Bullet Journal Gratitude Logs - Thankful Spreads and Gratitude Logs for Bullet Journals - 20 Gratitude Logs To Use In Your Bullet Journal To Be More Positive
20 Helpful Bullet Journal Gratitude Logs

Gratitude logs are an amazing tool for building a positive mindset. If you haven’t yet used a gratitude log or are wondering if you should use one at all, I have all the reasons why you should right here.

If you are looking for a way to live in the present, be more positive, and shift your mind away from negativity a gratitude log is the best place to start. There are some pretty powerful reasons to use a gratitude log.

Before we get started here is a list of my recommended supplies.

Recommended Products

Gratitude Logs Help You Live in The Present

Too often we are so focused on the future that we forget to live in the present. Our lives are filled with the “I will be happy when…” which prevents us from appreciating everything we currently have. It also creates a bit of a battle in our lives. You will find yourself always looking for something else to make you happy instead of being happy in the moment.

One of the fast ways to fix this train of thought is by keeping a gratitude log. The gratitude log forces you to focus on what you are grateful for in this moment of time. This switch in mindset from future happiness to current happiness can help you to live a more present life now.

It’s important to stop living for the future and to start living in the present. Being grateful for where you are and what you already have keeps your mindset on the positive things in your life. This positivity will spread out to every aspect of your life making it easier to find more success and more happiness.

Gratitude Logs Help You be More Positive

Speaking of positivity, if you notice that you seem to be a negative person a gratitude spread may be the key to unlocking your positivity. When you use a gratitude spread you are forcing yourself to find something positive in each and every day.

One popular exercise is to take something you don’t like and find the positive in it. Did your boss just give you loads of extra work? The positive spin on this is your boss sees that you can accomplish the tasks he gives you. This could bode well for raises and promotions later.

By finding positivity in the negativity you can completely change your mindset to be a more positive person. It’s not always easy and it takes some time but that positive mind shift will make a whole lot of aspects in your life easier.

Gratitude Logs Help You Remember

As you build up your gratitude logs you may find yourself from time to time looking back on these logs. These logs will help you to remember all the things you are grateful for.

This can be useful to gain a bit of perspective if you are fighting with your spouse or a friend. You can look back on all the times you were grateful for their presence. This can help you to determine the actual reason for being upset and help you to find a way to deal with the fight.

You can save your relationship by recognizing all the ways you are grateful for them. Remember though, some people are only meant to be in your life for a season. So make sure you want to continue with relationship. If what the person did deserves an end to the friendship it may be worth future pain to just end the friendship.

How To Use A Gratitude Log

There are loads of ways that you can use a gratitude log. For me I use it as a catch all thankfulness log. I find something that I am grateful for that day and I write it down. I could be grateful for people in my life or wine if I’m having a mental health day.

Another way you can use your gratitude log is by finding the positive in something negative that happened to you each day. This can be a powerful way to help you have a mind shift to focus on finding the positive side of every situation. It’s more difficult and will take a bit of reflection but it can have huge benefits in the end.

No matter which way you choose to use your gratitude log you are going to see huge results and shifts in the way you focus on situations. The goal with a gratitude log is to build up a positive mindset.

Bullet Journal Gratitude Log Ideas

I want to go over just a few of the different layouts found for amazing gratitude logs. As with any spread in your bullet journal, get creative with your gratitude logs.

@lungesandlittlepeople Rainbow Gratitude Log

lungesandlittlepeople Rainbow Gratitude LogSource

@kaitsbujo Monthly Gratitude Spread

kaitsbujo Monthly Gratitude SpreadSource

@penandpaperjoy Calendar Wheel Gratitude Log

penandpaperjoy Calendar Wheel Gratitude LogSource

@louise.dahle Simple Gratitude Log

louise.dahle Simple Gratitude LogSource

@bu.journal.love Gratitude in a Square

bu.journal.love Gratitude in a SquareSource

@abulletandsomelines Happy Log

abulletandsomelines Happy LogSource

@maplebujo Gradient Rainbow Gratitude Log

maplebujo Gradient Rainbow Gratitude LogSource

@dotted.plans Diagonal Design Gratitude Log

dotted.plans Diagonal Design Gratitude LogSource

@thedoodleplanner Pineapple Doodle Gratitude Log

thedoodleplanner Pineapple Doodle Gratitude LogSource

@acciomommy221b Gratitude Log and Mood Tracker Potion Spread

acciomommy221b Gratitude Log and Mood Tracker Potion SpreadSource

@engineerbujo Gratitude Log and Quote

engineerbujo Gratitude Log and QuoteSource

@chantel_l_smith Gratitude Doodles Black and White

chantel_l_smith Gratitude Doodles Black and WhiteSource

@yumsbyamna Simple Design Gratitude Log

yumsbyamna Simple Design Gratitude LogSource

@eendjusbujo Gratitude Collection

eendjusbujo Gratitude CollectionSource

@blueflowercreates Easy Gratitude Log

blueflowercreates Easy Gratitude LogSource

@dans.plans Gratitude Grid

dans.plans Gratitude GridSource

@bulletjournal.h Harry Potter Gratitude Log

bulletjournal.h Harry Potter Gratitude LogSource

@mabujork Minimalist Gratitude Log

mabujork Minimalist Gratitude LogSource

@kathbulletjournals Daily Reminder Gratitude Log

kathbulletjournals Daily Reminder Gratitude LogSource

@gingerbreadandnightingale Colorful Gratitude Collection

gingerbreadandnightingale Colorful Gratitude CollectionSource

Using A Gratitude Log

I usually recommend getting in your bullet journal several times a day to check off items on your to do list. At the end of the day before you go to bed, fill out your next day’s task list, fill in your habit trackers, and make sure you fill out that gratitude log.

By doing it at the end of the day you can end your day on a positive note. This also allows you to sleep soundly because you have cleared your daily thoughts from your brain. By filling in your gratitude log at the end of the day you can pick the most positive aspect of your day and focus on that while you fall asleep.

Recommended Products

Do you use a gratitude log, if so, what type of positive results have you had with your gratitude log? Let me know in the comments below. Do you have bullet journal spreads you would like shared? Email them to [email protected] and they may be featured on an Instagram post and/or to the blog. Please leave your IG Username so I can tag you in the posts. Follow me on Pinterest for more like this and pin this to your Bullet Journal boards.

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