Dancing Stars Bullet Journal Theme

I cannot believe it’s September already. This year has really flown by. Though I’m happy to say that my schedule has finally eased a bit and is now more reliable. This month I decided to switch things up a bit and added weekly spreads to my September monthly layout. For the past few months, I’ve been using daily spreads as my daily life always seemed to change. This month however my day to day life is finally becoming a bit more predictable and plannable. September Script Hand lettering For Bullet Journal As a planner living my life day today has been a killer on my productivity. I’m looking forward to getting back into the swing of being able to plan out my week ahead of time. Before we get started here is a list of my recommended supplies. Recommended Products  

September Plans

We’ve decided to put off starting homeschool preschool until October for L because we have a big family vacation planned this month. We’ve secured our car rental and house sitter for the cats and we are all excited to see my parents. We haven’t had a real vacation in years now and I’m looking forward to taking a week off. However, with vacation comes vacation planning, luckily for me, I have a bullet journal to keep it all straight. September Dancing Stars Monthly Layout I can plan everything from things to do before and after our vacation, route planning, itinerary, and things to pack. I’m even going to leave a few blank pages so I can add photos later. There are other changes to how I laid out my month in my bullet journal and you can see those below.

Dancing Stars Cover Page

I’m sticking with a happy yellow color this month again and I’m loving how simple it really is. I decided to hand-draw the stars and was thrilled to see that they looked like they were dancing. September Dancing Stars Bullet Journal Cover Page I hand drew everything in pencil first and went with a simple script for the month. I colored in the stars with my yellow Crayola marker and outlined them with the 01 Micron fineliner. It’s simple, creative, and reminds me to keep reaching for those goals.

September Monthly Spread

I stuck with the same monthly spread that I did last month. It worked out really well for me. This month however I decided to put my projects and goals front and center. September Monthly Spread Having a next month’s box is super helpful when I go to create the next month. It really helps me to remember all the events and projects that I’m working towards in the first month. I outlined all the boxes with the 05 Micron Fineliner leaving space for dancing stars in each corner. The calendar and the outline of the stars were both done in the 01 Micron Fineliner.

Gratitude Log

This month my gratitude log is simple and continues with the dancing stars theme. Late last month I had a few really rough days and actually had a hard time finding things to be grateful for. September Gratitude Log Spread Being grateful during rough or trying times is one of the hardest things to do. However, focusing on the positives in your life makes you understand that while it might seem bad now, there is always a light somewhere. I used the Crayola yellow super tip marker to create the yellow lines on the page. I used the 05 Micron fineliner for the script font. Finally, I used the 01 Micron fineliner to outline the stars and date the page.

Focus Page

Instead of creating a habit tracker this month, I decided to create a focus page. This is where I plan out my goals for my business and I create a plan for reaching those goals. A monthly focus page really helps you to determine exactly where you should devote your time in order to get the results you want. This could be used for work, business, fitness, or any number of things. September Focus Spread This month I really need to find my focus and get back on track with my business. This spread is the best way for me to do that. I can figure out realistic goals and create a plan of action that I work on weekly to make those goals a reality. On this page, I used the 05 Micron fineliner for the boxes and header. I added little yellow dashes with the Crayola supertips marker for some added flair.

Weekly Spreads

My weekly spreads are my favorite part of this month’s layout. They are simple in design and help me to stay on track every week. September Weekly Spread I have a to-do list that I pair with my focus page so I have the exact things I need to focus on front and center every week. I can break down each of the items on the to-do list into manageable daily tasks throughout the entire week. September Weekly Spread To Do and Ideas The “Ideas” section is sort of a brain dump for me so I can write down quick ideas for my business, plans for my family, or things to try. The “To Buy” section is specifically because we do online ordering of most of our household goods, including food. Right now I have toilet paper and eggs on that list so when I go to do my grocery shopping this week I remember to grab everything we are out of. September Weekly Spread To Buy and Remember Finally, the “Remember” section is to remember to do tasks. For the week of our trip, I have “Charge L’s Tablet” written. This is something we would likely forget to do without the reminder that it needs to get done. Setting up my weekly spreads with these little sections is proving to be a valuable part of my weekly planning process. It’s keeping me more organized and making it easier to plan out my full week. For these spreads, I used the 05 Micron fine liner for the boxes and all the header labels. Then I used the yellow Crayola supertips marker for the lines.

Vacation Spreads

I’m going to actually create a more detailed post but here is what I have so far when it comes to vacation planning in your bullet journal. September Vacation Spreads I can detail everything that needs to get done, record vital information, check off everything that needs to get packed and feel calm about attempting a 9 hour road trip with our 4 year old. September Road Trip and Vacation Spreads All of my vacation spreads were created only using the 05 Micron fineliner. I added the little circles in the corners for a simple flair. That wouldn’t take away from the information that will be filled in later. Recommended Products  

Bullet Journal September Spread

September is looking to shape up into a productive and fun month for us. We hope to make loads of memories on our vacation too. I don’t know how I would handle all of my tasks and planning without my bullet journal this month. September Bullet Journal Gratitude Log and Focus Spread What theme did you go with for your September monthly spread? Let me know in the comments below. Follow me on Pinterest for more like this and pin this to your favorite bullet journal boards. Related Posts:  
Dancing Star Bullet Journal Theme Dancing Star Bullet Journal Theme Dancing Star Bullet Journal Theme

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    I love these simple and clean layouts. They are easy to create and will help save time for journalers who are less creative. Also, the monthly focus page is a great idea.

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