Up Your Bullet Journal Game With These 10 Gorgeous Stickers From Amazon

Stickers for planning and bullet journaling is always an overlooked tool. While a few use stickers for bullet journals regularly or occasionally, most people don’t even think of the fantastic possibilities stickers could provide to your planning aesthetic. Because they think of stickers as those super childish ones, they played with when they were kids.  Stickers are exactly what to think they are- those cute tiny images that you can stick to anything (paper, notebooks, picture frames, etc.) When I was a kid, I used to be a sticker freak. I love those tiny little pieces of cute art, which I can paste anywhere to decorate. However, they stayed safely in their sheets as I was too scared to use them. Now that I am an adult, I can confidently paste them anywhere I want because I have worked hard to live far away from perfectionism. This might sound kiddish, but stickers are also perfect for adults, especially bullet journal owners. Just like washi tape, stencils, and stamps, stickers can also help add that creative edge to your bullet journal spread.  If you are someone like me who enjoys a healthy dose of sticker goodness, this article is especially for you. Scroll down for some fantastic bullet journal sticker collection that you will love!

Why I Use Bullet Journal Stickers?

I am not much of an artist! So I always look for the opportunity to use the artwork of others which adds to the aesthetic and appeal in my journal. I know it just won’t be feasible to have artists come over to draw. But the next best alternative to that is buying a few unique stickers that I can add to the layouts in my journal.  Bullet journal stickers are pretty much available everywhere now. Even so, I still want to buy from my most favorite places as I don’t need to check twice about the quality. So, here I am sharing the information I have gathered on all my favorite stores so that your sticker shopping is more effortless. If you are not a bullet journaler but have a few people who bullet journal every day in your life, the places I am sharing in this article can make great gifts. I promise you can’t go wrong with buying bullet journaling stickers for someone who loves to bullet journal!

Decorative Or Artsy Stickers

Decorative stickers are those stickers that are generally more colorful and artsy. They commonly have fun patterns or other artwork. You can also find them having fun catchphrases and encouraging words of wisdom. The Sinceroduct Essentials Planner Stickers include 430+ thoughtful variety of valuable items like drinks, foods, clothes, shoes, makeup essentials, flag tags, inspirational stickers, and much more. Each sticker is sized perfectly to fit nicely in bullet journals and planners of all sizes and shapes. These cute aesthetic transparent stickers set will make it easier for you to decorate your bullet journal, planner, and scrapbook. The watercolor illustration sticker set is also ideal for gifting bullet journal lovers and crafty friends.  Me And My Big Ideas Themed Stickers include stars, arrows, flowers, hearts, circles, and captions. These stickers are a one-stop place for all your bullet journal sticker needs.  This Cute VSCO Stickers pack doesn’t come in one common theme. This is a perfect sticker set for those who are looking for random but cute stickers.  If you are a great fan of nature and animals, then the 100 pcs cute vinyl waterproof stickers pack is just for you. It contains loads of nature-themed animal and plant stickers to customize your bullet journal and planner.  

Functional Stickers

Functional stickers are the ones that we use for labeling and organizing information. These are not used for decorations, instead used for labeling items such as date, day, month, section, etc. Essentials Mom’s Planner Stickers are specially designed for amazing mothers. They are perfect for personalizing calendars or agendas. With these stickers, you can also keep track of your family appointments, special days, and school events. The Carpe Diem Planner Essentials Seasons Stickers is a super value pack that includes 12 sheets sized for A5 planners. They come with various designs and themes ideal for productivity and organizing your life while keeping it fun and creative. This set contains four sets of 64 sticker tabs where each set includes 16 tabs from September 2021 to December 2022. These monthly stickers add organization to your hardbound life bullet journal, planner, or notebook. Save your time and keep your bullet journal organized for months.   Clear Cursive Planner Sticker Bundle is perfect for doing labeling simply and elegantly. These labels aren’t for months or weekdays, but for the to-do, meeting, payday, canceled, important, laundry, day off, appointment, and groceries. The best part is they come in beautiful cursive lettering.  Essentials Habit Tracker Planner Stickers are made especially for habit tracking. Whether your goal is to write every day, get organized, exercise more, or do something different, these habit tracker stickers are just perfect. They are simple, easy, and effective. You will also get a few other shapes, arrows, banners, and encouragers as a bonus. Not only the above-listed stickers are great for your bullet journal and planner, but also they are excellent for all your DIY projects. They are not only geared towards kids but also super useful for adults as well! I hope you have got little inspired to buy and use stickers more often 🙂 Written by – Sowmya Cherukuri

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