August 2019 Yellow Dot Cover Page - August 2019 Bullet Journal Layout

It has been a season of hectic schedules, stress, and emotionally exhausting events. So for August I decided to switch things up and go with a minimalist theme based around a word. Today I’m sharing my August bullet journal spread for 2019.

Happy Theme

After a stressful and exhausting couple of months with a move and some pretty big life changes, I really wanted to take a step back this month. Instead of picking a theme based around an object I decided to use a word as my theme.

This month is all about “happy.”

What does happy mean to me? What things make me happy? Are their colors, quotes, doodles, and designs that make me happy?

I wanted to keep my layout simple and minimalist still as I don’t really have loads of time to devote to drawing and doodling so I decided to go with yellow dots.

Before we get started here is a list of my recommended supplies.

Recommended Products

Yellow Dots

Yellow is my favorite color because it is bright and happy looking. I knew I would be using it for my happy bullet journal theme. Yellow dots were perfect for a simple design that was happy and wouldn’t take loads of time to set up.

While just yellow would have been great on some spreads I decided to use grey as an accent color to make the yellow stand out more.

My color choices may also have something to do with a certain city that I love and live in or because I’m a Hufflepuff. We’ll just keep going with yellow dots look happy excuse though.

Monthly Cover Page

I did something a bit different with my monthly cover page this month. The monthly calendar was moved to be with my monthly spread than on the actual cover page itself. This gave the cover page a cleaner look overall.

August Bullet Journal Cover Page - Yellow Dots

I started with adding all the yellow dots in a circular pattern in the middle of the page. To get varying shades of yellow I used several different shades and markers.

In pencil I roughed in “August” and then went over the pencil with my hard tip Tombow Fudensuke Brush Pen making sure to add extra thickness in my downstrokes.

August Bullet Journal Monthly Layout - Yellow Dots

I really love the way this cover page turned out.

Monthly Setup

For my monthly setup I have the mini calendar in the corner drawn in with the Micron .005 fine tip pen. All of my mini calendars, like the ones in my habit tracker, get drawn in this pen because the super fine tip makes it easy to read every number.

August Bullet Journal Monthly Spread

I added an extra box to this months setup by adding a brain dump section. Last month, I found I was brain dumping in my daily set ups and it made it difficult to go back and find ideas. This month important ideas worth remembering get shoved into this brain dump box with ease.

I still have boxes for next month, projects, events, and goals because they really help to keep me on track. My monthly page helps me set up my weeks more easily every monday by reminding me what needs to get accomplished.

Habit Tracker

Last month I didn’t do so well on sticking to my habits so I am trying again this month. If I’m being honest I’m still not doing all that great. But at least I feel the guilt of not sticking to them even though I hardly ever respond to guilt.

August Bullet Journal Habit Tracker Spread - Yellow Dots

After becoming a full time work at home mom I started packing on the weight, sad thing is I didn’t really notice. Now that I absolutely notice the weight gain I am hoping to get to exercise more by at least walking every day or doing a work out with the Fit On app.

Reading is an important self care item for me and the past week or so I’ve been falling down hard on reading. I have quite a few books in my list of must reads on Goodreads so I’ll need to make sure I start reading often again.

Writing is one of my more important habits as my business really depends on me putting out new content. This is the one habit that I have been doing really well at sticking to for the past couple of months.

The no spend and no soda habits are me trying to be mindful about the money I spend, how I spend it, and how much soda I drink. Stopping my soda intake or at least being super mindful of my soda intake is part of me trying to lose the added weight.

I’m trying to be a bit more active on Instagram these days so I am making sure I post at least once a day to one of my accounts. Instagram is a fun platform though I have to say, on a business or blog front it’s not really all that helpful. Though I could just be using it wrong.

In the coming months I am hoping to really dive in and see just how far I can take that platform.

One Line A Day

One line a day is my gratitude log. I find something to be grateful for each and every day and I write it down. This helps me to stay focused on all the positive aspects of my life. August Bullet Journal Gratitude Spread - One Line A Day

One of the best ways to improve your happiness levels is to find gratefulness in everything. This can be hard when it feels like your life is spinning. With my anxiety and mild depression it’s hard to find gratefulness at times.

This spread really helps me to find a way to be grateful each day. Some days I have to think harder about what I’m most grateful for than others but it’s a practice that helps to improve my mood.

Daily Spreads

I’m still sticking with my daily spreads. I find that when I plan out my whole week in one go I’m not nearly as productive. When I plan just a day at a time I find I’m more likely to complete all my tasks and do more too.

The daily spreads are not just about completing all my different daily tasks though, the daily spreads offer me space to journal and note interesting things that have happened. Content for my blogs, emails for my lists, and memories are recorded in these daily journal spaces.

The journal space also provides a bit of self care through reflection of my emotional state. I can use the space to identify triggers for any range of emotions and use it to better track and deal with those triggers.

August Bullet Journal Spread

My August layout is just one way I can help turn my focus towards happiness and joy. As the stress, emotionally exhausting events, and hectic schedules start winding down for the season I can use this layout to move towards bigger and brighter things.

August Bullet Journal Habit Tracker and Gratitude Log Spreads

Reflection is key, see how far you’ve come and get excited for the future. Then channel all your energy towards reaching that next goal.

Recommended Products

Have you used a word as a bullet journal theme before? Let me know in the comments below and follow me on Pinterest for more like this.

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