Top 10 Inspiring Bullet Journal Sleep Schedules

Sleep is one of the most important aspects of our heath. You need to get a good night sleep in order for your body and mind to function properly, but did you know that not only can sleeping poorly affect how healthy you are physically – it also affects your memory as well? Poorly slept individuals have been found to do worse on cognitive tests than those who got enough shut eye.   How many hours of sleep do you need?   You might probably grow up being told that 8 hours a night was best. But, the fact is we are all different, and the best amount of sleep usually lies between 7 to 9 hours.    So how to improve your sleeping habits? Read on to know!

A Step-By-Step Way To Improve Your Sleeping Habits

Did you know, poor sleeping habits can lead to multiple health problems including diabetes, impaired immune function, heart disease, depression, obesity, etc.?   In the NY Times article, author Tara Parker-Pope stated that people who sleep at least seven hours a night are more likely to live longer and healthier when compared to those who don’t get enough sleep.   But, how do we get a night of restful sleep? Here are a few tips recommended by the National Sleep Foundation.
  • Create a Sleep Schedule Or A Sleep Tracker

Create a sleep schedule in your bullet journal or on your vision board and stick to it including weekends and holidays. Doing this will help in regulating your body’s internal clock.  
  • Do not Take Small Naps

We all love napping. But apparently, napping is not the best thing if you want to improve your sleeping habits. Even a cat nap can drag you off your nightly schedule, so  try to avoid napping.
  • Have A Nigh time Routine That Can Relax You

Bedtime unwinds and recharges you. Try to avoid activities that can stress you out and make you anxious. Create a relaxing routine like meditating, stretching, reading, or journaling before going to bed.  
  • Workout Every Day

Make sure you exercise every day. Even it is just a short walk around the block, it can make a big of difference.
  • Make Your Bedroom A Respite

We bring a lot of things into our bedrooms that can impede a good night’s sleep – mobile phones, TV’s, workout equipment and other distractions. Avoid such things and instead create a Zen space where you can unwind, recharge and relax from all of life’s activities. Create a cool sleeping environment by blocking out noise, light, etc.
  • Invest In A Cozy Bed

Did you know an average person spends approximately ⅓ of his/ her life in bed? So, it is vital to spend some money on quality mattresses, sheets and pillows. Trust me, you will sleep better while feeling pampered.

What Is A Sleep Tracker And Why Should I Track Sleep In My Bullet Journal?

The sleep tracker is where you track your sleep patterns and habits in order to know more about your sleep and how well you slept. Depending on what elements you choose to track, a sleep tracker can also help in making changes and improvements where necessary to improve your overall sleep quality.    Sleep trackers are everywhere. A lot of fitness trackers have started to offer some form of sleep data alongside food logs, heart rate and activity levels. The main and the most important reason behind tracking your sleep is that sleep is vital for your health. Sleep plays a huge role in almost every aspect of our health and well-being. Scientists proved that better sleep habits help in lowering heart risks, improving better athletic performance, and many other benefits. The following are some more benefits of having a good nights sleep – 
  • Good night’s sleep helps in decreasing your chance of getting into motor vehicle accidents from fatigue. 
  • It helps in lowering your likelihood of obesity. Because sleep deprivation can increase your appetite. 
  • It also reduces the risk of heart problems and diabetes.
  • Proper sleeping habits can improve your memory, reaction time, and concentration. It can even help in boosting your creativity and moods.
  • It helps in enhancing your immune system, regulation of appetite, and weight control.
So, always observe the times you get your best sleep. This will let you know the ideal time to get some shut-eye. Also, notice how long you sleep and how you feel when you wake up after. Since we are different from each other, we all need different amounts of sleep. We may also find that we need more sleep at certain times of the week.  The sleep tracker will make you learn a lot more about your habits, your body and yourself if you use a few bullet journal trackers together.  For instance, when I started to look at my sleep tracker and my food tracker together, I came to realize that during the days I ate a lot of sugar, I just couldn’t sleep at all. This observation helped me in making better food choices and has become one of the main reasons for starting my bullet journal meal planning spread

Recommended Supplies For Creating a Bullet Journal Sleep Tracker

What To Include In Your Sleep Tracker?

While creating a sleep tracker of your own, do keep in mind a few basic things that are very beneficial while tracking your sleep.   Be sure to include the following to create the best sleep tracker ever.
  1. Total Sleep Time – Keep the most basic and simple count on the number of hours you have slept.
  2. Sleep Quality – Note whether you feel rested and energetic or you feel tired and drained after sleep every morning.
  3. Sleep Time Frame – Make a sleep time frame. Are you a night owl who can work best with 12 am to 8 am or do you sleep best between 10 pm to 6 pm?
  4. Things That Can Affect Your Sleep – There are a lot of things that can affect your sleep including stress, a sick child or a noisy party next door. It is always a great idea to note those things down so that you can avoid them next time.

10 Sleep Tracker Bullet Journal Spreads To Inspire You Right Away

The following are the 10 best bullet journal sleep tracker spreads I found on the internet to inspire you right away. Scroll down to have a look!                  

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