July Monthly Spread for 2020

July 2019 Bullet Journal Watermelon Theme Layout - Bullet Journal Watermelon Theme Cover Page
It is hard to believe its July already. This year has flown by for me.  This month I am keeping it simple. I find that sometimes I can be distracted by the frills and fluff of a complex layout. To really see the benefits of my bullet journal, I prefer to keep things simple.  I am doing two trackers this month, a daily habit tracker and a gratitude tracker. I have been starting to try and be more focused on my health, so I track my workouts and eating habits with my daily tracker. I also use a great program called Avatar to be aware of the macros that I eat during the day. It has really made a difference. 

Being Grateful Everyday

The one thing that I have been severely lacking in the past couple of months is my daily gratitude log. Finding something to be grateful for every day is essential in taking care of my mental health. I have found that when I am using my gratitude log, my mood improves by 120 percent. But who’s counting?    July Habit Tracker and Gratitude Log  

July Cover

Something that I always associate with summer is watermelon. In order not to get to sidetracked with my doodles, I decided to stick with a minimalist spread with watermelon colors.   July Watermelon Cover Page  

July Agenda Page

For my agenda page, I wanted something bold and easily scannable to be able to quickly find what I was looking for. I went with simple boxes that are clearly labeled.   July Agenda Page  

July Habit Tracker

Since Quarantine, my habits have been thrown off track. I found myself slipping back into unhealthy activities with surprising ease. So to get back on track, I am using my habit tracker. I focused on the six things that I want to accomplish this month. My exercise is definitely high on the list. I included reading because I find it therapeutic, and it helps keep me in a good state of mind. I am also tracking my bullet journaling. I am keeping track of how much time I spend on Instagram. I’ve noticed that my time spent there has gone unchecked for a very long time. And finally, I am keeping track of how much money I spend and how much soda I drink.   July Habit Tracker Page  

One Line A Day 

This is my gratitude log. Every day, I write one sentence on what I was grateful for. I am a firm believer in the power of a positive mindset, and this helps me to keep the positive things in my life in mind.     July Gratitude Log Page  

Daily Spread

For my daily spreads, I like to follow Ryan Carroll’s rapid logging technique. It doesn’t take much time, and it keeps me focused on the day at hand. I tend to forget all the things I need to do in a day, so a quick glance at my journal to see what I’ve accomplished and what still needs to be done is a lifesaver for me.   

July Monthly Layout Overview

July Monthly Spread

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