21 Bullet Journal Easy Weekly Spread Ideas

When you are first starting your bullet journal there is a massive appeal to going all out with your design and layouts. I actually recommend against doing that. I recommend that you start off with easy designs and layouts at first. I’m sharing some visually appealing easy bullet journal weekly spreads that anyone can do.

The big reason why I recommend you go with easy simple designs at first is because you still need to figure out what works for you. It’s easy for us to add every spread under the sun to our bullet journal and then be completely overwhelmed by it all.

In the beginning it’s really easy to fall out of the habit of using a bullet journal when you have to put so much work into it. So instead of doing a bunch of different layouts, collections, and spreads. Start off small and gradually add to it.

You could find that the daily spreads are just too much space while the weekly spreads are the perfect planning size. You could figure out that you don’t use a weekly spread all that often. It all boils down to making your bullet journal work for you.

Bullet journaling should be soothing and fun. If your bullet journal is stressing you out because you’re trying to create intricate designs, it’s probably doing more harm than good. Take a step back do some minimalist spreads or easy spreads like the ones I’m featuring here and slowly step into the world of creative bullet journaling.

How To Use A Bullet Journal Weekly Spread

The weekly spread is mostly a snapshot of your week ahead. It holds appointments, important notes, and things you want to get done that week. It’s not meant to be a place for journaling but a place to plan everything out.

The weekly spread is usually never large enough to hold things like journaling. If you are trying to use your bullet journal as a journal as well you will most likely need daily spreads for that.

The way I use my weekly spread is a precursor to plan out the weeks ahead without yet needing to fill in all my daily needs. I have put my weekly spreads back to back through the month and then filled in daily spreads as I go but recently I use a weekly spread at the beginning of the week and plan out my daily spreads.

Ultimately how you use your weekly spread is up to you.

Before we get started here is a list of my recommended supplies.

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Easy Bullet Journal Weekly Spreads

@thesoullantern Two Page Weekly Spread

thesoullantern Two Page Weekly Spread Source

This spread is extremely simple with a couple pops of color. You can do something similar and use stickers or washi tape for a pop of color on yours. Or take away that pop of color all together. This spread will take no more than a couple of minutes to set up.

@donotmicrowavex Two Page Weekly Spread

donotmicrowavex Two Page Weekly Spread Source

I love the watercolor starry sky behind the dates on this weekly spread. While a bit more intricate this layout allows for small journaling because there is a seperate spot for events.

@creativegorl One Page Weekly Spread

creativegorl One Page Weekly Spread Source

This is a fantastic way to set up your weekly spread and keep everything nice and tidy. A cute quote at the bottom could be motivational. Meanwhile, the one page spread allows you to track important dates and appointments.

@noor.bujo Two Page Weekly Spread

noor.bujo Two Page Weekly Spread Source

By simply adding a few strips of washi tape this spread is turned from boring to sunny. Simple squares mark out each day making planning super easy.

@zigzagsandzebras Two Page Weekly Spread

zigzagsandzebras Two Page Weekly Spread Source

This simple two page weekly spread is ridiculously easy to duplicate. It’s a perfect spread for the beginners to use while still having that touch of flare that makes bullet journaling worth it.

@createhorcrux One Page Weekly Spread

createhorcrux One Page Weekly Spread Source

By adding just a few simple doodles this simple spread looks just as beautiful as a more intricate design. Even without the small doodles the spread is functional and great for beginners, the time crunched, or those looking for a more minimalist look.

@lookbullet Two Page Weekly Spread

lookbullet Two Page Weekly Spread Source

This spread is so visually appeal and minimalist. Simple design makes tasking and event marking super easy to track. Even the small habit tracker in the upper right corner is perfection.

@b.bulletjournal One Page Weekly Spread

b.bulletjournal One Page Weekly Spread Source

If you really want something pretty on your weekly spread, watermelons are the perfect doodle to add. They are super easy to draw and won’t take a lot of time. The simple squares allow you to plan out your work week with ease.

@journalingjoyfully Two Page Weekly Spread

journalingjoyfully Two Page Weekly Spread Source

This design is super easy to set up. Add some splashes of color behind your days and a little doodle by the date and you have an Instagram ready design without a lot of work.

@vctorstudies One Page Weekly Spread

vctorstudies One Page Weekly Spread Source

I love the highlights on each day for this spread. Additionally by having smaller spaces you are less likely to overbook yourself. If you are trying to free yourself from stress I highly recommend using this spread to give you a visual cue of when to stop.

@_shejournals Two Page Weekly Spread

_shejournals Two Page Weekly Spread Source

A simple line of washi tape across the middle of the page creates a great visual for setting up the rest of your week. There is still plenty of room for keeping your to do list and events in order.

@jaejalan One Page Weekly Spread

jaejalan One Page Weekly Spread Source

This is another fantastic squared spread that keeps your appointments in check. By highlighting the days you can add a nice pop of color without needing to get into doodles or designs.

@joodoboojo Two Page Weekly Spread

joodoboojo Two Page Weekly Spread Source

This weekly spread is great for tracking a busy life while also helping you to plan ahead. The meal planner at the bottom helps you to plan out your dinner. The additional note space could be used for school, work, or even just a list of things to stop and get.

@bujo.lou One Page Weekly Spread

bujo.lou One Page Weekly Spread Source

This minimalist spread is perfection. The quote at the top could be a mantra you want to read repeatedly for mental health and positivity. This is an important feature in a weekly spread for those who need it.

@paperscollection Two Page Weekly Spread

paperscollection Two Page Weekly Spread Source

This two page weekly spread gives you a space for events, goal tracking, extra notes space and space for all seven days. Even with all these options the design is simple for minimalist and beginner bullet journalers.

@nordic.notes One Page Weekly Spread

nordic.notes One Page Weekly Spread Source

This simple layout is perfect for minimalists and beginners. While I absolutely view this as an appointment only spread you can really do whatever you need with this.

@studdymuffin Two Page Weekly Spread

studdymuffin Two Page Weekly Spread Source

This spread is so much fun for being minimalist. The highlighted colors and whimsical font for the numbers makes this a great spread you will want to fill out.

@handmadebyjesslee One Page Weekly Spread

handmadebyjesslee One Page Weekly Spread Source

I love the 2-3-2 layout for the days on this spread. The motivating quote and easy to draw cacti adds just enough flare to this spread that you will want to fill it out.

@ct.study Two Page Weekly Spread

ct.study Two Page Weekly Spread Source

A fantastic idea for a simple two page spread with just a touch of color. This easy to duplicate spread gives you plenty of room to plan out your entire week.

@my.life.in.a.bullet.journal Two Page Weekly Spread

my.life.in.a.bullet.journal Two Page Weekly Spread Source

This fantastic and simple two page spread is beautiful without being too complicated to duplicate. As previously mentioned cacti are pretty easy to draw so this spread looks Instagram ready without being overly complicated

@josbujo Two Page Weekly Spread

josbujo Two Page Weekly Spread Source

The final spread is a super simplistic spread that allows plenty of space for planning. Additionally if you have a task that needs to be completed over the course of a week you have a handy box dedicated solely to that project.

Try An Easy Weekly Spread

Give the simple, minimalist, easy to duplicate weekly spreads a try for a few weeks to see how they work for you. Remember, go with an easy layout at first until you get used to using the layout, then experiment with additional spread features and designs.

You can use a weekly spread to track events and appointments or it can be used as a to do list too. It’s all about where you find the most benefit for your day to day needs.

Recommended Products

Which easy bullet journal weekly spread do you want to duplicate first? Let me know in the comments below. Do you have bullet journal spreads you would like shared? Email them to [email protected] and they may be featured on an Instagram post and/or to the blog. Please leave your IG Username so I can tag you in the posts. Follow me on Pinterest for more like this and pin this to your Bullet Journal boards.

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