An Honest Review Micron Fineliner Pens

Micron Fineliner Pen Set Review For Bullet Journal Use
Micron fineliner pens are – in my honest opinion – the best pens for bullet journal use. Today I’m giving you all the good things about the pens as well as the downside to them. I’ve used these pens for almost a year now so I’ve put them through all the tests. In this post I will talk about:
  1. What we look for in pens for our bullet journals
  2. How the Micron fineliner pens fill these needs
  3. The different Micron fineliner pen sizes
  4. The ink in the Micron pens
  5. How I use the Micron fineliner pens
  6. Finally, the only downside I have found to the Micron pen.

Best Bullet Journal Pens

When it comes to our bullet journals we ask a lot of our pens. They shouldn’t bleed through the page, should have a consistent flow of ink, and should be easy to hold. Nothing is worse than creating a beautiful spread just to see that the ink on our fineliners bled through to the other side. That page is now destroyed and the spread you had planned to put there will not look the way you intended. The next worst thing to happen is needing to go over lines because the ink in our pens gives in and out as we draw. It makes for a messy design which ruins the mood and design we are trying to create. Micron Fineliner Pen Pittsburgh Drawing Finally, some spreads take a couple of hours to create this means we are holding our pens for extended periods of time. For me, personally, it’s important that the pen be easy to hold for extended periods because I’ll start feeling a lot of pain in my hands and wrists. These three things are hugely important to bullet journalers. I’ve tested a lot of pens and the Micron fineliner pen set is the only one that provides all three areas we look for in our pens.

Fine Tip Pens

Fine tip pens are essential in bullet journaling because they provide us the ability to write out calendars and create spreads. For those super thin lines and small calendars we need the thinnest tip pens we can find. The Micron fineliner pens are perfect for all our thin tip needs. They have different sizes for bolder lines and smaller sizes perfect for creating mini calendars. Micron Fineliner Pen Set The ink is consistent and the grip is perfect to keep hands from cramping as you’re drawing mini calendars over and over again.

Micron Fine Tip Pen Sizes

The Micron pen set I recommend has 6 different sizes. 005, 01, 02, 03, 05, and 08. I have used all the sizes for my spreads and they work wonderfully. The actual sizes of the pens:
  • 005 is a 0.20mm line
  • 01 is a 0.25mm line
  • 02 is a 0.30mm line
  • 03 is a 0.35mm line
  • 05 is a 0.45mm line
  • 08 is a 0.50mm line
I use the 005 for my calendars and either the 05 or 08 to draw out my spreads. The 01 would work just fine for the calendars as well. Pen Test Page For Micron Pens

Micron Fine Tip Ink

The ink in the Micron fineliner pens is archival ink which basically means it is resistant to weathering and fading. This means the spreads you create will last a long time. This means years down the road you will be able to read what you wrote and understand your spreads. This makes it easy to look back on your memories. Micron Fineliner Weekly Spread Set Up The other nice thing about these pens is that they work well on top of watercolors and markers. So you can draw out quotes, doodles, and full artistic spreads then use the fineliner over top with no bleeding or spreading of your ink.

My Main Use

The main thing I use my Micron fineliner pens for is writing. I use the 003 to write out my task list and journal. The pen is perfect, writes smoothly, and doesn’t bleed through the pages. Writing with these pens is amazing and they work well on most papers I’ve used them on. They work especially well on my Scribbles that Matter bullet journal. I think the thing I like most about these pens is how quickly they dry. Some pens will have spots that don’t dry quickly and you’ll wipe your hand over them and the ink will smudge. These pens don’t do that. The ink dries extremely quickly.

The Downsides

The only real problem with these pens is they’re not refillable. Because I use the 003 every single day and write with it a lot more than any of the others I know it will be the first pen to lose all it’s ink. Instead of refilling it I’ll have to buy an entire set of 6 pens all in the 03 size. Since I use this size the most it’s not a huge problem and I’m sure the tips will wear down with time like most other felt tip pens. But sometimes having a refillable ink is nice especially if the tip holds up like these do.

Best Fineliner Pens For Bullet Journal

The Micron fineliner pens are the best bullet journal pens and artists alike. The sizes are perfect for every need of the bullet journaler. They write smoothly and easily too. Micron Fineliner Pen Mini Calendar Habit Tracker I highly recommend you add these pens to your collection of bullet journal supplies. They will be a worthy fineliner for all your spreads and daily journal tasks. What are your favorite bullet journal pens? Let me know in the comments below. Follow me on Pinterest and pin this to your favorite bullet journal boards. Related Posts:
Micron Fineliner Review Micron Fineliner Review Micron Fineliner Review


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