February 2019 Pink and Grey Setup - Bullet Journal Layout in Pink and Grey Stripes

My bullet journal setup for February is a minimalist but colorful setup. In keeping with Valentine’s day I went ahead and used pink as one of my colors. However, I am not a huge Valentine’s Day fan so I paired it with a grey and left hearts completely out of this theme.

It’s not that I dislike the holiday – I just don’t celebrate it. If you do that is awesome and I wish you a very happy day filled with joy and love.

For being a short month I have a lot going on. My son’s birthday, our anniversary, and of course all the normal daily activities.

For me February marks the end of the winter season. While winter doesn’t actually stop until the end of March – February feels like those 20 minutes you get to lay in bed and relax before starting your day.

Before we get started here is a list of my recommended supplies.

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Colorful but Easy Theme

So for this month I wanted to continue to keep it minimalist but I really wanted to add some color to the pages. This was a job for my Mildliner highlighters. They were perfect to add color to this setup.

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I also wanted to simplify my setup as opposed to previous months. I wanted to make sure everything has a place but save on some pages. As we are moving in April I want to make sure I can fit March in this journal and then start fresh in April with a new journal.

Bullet Journal Setup February 2019 - Cover Page and Quote Page

February Bullet Journal Setup

While a bit shorter than last month here is my February bullet journal setup

February Cover Page

For my front page I wanted to make the theme of the month clear but keep it simple. In January I spent the whole month getting into the habit of staying motivated and being positive. I want to continue that throughout the year.

Bullet Journal Setup February 2019 - Cover Page

Quote Page

My quote for the month is a simple reminder to keep going. With the move coming up I am planning all of my business stuff ahead of time. So February and March are going to be busy months as I want to take time off without looking like I’m taking time off.

Bullet Journal Setup February 2019 - Quote Page

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Monthly Spread

My monthly spread this month focuses on goals and projects while also making sure I am planning for March as well. This will help me to stay on track for planning that off time.

Bullet Journal Setup February 2019 - Monthly Spread Bullet Journal Setup February 2019 - Monthly Layout Bullet Journal Setup February 2019 - Monthly Goals and Projects

Visions Page

As always I have my visions page to help me stay on track with my goals. This page gets filled in with happy thoughts and “visions” of the future I want. It’s an experiment that if not for anything has helped me to stay on track with completing tasks.

Bullet Journal Setup February 2019 - Visions Page

Gratitude Page

Just like with the visions page my gratitude page will always make an appearance in my monthly setups too. The gratitude page helps me to stay focused on the good things in my life.

Bullet Journal Setup February 2019 - Gratitude Page

Focusing on positive and good things going on in your life really helps you to live more in the present. With my anxiety and depression it helps me to fight off some of those symptoms so I keep doing it for my own mental wellbeing.

Bullet Journal Setup February 2019 - Visions Page and Gratitude Page

Weekly Spreads

My weekly spreads are all the same this month. Simple but effective in keeping me on track with my goals and remembering what needs to get done.

Bullet Journal Setup February 2019 - Weekly Spread

Skipping Journal Pages

This month I am skipping the journal pages since I don’t always have something to journal down for the day. Instead I’ve decided to add a couple of pages that help me in this department.

Bullet Journal Setup February 2019 - Thoughts and Ideas Pages

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The thoughts page will act as a journal page of sorts. If I need a place to write down feelings and thoughts I can do so here.

Bullet Journal Setup February 2019 - Thoughts Page


The ideas page is like a brain dump where I can write down ideas I want to explore at a later date.

Bullet Journal Setup February 2019 - Ideas Page

Simple Bullet Journal Setup for February

I’m excited to see if this new setup will work for me. With my life taking a turn and becoming busy I need to make sure I am staying on track for reaching and accomplishing my goals.

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What theme are you going with for February? Let me know in the comments below. Follow me on Pinterest for more like this and pin this to your Bullet Journal boards.

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