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It feels good to be back in the bullet journal game. For a while now I have been relying heavily on electronic planning because I’ve been stuck at my computer. Well that is changing. Today I’m showing you my bullet journal setup for June.

I’m doing things a little differently this month from what I used to do. Partly because the past few months I’ve been lacking on my bullet journals and partly because my schedule is about to be extremely hectic.

Earlier this week our landlord informed us that we have 60 days to move. Being on a month to month lease we have been kinda prepared with the exception that we don’t have a place lined up.

Well that will change next week as we travel 4 hours away to Pittsburgh, PA and look at a few rentals in the south hills. That’s right, life handed us lemons and we are grabbing our terrible towels and heading to the city of bridges.

Bullet Journal - Fort Pitt Bridge Sketch in Pittsburgh

It’s been a goal for a little while now so we’ve decided to make the most of this opportunity and move to the city we love.

Of course with plans constantly on the change during this period – we all know how moving is – I need a different way to plan.

Instead of doing my normal trackers and weekly spreads I have switched to using daily spreads.

Before we get started here is a list of my recommended supplies.

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Using Daily Spreads In A Bullet Journal

I’m doing this for several reasons. First, this gives me the space to record feelings and frustrations in my bullet journal. Moving is extremely stressful and writing has always been helpful for reducing stress.

Second, plans change quickly while you are in the process of moving. While this is our last long distance move the day to day is something that’s hard to plan. I may wake up in the morning with intention to move a bunch of boxes to figure out that my body is in too much pain to do it, so I should do something else.

Finally, there is the need to remember all those small little details that come with a move. Equipment rental, reservations, security deposits, and first month rent to name a few. I need my bullet journal to hold all this information because it will be my go to source for everything.

Moving List Spread

I haven’t labeled any of my boxes yet but I have a general idea of what I will do with them. The long box all the way on the right is absolutely going to be my I put it in a safe spot list.

Bullet Journal Moving Collection

You know how during a move you put nuts and bolts in a “safe spot” and then forget where you put them. This list will keep a record of where all our small stuff ends up so when we are unpacking and looking for something we know exactly where it could go.

The big box on the left will probably be my move out cleaning checklist. This will help me to remember to do all of my move out cleaning. The wipe out of cabinets, cleaning of the fridge, baseboard cleaning, and more.

The smaller boxes will probably have new home information, moving checklists, and packing guides for our boxes so we can remember what goes where easily.

Monthly Bullet Journal Set Up

I am using a monthly layout this month just to help me remember and keep things on track. Moving can cause me to be a bit of a scatter brain so it’s nice to have a place to jot down reminders.

Bullet Journal Monthly Layout For June 2019

I can remember important dates, goals for work, projects for work, and record things that will happen in July after the move.

I also really wanted to represent our move by doing a quick sketch of the Fort Pitt Bridge. This helps me to visualize our soon to be adventure.

Additional Spreads and Collections

I am sure that as things come up I will be creating spreads to help me get through this month unscathed. It’s going to be hectic for sure.

I’ll need to create suitcase packing lists so that when we arrive in Pittsburgh we have all our super necessary items. This way if we are tired we only have to be concerned about getting the beds off the truck for that first night.

I will also probably create a drawn guide to the best way to pack our Uhaul so we can make sure it’s secure and set to go.

There are garage sale spreads with pricing and items we are getting rid of. These will also be used to list anything that doesn’t sell in the garage sale on Craigslist.

Finally, I know I will need to track all of the utilities, cable, mail forwarding, and everything else to make sure we get everything accomplished.

Using A Bullet Journal To Plan Our Move

Setting up my bullet journal for this move is going to help us stay on track, get everything done, and make it easy to remember everything. I fully believe that anyone who is preparing for a move needs to have a bullet journal at this point.

June 2019 Bullet Journal Setup

As I complete the move I will make sure to come in and update this post with pictures of spreads and a peak at how I set up my dailies. So make sure you pin this post to your favorite bullet journal boards and come back to check it out.

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What spreads would you use in your bullet journal for a move? Let me know in the comments below. Also follow me on Pinterest for more like this.

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  1. I am originally from Pittsburgh! Great city, great choice! We are a little over 3 hrs away in Columbus OH now. I love your site!

  2. I’m in Beechview, not too far away from the south hills. Welcome to the burgh!

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