An Honest Review: Tombow Dual Tip Brush Pens

Tombow Brush Marker Review For Bullet Journal Use

When it comes to brush pens there is one among the many that stands out to all bullet journalers. The Tombow Dual Tip Brush Pens are among the brush pen greats – but do they stand up to the hype? Let’s find out in my honest Tombow brush pen review.

So I sounded a bit like a reality TV show host for a baking show there. I should probably stop watching The Great British Bake Off on Netflix.

Tombow brush pens are the most pictured and most used pens from some of the biggest influencers in bullet journaling. We see them for tutorials, in those perfect Instagram photos, and on every blog.

Full Tombow Brush Pens

Today I am breaking down what these pens are really like so you can decide if it’s worth the money.

The Hype

When it comes to recommended Bullet Journal supplies Tombow brush pens are absolutely at the top of the list. There are products that are fantastic and then there are products that are so hyped that they seem almost too good to be true.

The hype behind Tombow brush pens is that the brush pen bounces back quickly, the color is consistent, and the pens are better than any other brush pen.

Tombow Brush Pen Markers

Well I have only tried one other brush pen so I can’t make any claim that the Tombow brush pen is better than any other. What I can do is give you a verdict on all the important things we look for in our brush pens.

Different Tombow Brush Pen Color Sets

First let’s take a look at the different colors sets you can get with Tombow. They are good about pairing colors and making the pens more affordable for you to buy them as you need to.

  1. Bright
  2. Desert Flora
  3. Galaxy
  4. Greyscale
  5. Holiday Edition
  6. Landscape
  7. Citrus
  8. Muted
  9. Pastel
  10. Portrait
  11. Primary
  12. Secondary
  13. Tropical
  14. 96 Color Set
Tombow Thin Tip Markers


When it comes to brush pens we want to know that the colors that come out are consistent so that your lettering or art work looks it’s best. When a pen doesn’t give you consistent color or leaves blank spots it can make your hard work not look as great as it could.

Thin Tip on Tombow Brush Pens

After months of using the Tombow Brush Pen I can say with confidence that the color is true. It comes out evenly and blends nicely with other colors as well.

Brush Tip

The brush tip on the Tombow brush pens bounces back faster than other pens that’s for sure. This means you can use these pens easily for modern calligraphy and you don’t have to worry about waiting or rotating your pen so you can keep lines fluid.

Brush Tip on Tombow Brush Pens

One of the best parts about the Tombow brush pen tips is that they are self cleaning. This means you can blend colors on the pens themselves to create those beautiful ombre looks in your calligraphy.

Thin Tip

The thin tip isn’t super thin but it’s great for creating shadows on your lettering and outlining designs. Unlike the thin tips they are extremely firm with no give. You will get an extremely solid line.

This firmness does mean that you should be careful with your pressure on the paper. If you press too hard you can have bleeding or tear at the paper.

Thin Tip on Tombow Brush Pens

Like the brush tips though these tips are self cleaning as well so you can do blending with them and the color will remove from the tip.

Using Tombow Brush Pens To Create Watercolor Designs

Tombows are fantastic for creating watercolor designs. Simply scribble on a glass or hard plastic surface to create and use a brush, brush pen, or the blendable pen that comes with most color sets to pick up the color and create your design.

While I’m still a purest in painting and using brushes will always be the better way to go with watercolor designs, the Tombow does make it easy to create a beautiful design without completely soaking your paper.

So you can create watercolor calligraphy or just do some blending by pressing two tips together to share the color. Below you can see I used purple and pink in my first go with blending. While not perfect with some practice you can absolutely create a beautiful hand lettered quote.

Blending with Tombows

Tombow Brush Pen Review

The Tombow brush pen is a versatile tool for any bullet journaler and hand lettering fan. The blendability paired with self cleaning tips means you can mix and match your colors to create fantastic designs and spreads.

You're One In A Melon Tombow Brush Pens

I love how the pen easily bounces back with lettering making it super easy to use and practice with.

I have tried other brush pens but the Tombow is by far my favorite and easiest to use. The tips do not fray like other brush pens. It’s the self cleaning tips that really make this pen worth the price.

New Years Cover With Tombow Brush Pens

The hype is real with Tombows and they are well worth the money.

Have you tried the Tombow dual tip brush pens yet? Let me know what you think in the comments below. Do you have bullet journal spreads you would like shared? Email them to [email protected] and they may be featured on an Instagram post and/or to the blog. Please leave your IG Username so I can tag you in the posts. Follow me on Pinterest for more like this and pin this to your Bullet Journal boards.

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  1. Author

    Best brush pens out there. Have used them for 20 yrs +.
    Colors are brilliant, clean and sharp.
    Own almost 100 pens.
    Excellent product.

  2. Author

    Do they last long? I cant get myself to buy them yet! Im afraid of them running out quickly.

    1. I don’t think so! My wife and daughter use them all the time and we have gotten over a year’s worth so far. Truthfully, we have so many pens and markers that we spread out our usage, but we have three people using the supplies and I’ve found they last pretty well. We blow through ball point pens, but these seem to last a lot longer.

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