Bullet Journal Supply Storage Wishlist

Bullet Journal Supply Storage Wishlist and Ideas

There used to be a time when I thought it was a bit excessive to need bullet journal supply storage. Those days were simpler days. Then bullet journaling became a life changing hobby that I would collect loads of supplies for.

As I look at all of my supplies I have decided I really need to set up a bullet journal supply storage wishlist. I’m sharing my wishlist with you and the reasons why I want each of these products.

Bullet Journal Supply Storage

Bullet journal supply storage will give me the ability to keep all of my supplies easily accessible and organized. Right now my bullet journal supply organization is several different small pen bags all in a canvas tote.

I’d like to be able to easily view all of my supplies in one spot instead of searching through each type of supply I own. Below is my bullet journal supply storage wishlist.

3 Tier Rolling Shelf Organizing

This thing is a bullet journalers dream. Besides the fact that it rolls which means your bullet journaling supplies can travel around your home with you.

The way I would organize this is by putting pens on the top shelf. My bullet journals, stencils, and book sized supplies would go on the second shelf. Finally, washi tape would go in a tote – which I show a little later – on the bottom shelf.

It’ll fit easily next to my desk where I’m most likely to use it but if I feel like lounging in the living room to doodle and watch Netflix I can just slide the whole cart to where I need it. This is my dream come true, no more carrying a packed tote or searching through pen bags.

Stackable Cube Organizers

These cube organizers work well on desks, shelves, or anywhere where you might need it. They are large enough to fit full collections of pens and markers too.

One of the biggest struggles for bullet journalers and hand letterers are how to store your dual tip pens. They should be stored flat so that the ink can easily flow between the two tips. This storage option is the best way to store your markers.

Spinning Desktop Storage

For colored pencils, single tip pens, and paint brushes this desktop storage spinner is what’s best. You can easily find, store, and keep all your supplies in one place.

Felt tipped pens – like the Micron fineliners – are best stored tip down. Ball point pens should be stored tip up to keep the pen tip from getting gummy. Gel pens can be stored either up or down without being affected.

Washi Tape Box

Washi tape is a favorite supply for bullet journal enthusiasts. They add color and design to your pages without needing to spend loads of time creating them.

However, once you start collecting washi tape it’s hard to stop collecting washi tape. Before you know it you have washi tapes galore and need a place to store them.

I like how this box allows you to see where exactly your perfect washi tapes are stored within the box. This makes finding washi tape easy and keeps them organized.

Desk Drawer Storage

Every month I do a different theme in my bullet journal. This means I have certain supplies that I use repeatedly throughout the month. I like to keep those supplies readily available all month long.

Having desk drawer storage makes it easier to find those must have supplies. I can easily open a desk drawer and have exactly what I need at my fingertips for my quick daily logs.

Bullet Journal Supplies

When you start collecting bullet journal supplies it’s difficult to stop collecting them. There are new pens and new things to use and try all the time. It’s not uncommon for us to get shiny object syndrome when it comes to bullet journaling.

Of course with those supplies comes a bit of an expense too. Part of lowering our supplies expense is by making sure we store our supplies correctly.

If washi tape is exposed to loads of sunlight or humid conditions they can become damaged. If pens aren’t stored correctly they will dry out faster or not work as consistently.

Bullet journal supply storage is important to keep our supplies good for as long as possible.

Bullet Journal Supply Organization

How you organize supplies is completely up to you. Store them in a way that makes the most sense for how you bullet journal.

Our collection of supplies are going to be as different as our bullet journals themselves. I prefer to keep collections together but other people prefer to organize by color. Whichever works for you is best for you.

How do you organize your bullet journal supplies? Let me know in the comments below. Follow me on Pinterest for more like this and pin this to your favorite bullet journal boards.

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