That fact doodling is just a collection of basic shapes. So, as long as you can draw circles, squares, and triangles, you can doodle.  
  1. Flower Doodles

One of the easiest and the prettiest journal doodles are flower doodles and floral designs. Below are a few how-to flower doodles.          
  1. Cactus And Other Plant Doodles

On the other side of the coin, you can also prefer drawing cactus and plants instead of flowers if you want to celebrate nature in your Bullet Journal. These botanical doodles are very easy to draw using the how-to tutorials and look amazing.  
  1. Food Doodles

If you are a foodie just like me, then the first thing that comes to your mind to draw are a few food doodles. These Food doodles are incredibly cute. Be aware! You might want to lick the page.  
  1. Fruit Doodles

You will definitely need to learn a few fruit doodles to decorate your summer bullet journal pages. They can give you that spark and colour you always want on your pages. Here in the following images, you can learn how to doodle a lemon, cherries, watermelons step-by-step.  
  1. Self-care Doodles

If you are creating a self-care spread in your Bullet Journal, the following doodles will add that spark to your to-do list or tracker.  
  1. Warm Winter Drinks Doodles

Just like the food doodles, you can also try creating a few beverages doodles in your bullet journal. The following are the amazing tutorials of a few cute warm winter drinks.  
  1. Animal Doodles

Looking for an instant cute factor in your Bullet Journal? You should definitely check out the following easy animal notebook doodle ideas.  
  1. Banner And Header Doodles

Adding banners and headers doodles to your Bullet Journal spreads will definitely elevate any type of bujo page. Even the brain dump page looks prettier. They not only stand out from the other elements of the spread but also instantly decorate it.  
  1. Travel Doodles

Planning your travel trips in your bullet journal is without a doubt a great way to stay organized. When you have travel spreads in your bullet journal, these cute and little travel doodles will instantly light up the whole spread.  
  1. Holiday Doodles

If you are anything like me, then one of our favourite bullet journal themes is the Holidays. We can create a holiday for each month and it is so much fun. Why not try these holiday doodles to give your BuJo spread a more festive look. Take a look at the following doodles for Christmas, Halloween, and more.

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