Bullet Journal Theme Ideas For Harry Potter - Harry Potter Spreads, Layouts, and Theme - 16 Harry Potter Bullet Journal Theme Ideas
Bullet Journal Theme Ideas For Harry Potter - Harry Potter Spreads, Layouts, and Theme - 16 Magical Harry Potter Spreads For Your Bullet Journal

This is my Harry Potter Bullet Journal Theme for November.

I have been extremely excited to try my hand and a Harry Potter theme in my bullet journal. As a huge fan of the books and movies I’ve been looking forward to recreating aspects of each in my bullet journal.

This of course has me super excited for November too. Just being able to use the different spreads.

Harry Potter Spreads - Cover Page and Month At A Glance

Before we get started here is a list of my recommended supplies.

Recommended Products

Platform 9 ¾ Cover Page

Harry Potter Spreads - Harry Potter Platform Cover Page

I decided to start the Harry Potter theme off with Platform 9 ¾. This is where the journey to Hogwarts begins so it made sense for me to start the theme here.

Platform 9 ¾ Monthly Spread

Harry Potter Spreads - Harry Potter Month At A Glance

I went with a simple monthly set up again. It worked really well for me in October. I find I don’t need a complicated monthly planner, just a place to track my upcoming events and check dates quickly.

Quidditch Goals Page

Harry Potter Spreads - Quidditch Goals

Quidditch seemed like the perfect idea for a goal page in my monthly layout. It’s important for me to have a goals page to look at every day. It helps me to stay on track all month long.

Monthly goals are an important thing for everyone. Be it reaching business goals, fitness goals, or financial goals, a goals page is a helpful tool to remind you what it is you need to do everyday to reach your goals.

Marauders Map Habit Tracker

Harry Potter Spreads - Mauraders Map Habit Tracker

This was a spread I was super excited about creating. I plan on adding more habits to track but I haven’t quite decided which ones I’m going to do yet. I will probably post updates on it on Instagram so make sure you are following me.

If you’re wondering why I track habits it’s so I can create daily habits that help me to build my business, practice self care, and stay on track with my goals. If you want to stop bad habits and start good ones to replace them, I highly recommend starting a habit tracker in your bullet journal.

Pottermore Wand Gratitude Log

Harry Potter Spreads - Gratitude Log

As we know the wand chooses its witch or wizard. At Pottermore you can find out which wand chooses you. The wand I drew here is my wand from Pottermore. I wanted to make this page personal in that way due to the personal nature of a gratitude log.

A gratitude log is a fantastic way to keep your mind on the positives around you. When you have a grateful and positive mindset it can have drastic effect on your life. You will start to feel happier overall as well as more productive in your everyday work.

I am very pleased with how this wand turned out. The mildliner brown was a great choice for making this work. I used a fineliner brown to add all the details and shadowing to the wand.

Potions Mood Tracker

Harry Potter Spreads - Potions Habit Tracker

I went with a potions shelf for my mood tracker. I added more moods to track for this month too so I can see if it is a tracker I want to keep. I had a difficult time staying on top of my mood tracking in October and I’m not quite sure how useful the mood tracker is for me since I have a daily journal I keep.

Great Hall Candles Meal Planner

Harry Potter Spreads - Great Hall Meal Plan

The meal planning worked out really well for October. However, for this month I wanted to keep it all together instead tracking them with my weekly spreads. I like using a meal planner because it keeps us on track with our diet while also making grocery shopping easier.

Harry Potter Weekly Spreads and Daily Journals

I decided to go with the different houses for the weekly spreads and daily journals. In my extra space in the weekly spreads I added the sorting hats quotes about each house.

This week I have two extra spots that are dedicated towards notes and goals. These will be tasks that I need to complete within the week or goals to accomplish to reach my main monthly goals.

Gryffindor Weekly Spread

Harry Potter Spreads - Gryffindor Weekly SpreadHarry Potter Spreads - Gryffindor Quote

Gryffindor Daily Logs

Harry Potter Spreads - Gryffindor Daily Spread

Hufflepuff Weekly Spread

Harry Potter Spreads - Hufflepuff Weekly SpreadHarry Potter Spreads - Hufflepuff Quote

Hufflepuff Daily Logs

Harry Potter Spreads - Hufflepuff Daily Spreads

Ravenclaw Weekly Spread

Harry Potter Spreads - Ravenclaw Weekly SpreadHarry Potter Spreads - Ravenclaw Quote

Ravenclaw Daily Logs

Harry Potter Spreads - Ravenclaw Daily

Slytherin Weekly Spread

Harry Potter Spreads - Slytherin Weekly SpreadHarry Potter Spreads - Slytherin Quote

Slytherin Daily Logs

Harry Potter Spreads - Ravenclaw Weekly Spread

Harry Potter Bullet Journal Theme

Overall I’m extremely happy with the way this theme turned out and I am excited to use it next month. The simple layouts will help me stay on track with my work and daily activities, the layout worked really well for me the couple of weeks I tried it in October.

Recommended Products

Have you ever done a Harry Potter Bullet Journal Theme? Let me know in the comments below. Do you have bullet journal spreads you would like shared? Email them to [email protected] and they may be featured on an Instagram post and/or to the blog. Please leave your IG Username so I can tag you in the posts. Follow me on Pinterest for more like this and pin this to your Bullet Journal boards.

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  1. I love what you do…I wish I had the time to do so myself. I’m just starting an ESL after school program for kids age 4 to 14 and I’m using the Harry Potter world theme but I have sooooo much prep! I want to make it fun for them but there’s not much out there so I’m creating everything from scratch. Are you a teacher too? Do you use HP in your lessons?

    1. Author

      No I’m not a teacher by profession but I used to teach painting to adults. I am a huge Harry Potter fan though and I absolutely love the idea of using the Harry Potter universe in your lessons. That would be a fun way to teach kids and I think they would love it too. Thank you for everything you do.

      I did a quick google search for Harry Potter homeschooling and found some interesting concepts you might be able to use. For instance on ihomeschoolnetwork in this article they talk about recreating the basic classes in a education way. So you can help teach what each element in a potion is or have your student write about their own magical creatures or create their own wizarding world stories. It might help with sentence structure.

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