February 2019 Pink and Grey Setup - Bullet Journal Layout in Pink and Grey Stripes

My bullet journal setup for February is a minimalist but colorful setup. In keeping with Valentine’s day I went ahead and used pink as one of my colors. However, I am not a huge Valentine’s Day fan so I paired it with a grey and left hearts completely out of this theme. It’s not that I dislike the holiday – I just don’t celebrate it. If you do that is awesome and I wish you a very happy day filled with joy and love. For being a short month I have a lot going on. My son’s birthday, our anniversary, and of course all theREAD MORE
Bullet Journal Banners and Headers Ideas

Every now and then we need to spark some creative juices in ourselves so we go searching for ideas and inspiration. Bullet journal banners and headers are the perfect place to start. Here you can find all the many different ways that you can title your pages and spreads. All of us at some point will want pretty headers and banners for our bullet journal pages. If you are not familiar with brush lettering or creating banners I highly recommend you practice them on extra paper, in a practice journal, or in a drawing notebook. This will help you to perfect your style before committingREAD MORE

I love some of the modern calligraphy we are seeing in bullet journal spreads. Of course even as an artist I am not great at this though I am practicing more and more these days. So I’ve decided to share some of my favorite and best lettering tutorials. I highly recommend that you use something like Crayola Super Tips while you are practicing your modern calligraphy. The tips will get destroyed, they won’t last long, but at least you can get in some practice on an item that doesn’t cost an arm or leg. No matter how fantastic the Tombows are, a newbie will mostREAD MORE