Bullet Journal Inspiration For Collections, Spreads, Layouts and Setups - Bullet Journal Ideas To Create A Beautiful Bullet Journal - 19 Instagrammers Every Bullet Journaler Should Follow
Bullet Journal Inspiration For Collections, Spreads, Layouts and Setups - Bullet Journal Ideas To Create A Beautiful Bullet Journal - 19 Instagram Accounts That Will Change The Way You Bullet Journal

When you are looking for bullet journal inspiration you need to know the best places to find it. While I’m hoping to build this blog to be a huge source of inspiration for all your bullet journal needs I want to help you find more. Today I am showing you 20 of the best Instagram accounts to follow for bullet journal inspiration.

Before we start diving into these bullet journal accounts though I would like to talk briefly about creativity and art. Do not ever compare your art skills to that of another. Art is not something that is comparable because each person will have their own ideas of what makes art good.

You are not born with a talent to create fantastic art. Artistic skills must be practiced daily in order for them to get better. Keep drawing, painting, and doodling and your work will improve. Remember, you are always your own toughest critic.

As you look through these account let the art you see be a motivating factor in creating beautiful bullet journal spreads. Don’t let it discourage you, keep practicing and you too can create some amazing spreads.

These accounts are gorgeous and carefully curated to give you the best ideas for spreads in your bullet journal. It’s not easy creating such beautiful instagram accounts. These accounts take bullet journaling to a whole new level of awesome.

Many of these accounts give free tutorials on watercolors, lettering, and doodling too. Make sure you visit each of them and give them a follow.

Before we get started here is a list of my recommended supplies.

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Best Instagram Accounts for Bullet Journal Inspiration

bonjournal July SpreadSource@bonjournal

These minimalist spreads are pure inspiration for my own minimalist bullet journal style. This account also gives some amazing tutorials on how to draw plants, flowers, food, and lots more. It’s absolutely worth a follow.


This account curates the best of the best when it comes to unique and beautiful bullet journal spreads. From beautiful lettering to colorful designs, they even showcase some great watercolor tutorials from time to time.


Colorful designs, layouts, and collections galore all come together on this account. The perfect account for bullet journal inspiration. They share weekly spreads, doodles, monthly layouts, and beautiful art from some of the most talented bullet journalers on Instagram.


If you are looking to win some amazing bullet journal products this account does all sorts of giveaways. The also have a lot of inspiration in what I call the scrapbook layouts. These layouts are artistic and include items you gathered, like pictures or tickets, to record your day.


The official bullet journal account from bullet journal creator Ryder Carroll. He give prompts, peaks, and tips on building the best minimalist bullet journal spreads. His bullet journal approach is about being more productive and positive in your day. The bullet journal is a tool to make this happen.


This account combines all sorts of ways you can use the bullet journal in your daily life. With colorful spreads and beautiful layouts this account is full of bullet journal inspiration.

megansstudies mood trackerSource@megansstudies

This account is perfect for students and college students. I think even bullet journaling teachers would love and appreciate the beautifully created study notes and study plans on this account. It’s fantastic if you are looking for a fun way to help retain the information you learn while also creating a easy to carry study guide for all of your classes.


This account has insanely creative layouts and monthly collections. If you are looking for collection ideas for a month long spread this account has a ton of them. Mixing popular pop culture references with beautifully created designs her bullet journals are extremely unique and worth following.


The cartoon like artwork on this account is beyond beautiful. The stunning shadowing and color usage is phenomenal. Her doodles and characters come to life in her bullet journal. The entire account is so visually appealing and satisfying.


Another curated account filled with the best of the best spreads from bullet journals greatest creative talents. You can find spreads for all of your bullet journal needs in this account.


This account has some of the best bullet journal flatlays I’ve seen. More than the gorgeous photography she takes mixing handlettering fonts to a level all her own. Her spreads are simple and useful but combine stunning artwork and lettering mixtures.


This account takes modern minimalist style directly to the bullet journal. Her designs are one of a kind, useful, and simple. Find inspiration for your bullet journal with simple, easy to create, minimalist layouts and designs.


This is another great Instagram account for students and teachers looking for ways to incorporate studies into a bullet journal. Beautiful collections and lettering can help students to retain the information they learn in class.


A great account to see artwork incorporated in bullet journaling. Shelnee also has a YouTube channel with walkthroughs of her bullet journals. The plan with me’s are a fun way to see how people set up their bullet journals.


This account has unique trackers to help you stay on track with all of your hobbies and habits. Where pale colors seem to be popular among bullet journalers this account shows how to use bold colors to make your spreads pop.


This account is amazing to view collections and grab some inspiration for your own bullet journal. The simple flat lay brings real focus to the spreads so you can see the finer details and use them in your own bullet journal.

angisplanning weekly spreadSource@angis.planning

A fantastic minimalist design account that often utilizes the dutch door technique in her bullet journaling. Dutch doors are cut pieces of paper so you can see important information like a monthly calendar without needing to create a calendar each week.


I love the simple mixture of motivating quotes, disney and harry potter artwork, with the convenience of useful trackers and spreads. This account shares a unique approach to bullet journaling that is certain to bring on some inspiration.


A fantastic account to find beautifully hand lettered quotes that you can add to your bullet journal. The mixture of fonts is pleasing and it’s absolutely an inspiration for those random quote pages you will want in your bullet journal.

Creativity and Bullet Journaling

There you have it 20 beautifully curated bullet journal accounts that show off all the wonderful ways you can set up and enjoy your bullet journal experience. As always remember that your bullet journal is whatever you make of it.

Creativity is not something that comes like inspiration. Creativity is already in you and it must be practiced daily in order to keep it flowing. Create something today in your bullet journal to help get those juices flowing.

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Do you have bullet journal spreads you would like shared? Email them to [email protected] and they may be featured on an Instagram post or to the blog. Please leave your IG Username so I can tag you in the posts. Follow me on Pinterest for more like this and pin this to your Bullet Journal boards.

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