Snowflake Theme December 2019

This December I have decided to go with a snowflake theme in my bullet journal. I am also getting prepared to close out the year and ending it on a strong note.

This year has been a whirlwind for me both personally and in my bullet journals. I’ve experimented with daily and weekly spreads, did a lot of journaling through particularly hard moments in my life, and finally found a few systems that work well for me.

Hand drawn Snowflake 3

As we close out this year and move into a new decade I find myself thinking of new ways to organize and plan my life in my bullet journal. I’m looking forward to starting a new journal in 2020.

Snowflake Theme December 2019

In December I’m trying out a few new pages and a new set up for my weekly spread. I also decided to get super creative and artistic with my cover page. I’m loving how this months layout turned out and I’m looking forward to using it all month long.

Let It Snow Quote Page

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas this year so I decided to start off December with a simple quote page. I also knew I was going to be doing a snowflake theme so I wanted to practice my snowflakes.

Bullet Journal Quote Page with hand drawn snowflakes and the quote Let It Snow

Snowglobe December Cover Page

I had an idea to do a snowglobe for my cover page and I’m really happy with the way it turned out. I sketched out the entire snowglobe in pencil before filling it in.

I used the light blue Mildliner for the snow globe itself. The brown Mildliner for the wooden bottom. I also used the gray Mildliner for the shadows on the snowman. Then I used red Crayola super tips for the sign, scarf, and nose.

Bullet journal cover page of a snowglobe with a snowman holding up a red banner that says December on it.

I used the Micron 05 pen for outlining and the lettering in the sign along with the eyes, smile, and buttons on the snowman. Finally I used this white pen to fill in the reflection on the snowglobe, the snow inside, and to fill in the snowman.

I noticed I did get some shadowing on the opposite page but over all the Scribbles That Matter journal stood up really well to this artistic venture.

December Monthly Spread

For my monthly spread I wanted to go big and two pages. I kept it simple by doing individual boxes for the days with a Sunday start. I added more snowflakes under the calendar on the left side to fill in that empty space.

Bullet Journal Monthly Spread for December

I have a long box for my To Do list for the month, space inside the calendar to mark off holiday and events, and an events box to remember things to do this month.

In the past I have gone small and super minimalist for my monthly spreads so this is a bit refreshing to look at. I used the Micron 05 pen to outline the entire thing and the teal fineliner from this set for my snowflakes throughout this month’s theme.

Monthly Goals Page For December

It’s the end of the year and as I start utilizing more options and pages in my bullet journal I thought I would give a monthly goals page a swing. After filling it in I can absolutely say I’m loving having this page.

Monthly Goals page with hand drawn snowflakes on the bottom

I have two work related goals and three personal goals this month. I had space to add little notes with the goals so I know exactly what to do and what to work with.

All lettering is done with the Micron 05 throughout this month. I recently learned to try drawing my letters out and filling them in and I absolutely love the look of the lettering in this months layout.

25 Christmas Movies Bullet Journal Page

Every year my husband and I make plans to watch 25 days of Christmas movies. We usually don’t actually complete them. This year though I’ve added the list to my bullet journal.

A Christmas movie list template page for bullet journals with hand drawn snowflakes at the bottom

Yes Die Hard is in the list – no one can tell me it’s not a Christmas movie. Of course I also love the corny and predictable Hallmarkish Christmas movies too, I’ll just be watching those on my own.

December Gratitude Spread

As always I have my gratitude spread set up. This month I went super simple and just highlighted the letters with the light blue Mildliner.

Gratitude log with blue highlighted lettering at the top

I have a lot to be grateful for this month as we close out the year. It’s been a wild ride but it’s ending on a positive note and I can’t wait to see how 2020 will go.

December Habit Tracker

This month for my habit tracker I’m really trying to focus on sticking to my good habits. Last month I did really good about getting back into the kitchen and cooking homemade meals and I also did really well with my soda intake.

Habit tracker page for bullet journals

I did not get active as much as I wanted to but I did end up finishing a book series I had been slowly working on.

This month a goal of mine is to read three books. So I’m hoping to get that reading habit filled in every day this month.

I also added a meditation habit as I want to take time everyday to sit in silence and focus on the future, positive thoughts, and to slow myself down a bit. My mind is always going so I’m hoping by building this type of habit I can learn to slow down a little bit and calm myself more.

Weekly Spreads

I went a little different with my weekly spreads this month. This spread is geared towards helping me make sure I get all of my tasks done, get extra thoughts and ideas out, remember specific things I need to do or look into, and finally get my grocery shopping done too.

Weekly spread set up for bullet journals with handdrawn snowflakes in the bottom right corner

Keeping my daily boxes small also helps me to just remember events and important to dos specific to a day. The to do list is meant to be a running weekly list for me. I’m hoping by organizing my weekly this way I can finish more on my to do list faster.

Since we live the no car city life we have our groceries delivered. This means I have to work off of a list when I’m ordering my groceries. This is a must have box so I remember to get everything that we need.


This month’s theme is all about the snowflakes. They were a simple way to spruce up my weekly spreads while also adding a splash of winter wonderland to December.

Hand drawn snowflakes 1

No two snowflakes are the same but they all follow a general theme so they are easy to replicate. They are filled in with dashes, dots, or arrows in the same type of pattern.

Recommended Products

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Final Thoughts On December

As we close out 2019 I have a lot to be thankful for and a lot to look forward to. This months spread is part excitement for the holiday season and part getting ready to end the year by preparing for next year.

As I started getting more artistic in my bullet journal I am really looking forward to the doodles and designs I will create in 2020.

Hand drawn snowflake 2

Next week I am sharing how I am closing out this year in my bullet journal and I’ll be sharing how I am setting up my first journal for 2020.

What is your theme for this month? Let me know in the comments below. Follow me on Pinterest for more like this and pin this to your favorite bullet journal boards.

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