What Is A Bullet Journal And How Can It Help You

I’m sure you’ve heard at least a little bit about bullet journaling and how it’s changed the lives of some of the people who use them. You may be asking yourself, what is a bullet journal? The simple answer is, a bullet journal is whatever you make of it.

Bullet journaling was created by Ryder Carroll as a way to boost productivity. The actual concept behind the bullet journal is extremely easy. The fancy designs and layouts that you see are all extras that you can add to personalize your bullet journal.

Archer & Olive August Bullet Journal Monthly Spread Spread by Archer & Olive

Bullet journals are a combination of trackers, journals, and planners. They are unique to the journaler based on what they need to track and plan. While I prefer to use my own personal bullet journal as a combination journal and planner, another journaler may solely use it as a planner.

There are a wide range of things you can do with your bullet journal. They can be sources of relaxation when drawing or a quick way to plan the next day. Regardless bullet journals are the ultimate form of personal organizers.

Bullet Journal Basics: Supplies

With a bullet journal there are several supplies you will need or want. Ultimately it doesn’t take much to start a bullet journal. If you are artistic and want to add some flare to your bullet journal there are a few tools you will need though.

The basic minimum supplies you will need are a pen and a notebook. I prefer this notebook because it has a hardcover and dotted paper. The dotted paper makes it easier to create straight lines for layouts and designs.

If you want to add more flare there are a few things that you will need.

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The supplies will not make or break your bullet journal experience. Start off with a minimalist approach while you get used to and get in the habit of using a bullet journal. Start small and build yourself up to using it.

Bullet Journal 101: What Is A Bullet Journal?

The bullet journal is a tool you can use to keep you on track to complete tasks, build healthy habits, and finish projects. Each bullet journal is unique to the person creating it. There are a million different ways to set up your bullet journal so let’s get started on the three main areas.

A Tracker

Using your bullet journal to track different aspects of your life is extremely popular. There are several different types of trackers to use in your bullet journal.

BujoBeyond Habit Tracker Spread by BuJoBeyond Habit Tracker

Habit trackers can be used individually or in a grid. You can track positive habits for a month in order to create healthy habits or stop bad habits.

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Health Trackers

Health trackers help you track your physical and mental health. You can track your mood in order to better determine swings and hormonal issues that may affect your mood. You can also track triggers and your sleep.

For physical fitness you can track activity to keep you on track for fitness goals. More than just tracking your fitness you can track your weight, healthy eating habits, and water intake. Your bullet journal can help you achieve and maintain your fitness goals.

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Money Trackers

Use your bullet journal to track your bills, spending, saving, and investments. By tracking where your money goes you can start setting money goals. The best part about tracking your expenditures is you can see if there are any bills you can lower.

You can add trackers to track short term savings goals for vacations or shopping sprees. Money trackers help you reach your goals and get on track for future life.

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Entertainment Trackers

These trackers are great for keeping track of movies, books, or tv shows that you enjoy. These are good for making sure that you are taking time for yourself. The entertainment trackers can be extremely useful for self care reasons.

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A Journal

Part of the appeal of a bullet journal is the journal portion of it. While it can easily be used as a planner, the journal aspect is where the bullet journal shines.

The bullet journal allows you to write about your day and experiences. Keep memorable events, feelings, and daily activities logs to help you remember what you did on each day. In our hectic busy lives we could all use a way to track the events that happened and when.

Journaling is great for mental health as well because it allows you to examine your thoughts and feelings in a safe way. Using your bullet journal in this way can help a lot with anxiety. You can track and be aware of the triggers that cause your anxiety.


The wonderful thing about the bullet journal are the spreads you can use. My favorite spread by far is the gratitude spread. Everyday you write about something you are grateful for. It helps to encourage your mind to focus solely on the positive.

Other spreads that are fantastic are spreads focused on goals. You can create a one year from today spread where you write a detailed description of what your life will be like once your reach a certain goal. This spread really helps you to keep your eyes on the prize when chasing goals.

Creating goal spreads can help you to plan out the steps you need to take to reach certain goals. You can create a simple spreads that you can use to stay on track with your goals.

A Planner

One of the most popular ways to use a bullet journal is as a creative handmade planner. You can create different pages to help plan out your life.

PetiteMelanie Minimalist Weekly Spread Spread By PetiteMelanie Yearly Spreads

You can create a yearly planner to keep track of birthdays, holidays, or events that are in the distant future. This can be a simple one page spread with little stars on important days or a couple of pages with boxes filled with events for each month.

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Monthly Spreads

The monthly planner is great to see what is going on each day for a month. You can track what day each date falls on or you can create a typical calendar month for tracking your upcoming events.

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Weekly Spreads

A weekly spread will help you to plan out your week and all the tasks you need to accomplish. The weekly spreads are great for making sure you remember everything you need to do in a week. Plus you can more easily track weekly goals you need to accomplish.

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Daily Spreads

The daily spreads are usually created either the night before or the day of. They can be as large or as small as you want them but you can track everything that you need to do in a day. The daily spreads are extremely useful for those who have unique schedules or plan their days based on their motivations.

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Bullet Journal For Beginners

When you first start utilizing a bullet journal it’s going to feel like a bit much. Setting up your bullet journal with different spreads and layouts can feel time consuming. Don’t dive in quickly to try to utilize all the different options at once.

Take the bullet journal use slowly. Start off with the bare minimum of what you actually need before you start trying to track everything. Try getting into the habit of planning out your days and slowly decide which spreads you want to take advantage of.

You may find that you only really need it for planning. However, don’t be surprised if you find a new life long hobby that you love. Remember a bullet journal is whatever you make of it.

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