February 2020 Bullet Journal Layout – Book Theme

February 2020 Bullet Journal Layout and Setup - Book Theme
We have 29 days in February this year. That’s one extra day to make your goals a reality. One extra day to get in self care. One extra day to enjoy your family. This year my extra day will probably be spent on self care. That’s right instead of chasing my goals like I do almost every other day of the year, I will be turning into a blanket burrito. Curled up in bed, with my tablet, and reading for the entire day. So I decided to take my favorite self care activity and turn it into my monthly bullet journal theme for February.

Table Of Contents

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Some Of My Favorite Things

This year I’m using my favorite things as my themes for all of my monthly bullet journal spreads. As we grow into adulthood we often get so blinded by things we should be doing that we forget some of the things we really loved in life. Our hobbies get turned into side hustles. Fandoms get put off for responsibility. We start to forget everything that we really loved. For myself I came into a lot of my favorite things a little later in life. I fell in love with geek culture and spend my days working while binge watching shows like Battlestar Galactica. Creating spreads based around my favorite things is a great way to remind myself of all the things that I love. Last month my theme was coffee, which makes sense because it’s pretty much my favorite drink. For February my theme is books. Go back to table of contents.

Theme Of The Month: Books

I decided on books for several reasons. I spend quite a bit of my time reading and it’s a great compliment to my love of coffee. There are very little things that work as well to relax me than to curl up with my tablet and a cup of coffee. In 2020 I hope to read 80 books. That means I should be reading 6-7 books every month. In January I will be reaching that goal and I hope to stick with it for the remainder of the year. Go back to table of contents.

Minimalist With A Theme

While I could have filled every page with book doodles I decided for a bit of a minimalist look. So I used just a few doodles instead of filling up every page. I added a bit of flair with some washi tape too. I prefer the minimalist spreads because they allow for more room. It’s easier to track tasks, record events, and detail out anything I need. Go back to table of contents.

Cover Quote Page

To start things out I wanted to do a simple quote page, much like what I did in January. This gives a bit of a hint to the theme of the month. February Bullet Journal Cover Quote Page I chose this quote from Lewis Carroll. The quote is a great one that readers of all types can appreciate. Reading helps to open your mind to new thoughts, new worlds, and new experiences. Reading is more than a weapon in the war against reality, it’s a tool that can help us explore loads of new ideas. Go back to table of contents.

February Cover Page

I decided to go for a simple but colorful color theme for my cover page. I wanted to pull in pink this month for valentines day and I incorporate pink throughout my monthly theme. February Bullet Journal Cover Page With Book Theme A few book doodles and a cup of tea represents how I like to spend my time relaxing. Go back to table of contents.

February Monthly Spread

This monthly spread was easy to create but keeps with the minimalist feel. There is enough space for small events and a long to do list. February Bullet Journal Monthly Spread With Book Theme I really like the notes space inside a doodle of an open book. It give me space to record extra things, plans for the following month, and little notes throughout the month. I used the Tombow 725 brush pen for all the pink in the spread. I also the Tombow N25 for the black marks for the To Do box and dates. Finally I used the Micron Fineliner 005 and 08 for the book doodle and the date and outlines of the books at the top. Go back to table of contents.

Monthly Goals Page

Back in December I started creating a monthly goal page with my goals and how I would reach them. The page has been extremely helpful for me in my business goals but I also set personal goals and this page really helps me to be mindful of my time. Monthly Goals Page With Book Theme I have a nasty habit of losing track of my time and spending a lot of it working. This goals page allows me to set realistic goals in my business and my personal life and keeps me on track. A personal goal for me would be something along the lines of, “take all weekends off.” This actionable goal reminds me to be mindful of my time and to take time to actually be in my personal life. Go back to table of contents.

February Habit Tracker

My habit tracker this month remains the same. I’m still working on that no soda and get active habit. Those are two habits that are taking awhile for me to get into the swing of things. Habit Tracker Spread With Book Theme Last month I did coffee rings around my mini calendars. This month I decided to go with open book doodles. This is actually one of my more favorite habit trackers. Go back to table of contents.

Gratitude Page

As always I have my gratitude page set up. I kept it super simple this month with a couple of book doodles at the top. Gratitude Log with Book Theme My gratitude page has proven to be one of my most used pages in my bullet journal. It helps me to end every day being grateful even if I’ve had a bad day. Go back to table of contents.

Improve Your Mood Spread

Last month I tried out a meal planner and well, it didn’t work out so well for me. It’s not that the planner was bad, it was I just didn’t use it. So I knew I would need to replace that page. I may try meal planning inside of my weekly spreads in the future. Improve Your Mood Collection Page With Book Theme The page I decided to replace it with is another page that will help me to be more mindful. I am trying to, again, quit smoking. I’ve been using an e-cigarette for the past two years and it’s time for me to give up nicotine. I’ve decided that I need a reminder page of ways I can improve and repair my mood when I have those nic fits or when I get stressed and want nicotine. This page will help me to be mindful of my mood and how I can make it better quickly so I don’t cave and reach for nicotine. Go back to table of contents.

February Weekly Spreads

I kept my weekly spreads extremely minimalist this month. I have just what I need and no extras. February Bullet Journal Weekly Spread As per usual I’ve combined Saturday and Sunday into one box for the sole purpose of keeping myself from scheduling those days as work days. I also have my grocery list and a to do list. Keeping a running to-do list in the week has really helped to keep my on track to finish up my goals every week. It also keeps me from over scheduling my days. The grocery list lets me keep track of everything that I need to order since we have our groceries delivered to us. I keep track of what we are running low on and add it to my list to stock up. While I usually change up the layout of my weekly spreads each month they all contain the same elements to make my life easier. Go back to table of contents.

Final Thoughts

The bullet journal has really helped me organize and plan out my life. Especially in the last 6 months or so it’s been instrumental into keep me on task. With ADHD the bullet journal has helped me to organize my thoughts. I can take notes quickly and get back to focusing on the project at hand. As always, here is my recommended bullet journal supplies list:

From time to time the Scribbles that Matter Journal is sold out on Amazon. When this happens third party sellers will try to sell the journal for an insane amount of money. DO NOT BUY THAT! Scribbles that Matter should be back in stock soon. My second favorite journal is the Essentials Dot Matrix, though I warn you the pages on this one are thinner and bleeding and shadows show up on opposite sides. However, it's a decent cheap journal if you are in a pinch and just want to get started.

How has your bullet journal helped you? Let me know in the comments below. Follow me on Pinterest for more like this and pin this to your favorite bullet journal boards. Related Posts:
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