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I cannot believe it’s already July. Where has this year gone? I guess time flies when you are busy and having fun.

I’m not changing too much in how I am journaling this month. Last month’s daily and simple layout worked really well for me. If I was too busy with work or just didn’t have anything to report I could just skip a day.

I’m following the same method in July but my schedule is changing up just a little bit. I did add two trackers to July just so I can build some better habits back up again. A daily grateful spread and a daily habit tracker are helping me to stay on track this month.

Before we get started here is a list of my recommended supplies.

Recommended Products

From time to time the Scribbles that Matter Journal is sold out on Amazon. When this happens third party sellers will try to sell the journal for an insane amount of money. DO NOT BUY THAT! Scribbles that Matter should be back in stock soon. My second favorite journal is the Essentials Dot Matrix, though I warn you the pages on this one are thinner and bleeding and shadows show up on opposite sides. However, it's a decent cheap journal if you are in a pinch and just want to get started.

Big and Small Changes To Our Schedule

The move caused some big changes to our normal schedule. Moving to a more populated and walkable area means daily walks are a must. Especially because we have some weight loss goals we’d like to reach by the time winter arrives.

This changes how I start my day. I drink coffee, eat breakfast, and then we are out the door for a walk every morning. I used to sit down at my desk to drink coffee, eat breakfast, and start writing every day.

This small but necessary change in our schedule has, unfortunately, thrown me off of all my other work. Keeping a habit tracker this month will help me to find a better work schedule.

Being Grateful Everyday

The other thing that I have been seriously lacking in the past couple of months is my daily gratitude tracker. Finding things to be grateful for every single day is so important in taking care of your mental health.

In fact, keeping a gratitude log can improve your overall happiness too. Neuroscience says finding things to be grateful for and focusing on them is crucial to helping you feel happier.

July Habit Tracker and Gratitude Log

Let’s take a look at my monthly spreads this month.

July Cover

Watermelon is one of my favorite Summer foods so it should come as no surprise that I’d make my birthday month a watermelon themed month. While I’m not doing loads of watermelon doodles in the spread I am sticking with watermelon colors.

July Watermelon Cover Page

I used pink and green in my spreads this month to follow the watermelon colors and theme. I still wanted to keep the spreads minimalist in design though.

July Agenda Page

I went with simple boxes that could be filled in with my plans, goals, and projects. Same as last month I did have a box for future plans for the month of August.

July Agenda Page

My future plans box in June for July really helped me to keep all my important dates and reminders when I was filling in what needs to get done in July. The agenda page helps me to stay on track for all of my tasks, events, appointments, and projects.

Habit Tracker

Like I said above, with the move our schedule and habits were thrown completely out of whack. I haven’t been on top of all the things that I’ve been needing to do for my blogs and in my daily life.

July Habit Tracker Page

In an effort to get back on track I knew I would need a habit tracker. This month is focused on six things I want or don’t want to do everyday. I want to exercise, read, write, and post to Instagram everyday. I want to avoid spending money and drinking soda.

My hope is that I can get back on track this month with my healthy habits, work, and my self care.

One Line A Day

This page is basically my gratitude log for the month. Everyday I write down something great that happened or something I am grateful for.

July Gratitude Log Page

The gratitude spread really helps me to focus on the good in my life so that I can stay more positive. I am a firm believer in the power of our mindset. I’ve seen how a positive mindset can make life more enjoyable as a whole.

My Daily Spreads

These days my daily spreads act as both a planner and a journal. I plan out my tasks in the morning, record what the weather will be like and then throughout the day add notes and check off completed tasks.

This rapid logging technique is closer to the original bullet journaling technique from Ryder Carrol. It’s efficient and helps to keep me productive and focused on the task at hand. With ADHD keeping a rapid log and notes is important to remembering everything that needs to be done.

July Monthly Layout

I like the simplicity of this monthly layout. It allows for me to doodle or do some lettering when the mood strikes, keeps me on task, and helps me build good habits.

July Monthly Spread

What do you think about this months spread? Let me know in the comments below. Follow me on Pinterest for more like this and pin this to your favorite bullet journal boards.

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