Bullet Journal Halloween Doodles and How To's - Halloween Doodle Ideas To Try in Your Bullet Journal - 30 Fun Bullet Journal Halloween Doodles
Bullet Journal Halloween Doodles and How To's - Halloween Doodle Ideas To Try in Your Bullet Journal - 30 Adorable Bullet Journal Halloween Doodles

I love halloween doodles. They are fun to create, to color, and can be as creepy, cartoonish, or beautiful as you wish. October is usually when the Instagram feeds fill up with original halloween doodles. I even created a few of my own with how to’s for this post.

Doodles are more than just funny cartoon drawings, they can look realistic too. Doodles can be any type of idle drawing. You don’t think about a doodle too much you just kind of go with the flow of the drawing.

As always make sure you sketch out in pencil first and then fill it in with color. I use Crayola Super Tips and Sipa Fine Liners for outlines. It gives you crisp cartoon like lines if that is what you are going for. If you want a more realistic look to your doodles use colored pencils.

Before we get started here is a list of my recommended supplies.

Recommended Products

Halloween Doodles

Let’s take a look at some Halloween Doodle examples before we dive into some of my Halloween doodle how to’s.

@caitlinmariedasilva Halloween Doodles

caitlinmariedasilva Halloween DoodlesSource

These are great cartoonish like doodles that you can add to weekly spreads throughout the month of October.

@northernplanner Realistic Pumpkin Doodles

northernplanner Realistic Pumpkin DoodlesSource

I love these amazing little pumpkin doodles. The shading on them make the pumpkins seem real and the vines are a beautiful rustic touch to the image.

@mrs_bullets_journal42 Potion Bottle Bucket List

mrs_bullets_journal42 Potion Bottle Bucket ListSource

This is a creative way to draw out your bucket list. The potion bottles are whimsical and the labels feature all the little things that you would like to do during the fall months.

@peccapeccapeccadraws Cute Halloween Doodles

peccapeccapeccadraws Cute Halloween DoodlesSource

I love all the cute doodles used in this monthly spread. They are adorable Halloween doodles that bring a whole lot of cuteness to the layout.

@bujobeauties Halloween Doodle Ideas

bujobeauties Halloween Doodle IdeasSource

I absolutely love the shading on these cute Halloween doodles. The cute little eyes and smiles bring them to life.

@mashaplans Jack O Lantern Doodles

mashaplans Jack O Lantern DoodlesSource

I love all the different faces added to these pumpkins. They are great little doodles that you can use to decorate your entire October layout.

Popular Halloween Doodle How To’s

To help you learn Halloween doodles I have drawn step by step guides to some of the most popular doodles for this season.

Pumpkin Halloween Doodle

Pumpkin Halloween Doodle

For this doodle you want to start with a center oval. By adding crescents to either side of the oval you are giving your pumpkin dimension. The vine should not be elegant but have a bit of stiffness to it.

Ghost Halloween Doodle

Ghost Halloween Doodle

The next most popular Halloween doodle is the ghost. In this example I give you three versions of a ghost ranging from a classic simple version to a friendly version. Ghosts are extremely easy to create.

Bat, Witch Hat, and Cauldron Doodles

Bat, Witch Hat, and Cauldron Doodles

These are all fairly simple doodles to recreate but necessary for any Halloween spread. All of these drawings are pretty self explanatory. Remember to sketch them out in pencil. The dotted line is a guideline that will most likely get erased or covered up.

Haunted House, Grave, and Black Cat Doodle

Haunted House, Grave, and Black Cat Doodle

The haunted house is just a bunch of basic shapes. If you curve the lines on the squares, rectangles, and triangles you’ll get more of a cartoon like vibe.

The grave and the cat are both self explanatory and easy to recreate. On the back of the cat you see I puffed the fur by using a black fine liner and making tiny wiggles along the outline.

Halloween Bullet Journal Doodles

Doodling is a fun way to get creative and relieve some stress in your life. I like to leave a few empty pages at the end of each month for doodles, pictures, and other memories from the month.

Recommended Products

What are your go to Halloween Doodles? Let me know in the comments below. Do you have bullet journal spreads you would like shared? Email them to [email protected] and they may be featured on an Instagram post and/or to the blog. Please leave your IG Username so I can tag you in the posts. Follow me on Pinterest for more like this and pin this to your Bullet Journal boards.

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