December 2019 Bullet Journal Setup - Doctor Who Bullet Journal Theme

For the month of December I went with another favorite fandom. I am now sharing my Doctor Who theme bullet journal layout with you.

I have known for months that this was the theme that I wanted to go with but when push came to shove, and a failed attempt at watercolor, I decided to go with a minimalist theme and it looks really good.

Doctor Who Fandom

I’m a total Whovian so it’s only natural that I would want to have at least one Doctor Who monthly theme. I’ve been on a fandom roll for a couple of months now and it’s worked out in my favor.

I had one little issue and at one point thought about switching my theme for the month. I wanted to make sure that I did the fandom some justice.

Minimalist Design

I had originally gone for a full watercolor galaxy type design and a few pages in felt like it really wasn’t working out. It was not the journal it was user error on this one. So I decided to instead go for a minimalist design and do all Tardis blue.

I used the same weekly spread and just changed out the quote. This minimalist design works really well for me and was pretty easy to set up. I also had extremely minimal ghosting with these spreads.

I’m pretty excited to try out my layout this month because I made it easier to use for me. You’ll see how below.

Before we get started here is a list of my recommended supplies.

Recommended Products

Doctor Who Bullet Journal

Let’s dive in to the Doctor Who theme December set up.

Doctor Who Monthly Spread

Like I had previously stated I had originally went with a watercolor look that wasn’t working for me. It felt too cluttered and messy. When it comes to my spreads I prefer the clean minimalist look.

Doctor Who Monthly Spread

For my cover page I went with just a hand drawn Tardis. It was fairly easy to recreate and I’m proud about how it turned out.

For the monthly spread I kept it super simple with events and goals. This type of spread worked really well for me in October so I wanted to recreate it again for this insanely busy month.

Brain Dump Layout

In December we usually travel into Pittsburgh to go see family. In anticipation for this trip I wanted to make sure I gave myself a place to record ideas because I won’t have access to a computer during this time.

Bullet Journal Brain Dump Set Up

I really like the way I laid out this brain dump spread because it has a place for everything so I don’t have to hunt for the type of ideas that I’m having. This might become a must have monthly spread for me.

Gratitude Log and Visions Of The Future

As per usual I have a gratitude log. The gratitude log is a must have spread for me because it really helps me to stay in a positive mindset each and every day.

Gratitude Log and Visions of the Future

This month I added a Visions of the Future spread. This spread is geared towards focusing on one thing I can control that I want to happen in the future. It could be near future, distant future, or somewhere in the middle.

The goals for the visions of the future spread is to try to keep my motivated towards accomplishing my goals and get closer to the future I want. It’s a way for me to contemplate, focus on, and create actual plans to reaching my goals.

Weekly Spreads

I kept all the weekly spreads the same this month. A simple minimalist design with all the basic functions I need in my weeklies.

Doctor Who Weekly Spread - Week 1

I did add a smaller weekly habit tracker and mood tracker. Through October and November I’m actually forgetting to fill these out and I’m pretty sure it’s because they are on another page. I’m hoping this helps me to remember.

Doctor Who Weekly Spread - Week 2

I added the one word catchphrases most heard by the Doctor and that is my little continuation of the theme.

Doctor Who Weekly Spread - Week 3

To also continue the theme I used Tardis blue through the entire month. It’s simple and easy sticks with the theme.

Doctor Who Weekly Spread - Week 4

Daily Spreads

To keep up with my journaling I continued my blank daily spreads. These really help me in recording memories, getting out feelings, and just focus my thoughts a bit.

Daily Journal Logs

Bullet Journal Doctor Who Theme

Overall I am extremely excited to have a simple Doctor who theme in my bullet journal for December. While I’m a bit upset that instead of a Christmas special we are getting a New Years eve special but I will deal.

I look forward to using this layout and seeing if some of the slight changes and additions will make a difference with some of my bullet journal struggles.

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Do you like the minimalist Doctor Who spread? Let me know in the comments below. Follow me on Pinterest for more like this and pin this to your Bullet Journal boards.

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