Bullet Journal Doodles and Art - Bullet Journal Themes and Ideas - Level Up Your Bullet Journal With Help From These 26 Artists
Bullet Journal Doodles - How to Doodle in Bullet Journals - Doodle Ideas and Inspiration - Doodling Made Easy With These Amazing Artist Tips and Tricks

A huge part of bullet journaling is the lovely doodles that you can put into your journal. What if you lack artist skills? There is hope! I went through Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube and found some of the best of the best in how to bullet journal doodle accounts and videos.

While not all the accounts are solely about doodling, all have some pretty awesome guides teaching you how to doodle yourself. Even if you currently do not have any artistic skills at all.

Artists are not born with a natural gift to draw. We learned to draw and continued to practice. No matter what age you are you can learn to draw, paint, use watercolors, or any other number of artistic skills. It is possible that you too can be an artist.

It takes practice to improve a skill like drawing, nobody comes out of the womb with this skill. You were either interested in learning it or not. You don’t need talent to become a skilled artist, you just need practice. The accounts I’m sharing today will help you with exactly that.

Bullet Journal Doodles

Part of the charm of bullet journals is your ability to doodle throughout it. You can add full pages dedicated to doodling or you can add small doodles to all of your different spreads.

It’s extremely popular to create a theme for an entire month. You can create a doodle page for all the doodles that match the theme you choose. Then put those doodles in throughout all of your monthly spreads.

You can even create doodle tutorial spreads so that you can reference how you did different doodles. These can be in your actual bullet journal or you could start a seperate doodle diary holding all of your different doodle ideas.

Either way I highly recommend getting a drawing pad that you can use to practice all your doodles. Mistakes will happen in your actual journal from time to time but with practice somewhere else it’s less likely to happen.

Before we get started here is a list of my recommended supplies. Recommended Products

Best Instagram Accounts For Doodle Tutorials

kitoremi Potted PlantsSource


This account often shares little tutorials and videos on doodles and hand lettering.


If you need help with your color blending, calligraphy, and doodles this is a fantastic account to follow.


For tutorials on bright and happy doodles tutorials and ideas this account is the one you need to follow.


This account shares some of the best watercolor tutorials you can find on Instagram.


To learn how to add minimalist doodles to your bullet journal, this account shares some beautiful minimal design tutorials.


Find tutorials for basically all your bullet journal doodle journal desires with this account.


This account is a fantastic one for cute colorful doodle and design tutorials.


To learn how to do simple realistic designs for your bullet journal this is a fantastic account to follow.


With a new theme each month this account shares easy how to guides for doodles and designs for your bullet journal.


Another account that shares a new theme each month with corresponding tutorials for each theme.


This account shares some of the cutest cartoon like doodle tutorials.

Best Pinterest Accounts For Bullet Journal Doodles


How can I not first share my own Pinterest account. For a carefully curated Pinterest account that only pins bullet journal related topics you will want to follow my account.


A graphic artist turned blogger, Dawn Nicole Designs shares some of the best tutorials, guides, and ideas you can use in your own bullet journal.


A popular bullet journal blog that shares some of the most amazing tutorials and techniques right to Pinterest.


This account is a carefully curated account with some of the best of the best in doodle tutorials.


Another fantastic account of curated content to help you create the best bullet journal you can.


This is a fantastic account for all things bullet journal and has a nice collection of doodle tutorials.

Best YouTube Videos For Bullet Journal Doodle Tutorials

amandarachdoodles August DoodleSource

Amanda RechLee

Amanda is my absolute favorite Bullet Journal resource on YouTube. The link to her page is to her account where she shares flip throughs, plan with me, tutorials and more. She is absolute a must have resource in Bullet Journaling.

My Go-To Bullet Journal Doodles – Pypah’s Art

This is a great video for a few small and quick doodles you can learn to do. She covers flowers, plants, crystal’s and more in this easy to follow bullet journal doodles video.

Easy Bullet Journal Doodles | Plan With Me – Noelle at Seventeen

Noelle breaks down some of the easier bullet journal doodles that you can add to your page. This quick and easy tutorial shows you how you can add just a touch of art to your bullet journal spreads.

50 Cute Ways To Write A Title – Pypah’s Art

This is another simple video teach you how you can spruce up those bullet journal titles and headers. She shows simple font choices, banners, and more simple designs to make your spreads unique to you.

Nature Doodles For Your Bujo – Jordan Clark

Jordan teaches you how to do small landscape and nature doodles in this quick tutorial. These easy to break down images will help you to add a bit of fun to your bullet journal or travel journal.

How To Draw Animals – Doodle With Me! – ChristineMyLinh

Christine helps you to create cute doodles of some of our favorite animals. She breaks down the steps easily so you can follow along and create your own animals in your bullet journal.

Bullet Journal / Planner Icon Doodles | Doodle With Me – Doodles by Sarah

These are some small quick and easy doodles you can add to your monthly, weekly, or daily spreads. They help to brighten up your bullet journal or can be a part of a monthly long theme.

Final Thoughts On Bullet Journal Doodles

There is no rule that you need to include doodles in your bullet journal. You can just as easily get way with fun fonts. However, if you are fearing messing up your bullet journal spread with a doodle, try it out first on scrap paper or on a drawing pad.

You may find that doodles are just not your bullet journal style and that is ok. While doodling offers some great stress relieving qualities it’s important to try them out on something other than your bullet journal. Additionally, you can sketch them out with pencil and trace them in once they are complete.

Recommended Products

Do you have bullet journal spreads you would like shared? Email them to [email protected] and they may be featured on an Instagram post or to the blog. Please leave your IG Username so I can tag you in the posts. Follow me on Pinterest for more like this and pin this to your Bullet Journal boards.

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