An Honest Review of Mildliner Highlighters

When it comes to bullet journal must haves one of the more popular items on the list of supplies are the Mildliners. That’s why today I am doing a Mildliner review.

Do they live up to the hype? Are they worth your money? Well in short, absolutely. I love the colors, the multiple use tips, and that they are easy to store and carry with you.

Today I’m going to give you all the highlights on these popular markers so you can decide if they are useful for you and your bullet journal needs.

Mildliner Highlighters

Mildliner highlighters are a pale highlighter that are a favorite among bullet journalers. The beautiful pastel colors aren’t super bright like normal highlighters which is great for creating bullet journal spreads you can still write on.

The reviews on Mildliners have been mixed among my own research and talking to other bullet journalers. However, after trying them for myself I absolutely love Mildliners.

Pastel Highlighters - Mildliner Review - Mildliner Highlighters

I bought this product myself because I wanted to personally see if the Mildliners live up to the hype. Were the colors beautiful? Could I match the look with a cheaper marker like Crayola Super Tips? You’ll find it all out below.

Let’s get started.

Mildliner Packaging

First of the packaging for the mildliners is pretty fantastic. If you are someone who prefers to keep your packaging the marker case is designed to stand on it own.

Pastel Highlighters - Mildliner Review - Packaging

The different colors are displayed beautifully and the having the packaging being functional is useful for those who don’t currently have a bujo station set up in their home.

Mildliner Markers

I markers themselves are easy to hold and have two tip types for more detailed designs. They come in several different colors to add color to your spreads and study notes.

Pastel Highlighters - Mildliner Review - Markers

Mildliner Colors

This package has all their current colors, 15 total. Not all colors are pastel in nature so make sure you test them out on a pen test page or on a scrap piece of paper.

The biggest difference between mildliners and regular highlighters is the option of colors. With milder colors you can highlight text or add a splash of color to your bullet journal without making your eyes hurt.

Pastel Highlighters - Mildliner Review - Colors

I got all 15 colors in the one pack but you can purchase them in packs of 5 as well. You can get 5 packs of colors too in just pastel, fluorescent, warm, cool, and more.

While there are similar colors with Crayola Super Tips I found because the ink in the Mildliners is softer. This means it will be easier to see text above or below the marker ink. The ink also flows nicely for a longer time period.

The biggest problem with Crayola Super Tips is while cheaper they can dry up pretty quickly. Once they start drying up the ink will come out stronger in some spots and super weak in others.

Pastel Highlighters - Mildliner Review - Color Samples

Mildliner Thin Tip

The thin tip is great for smaller details, outlines, or writing. I use the small tips for outlining and writing in my bullet journal. It also works well for adding a colored shadow to your hand lettering and text.

Pastel Highlighters - Mildliner Review - Thin Tip

The tip is hard so it will not thicken if pressed harder like other pens. This means you may just end up ripping apart your paper. Additionally, if you go over the same line too much you might see some ghosting or bleeding depending on the journal you are using.

Mildliner Bezel Tip

There are some pretty fantastic tricks you can do with the bezel tip. Besides using it to add lines for text and task separation in your weekly spreads you can do some mock modern calligraphy pretty easily with it too.

Pastel Highlighters - Mildliner Review - Bezel Tip

Just by holding the pen at an angle where the down stroke creates a thick line but the upstroke creates a thin line you can use these pens to do bounce lettering and modern calligraphy. This is a lot easier to use than typical brush pens that take loads of practice.

Pastel Highlighters - Mildliner Review - Modern Calligraphy

Quick Pastel Highlighter FAQ

Do They Hurt Your Eyes?

No, unlike traditional highlighter colors the mildliners have a mild color tone so it can make a text stand out without making it difficult to read. There are a few colors that act more like traditional highlighters but even in those the colors are milder.

Are Mildliners Really Pastel?

Not all of them but yes the majority of them are pretty pastel colors. Some colors are a little brighter than others too. Make sure you test your markers out on a test page before you use them. The colors on the markers themselves can be a little deceiving.

Pastel Highlighters - Mildliner Review - FAQ

Are Mildliner Highlighters Worth It?

I say absolutely yes. You can turn any bullet journal spread, books, or study notes into a work of art with these highlighters. They are easier to hold than the larger traditional highlighters which means they are also easier to store to bring with you too.

The colors show up well and the ink is consistent in working too. For someone who wants an easier way to make hand lettering stand out or use them for hand lettering in their journal these pens are an excellent choice.

Mildliner Review Recap

Overall I am very pleased with my Mildliners and while I still plan on trying out other pastel highlighters these are a current favorite. Easy to use, fun colors, and easy to store these are must have markers for any bullet journaler.

Pastel Highlighters - Mildliner Review - Drawing

What is your favorite brand of pastel highlighters? Let me know in the comments below. Follow me on Pinterest for more like this and pin this to your Bullet Journal boards.

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    The back of the 15 ct Mildliner Creative Marker box states DOESN’T BLEED THROUGH which was the very reason for which I purchased the product. It bleeds through…

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