Keeping with our perfect spreads for beginners theme we are going to cover some easy bullet journal monthly spreads. Easy monthly spreads are great for more than just beginners. Bullet journalers who want a minimalist or simple look for ease of creation can take advantage of the easy to duplicate spreads.

I highly recommend that bullet journal beginners go with minimalist spreads and layouts for at least the first month or so. By keeping things simple while you are first getting into the habit of using your bullet journal you are less likely to feel overwhelmed and give up.

Bullet journaling is an amazing creative outlet as well as productivity tool in your daily life. In order to reap all the benefits a bullet journal can give you, first you need to get into the habit of working in it daily.

You may find that you don’t need a large monthly spread that gets filled in but rather a one page spread for a quick go to for date reference. You may find the monthly spread is a great way to keep track of events to add to your daily spreads. Skipping the monthly spread entirely you may just want a one page weekly spread and daily spreads.

While you are figuring out which spreads work best for you in these beginning stages keep them simple till you make the decision on which ones you really want to keep.

How To Fill Out Your Monthly Spread

Just like with other planner spreads how you use it is completely up to you. I personally use the monthly spread as a way to track birthdays, events, appointments, and various important tasks.

Some people like to add notes, monthly goals, or monthly long trackers to their monthly spreads. While others create a different spreads for these things. It’s really all about what works best for you and your needs.

There are people who do the monthly spread only to have a spot to be extra creative. The monthly spread is usually where you start a new theme for the month so it makes sense that it would be a great place for extra creativity.

Before we get started here is a list of my recommended supplies.

Recommended Products

Easy Bullet Journal Monthly Spreads

It’s time to go through all these amazing easy bullet journal monthly spreads.

@bujoaddictblog Two Page Monthly Spread

bujoaddictblog Two Page Monthly Spread Source

Well I have to start somewhere so I’m showing you my easy monthly spread. For September and the purpose of this post I decided to go with a simple two page layout to track upcoming events easier.

@joepiedepoepie46 Two Page Monthly Spread

joepiedepoepie46 Two Page Monthly Spread Source

By adding a colorful border this simple spread is instantly transformed into something pleasing to look at. The easy addition of pretty stickers to complete out the theme of the spread adds that extra splash of color.

@juliettestudios One Page Monthly Spread

juliettestudios One Page Monthly Spread Source

This is a fantastic easy monthly spread to keep track of events and appointments with ease. By taking away the traditional calendar appearance you can treat your month like a list of to do’s to check off. Two Page Monthly Spread Two Page Monthly Spread Source

Having a small calendar and then a list of dates to track events and appointments it’s easier to track your days and plan out your whole month. The two seperate pages turns your monthly spread into a quick reference to check throughout the month.

@witchistudies Two Page Monthly Spread

witchistudies Two Page Monthly Spread Source

Creative and functional this two page spreads gives you a full page to be as creative as you want while also giving you a functional planner. This spread here is just one reason why bullet journaling is extremely popular.

@journalingwithnicole One Page Monthly Spread

journalingwithnicole One Page Monthly Spread Source

If you find yourself preferring weekly spreads but want something easy and sweet to start a month this type of one page monthly spread is popular. While you get a small and sweet calendar to work with the simple design starts your new monthly theme out perfectly.

@bearsbujo One Page Monthly Spread

bearsbujo One Page Monthly Spread Source

This is a functional monthly spread that will perfectly hold appointments and dates with ease while not taking up precious pages in your bullet journal. The flare of creativity at the top is great inspiration for recreating this spread.

@simply_bullet_journal Two Page Monthly Spread

simply_bullet_journal Two Page Monthly Spread Source

If you need a super easy spread for your month this is the way to go. You can add color to the lines making your monthly spread stand out while also still being easy to create.

@bulletsandabcs One Page Monthly Spread

bulletsandabcs One Page Monthly Spread Source

Putting a calendar and list all on one page saves pages and is easy to recreate. This is actually one of my favorite monthly spreads to do because it’s all I need in a monthly spread.

@digitalsabbatical One Page Monthly Spread

digitalsabbatical One Page Monthly Spread Source

Another easy to recreate and super functional monthly spread. The added benefit of doing your spread like this is you have an extra spot for month long tasks, goals, or notes.

@how_yuki_organize Two Page Monthly Spread

how_yuki_organize Two Page Monthly Spread Source

This beautifully simplistic spread is perfect for beginners. There is a touch of flare in the doodles but it’s all so simple to pull off you don’t have to worry about overwhelm or frustrations when creating it.

@bujocrossing Two Page Monthly Spread

bujocrossing Two Page Monthly Spread Source

The divider at the tip of the page is super cute and easy to duplicate. This monthly spread really does show you how less can be so much more.

@adamsbabble Two Page Monthly Spread

adamsbabble Two Page Monthly Spread Source

You can easily start a month long theme with this spread while still keeping all the functionality of a planner.

@alinesbujo Two Page Monthly Spread

alinesbujo Two Page Monthly Spread Source

This monthly spread doubles as a habit tracker saving you pages and extra designs. This makes it perfect for beginners who are looking to get into habit tracking but not quite sure it will work out for them.

@bujo.constellation Two Page Monthly Spread

bujo.constellation Two Page Monthly Spread Source

This is a super easy spread to recreate. It provides you the ability to keep track of events while being clean and simple.

@thedutchezzz1 Two Page Monthly Spread

thedutchezzz1 Two Page Monthly Spread Source

While a little more work than some of our other spreads what I love about this spread is it is so complete. You can track everything you need for the month and plan for the month ahead with ease and without creating months of spreads ahead of time.

@jostudyss One Page Monthly Spread

jostudyss One Page Monthly Spread Source

This is a popular and minimalist way to design a monthly spread. By using the page in landscape instead of portrait you can have a traditional calendar while saving an entire page for something else.

@the_bujobabe_blog Two Page Monthly Spread

the_bujobabe_blog Two Page Monthly Spread Source

This minimalist and modern design is perfect for beginners or journalers who need to save time on their spread creation. It allows for easy event tracking while not needing lots of attention to set up.

@88ive Two Page Monthly Spread

88ive Two Page Monthly Spread Source

This is such a simple calendar to create with extra space for goals and lists for month long tasks. Easy to duplicate and it gives you all you need in a monthly spread.

@_studysisters_ Two Page Monthly Spread

_studysisters_ Two Page Monthly Spread Source

By adding a strip of washi tape at the top of this spread you can add a bit of design and color without doing super intricate designs.

Bullet Journal Monthly Spread Ideas

In order to create a monthly spread that will work best for you try creating a list of what you need from a monthly spread. This will help you to determine what type of spread you want to pick.

Take pieces from some of your favorite spreads and piece them together to create your own unique monthly spread. This is what bullet journaling is all about. Creating a life planner that keeps you productive, improves mental health, and allows you to explore your own creativity.

Recommended Products

Which bullet journal monthly spread are you looking to duplicate? Let me know in the comments below. Do you have bullet journal spreads you would like shared? Email them to [email protected] and they may be featured on an Instagram post and/or to the blog. Please leave your IG Username so I can tag you in the posts. Follow me on Pinterest for more like this and pin this to your Bullet Journal boards.

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