20 Magical Harry Potter Bullet Journal Spreads
Bullet Journal Harry Potter Themes - Harry Potter Doodles and Designs for Bullet Journal Spreads and Layouts - 20 Harry Potter Doodles and Spreads Dumbledore Would Approve Of

Harry Potter is a favorite fandom of mine. So, it only makes sense for me to do a Harry Potter bullet journal theme post, right? I have rounded up some of the best Harry Potter doodles and spreads to draw inspiration from.

I plan on doing a Harry Potter theme in my own bullet journal in November. I am currently reading through the Harry Potter books for the first time after seeing the movies several times. I have to say I am loving the books and highly recommend reading them.

Harry Potter Doodles & Spreads

If you are planning on doing Harry Potter Spreads in your bullet journal let me make a recommendation. Make sure you practice all of your spreads before you commit to paper in your journal. Additionally, make sure you use pencil first.

Unlike other spreads Harry Potter doodles usually have a lot of detail to them. Stick with cartoon like characters if you aren’t into the realistic view. There are so many avenues you can take to make your Harry Potter doodles and theme unique to you.

Harry Potter Bullet Journal Theme Ideas

Harry Potter is a wildly popular theme with loads of fantastic ideas you can draw inspiration from. Additionally, don’t be afraid to pick just one part of Harry Potter as your monthly theme.

You can stick with just Quidditch related spreads, spells and potions, a house theme, and so much more. You could theme each month to each book or movies plot and have 7 or 8 months worth of themes. Then add the 4 houses and you have a full year worth of Harry Potter spreads.

You can stick to a minimalist look by just adding one Harry Potter doodle to your spreads. You can go all out and create a full landscape over two pages. Harry Potter is such a versatile theme that you can really experiment and use your imagination to find something that works for you.

Before we get started here is a list of my recommended supplies.

Recommended Products

20 Harry Potter Doodles and Spreads

@killer_hopes Harry Potter Monthly Spread

killer_hopes Harry Potter Monthly SpreadSource

@dotted.plans Quidditch Theme Weekly Spread

dotted.plans Quidditch Theme Weekly SpreadSource

@bujo.for.me Harry Potter Doodles on Monthly Spread

bujo.for.me Harry Potter Doodles on Monthly SpreadSource

@mayflowerfields Harry Potter July Monthly Spread

mayflowerfields Harry Potter July Monthly SpreadSource

@tristartist.nl Harry Potter Mood and Habit Tracker

tristartist.nl Harry Potter Mood and Habit TrackerSource

@kim_artventures Black and White Harry Potter Monthly Spread

kim_artventures Black and White Harry Potter Monthly SpreadSource

@feescully Hello September Harry Potter Spread

feescully Hello September Harry Potter SpreadSource

@bulletjournalbecca Watercolor Harry Potter Spread

bulletjournalbecca Watercolor Harry Potter SpreadSource

@tristartist.nl Flying Ford Anglia Monthly Spread

tristartist.nl Flying Ford Anglia Monthly SpreadSource

@mrsmplans Hogwarts Will Always Be Home Monthly Spread

mrsmplans Hogwarts Will Always Be Home Monthly SpreadSource

@sj_bujo The 4 Houses Monthly Spread

sj_bujo The 4 Houses Monthly SpreadSource

@interludiumdiary Gryffindor Weekly Spread

interludiumdiary Gryffindor Weekly SpreadSource

@clever_cleotha Harry Potter Doodles Happy Collection

clever_cleotha Harry Potter Doodles Happy CollectionSource

@pensandbullets Tribute To Snape

pensandbullets Tribute To SnapeSource

@kobieta_z_pasja Harry Potter Key

kobieta_z_pasja Harry Potter KeySource

@kinkas.bujo Golden Snitch Mood Tracker

kinkas.bujo Golden Snitch Mood TrackerSource

@rachelmaybujo Marauders Map Habit Tracker

rachelmaybujo Marauders Map Habit TrackerSource

@rachelmaybujo Doby Monthly Spread

rachelmaybujo Doby Monthly SpreadSource

@hayleighreidart Hogwarts Express Weekly Spread

hayleighreidart Hogwarts Express Weekly SpreadSource

@hayleighreidart Diagon Alley Weekly Spread

hayleighreidart Diagon Alley Weekly SpreadSource

Now you have 20 Harry Potter doodles, spreads, trackers, and collections to draw inspiration from for your own Harry Potter theme. I love the work all the artists in this collection did throughout their own Harry Potter themes, so make sure you click through and give them a like and follow.

Recommended Products

Which Harry Potter spread is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below. Do you have bullet journal spreads you would like shared? Email them to [email protected] and they may be featured on an Instagram post and/or to the blog. Please leave your IG Username so I can tag you in the posts. Follow me on Pinterest for more like this and pin this to your Bullet Journal boards.

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