Fall Bullet Journal Ideas - Sunflower Bullet Journal Spreads - Fall Bullet Journal Spreads - 14 Happy Bullet Journal Ideas For Fall
Fall Bullet Journal Ideas - Sunflower Bullet Journal Spreads - Fall Bullet Journal Spreads - 14 Autumn Bullet Journal Ideas

We are two days away from September and I have my bullet journal setup for the month complete. It’s nice to have everything planned out so early and I can start filling in all of my monthly plans and updates. Before I fill in everything though I want to share with you my September bullet journal setup.

This month I decided to go with fall because I already planned out October and November themes. Additionally, we currently live in central Pennsylvania and the leaves are already starting their changing. This area is absolutely beautiful in the fall as the mountain brightens up with reds, oranges, and yellows.

I also threw in some sunflowers as the ones in this area are all in full bloom. My designs have drastically improved over the last month as I practiced. While my main medium has been acrylic for the past 6 years I haven’t practiced my drawing skills as much.

While I normally go super minimalist in my bullet journal this month I wanted some flair. Of course the artist bug bit me and now I have massive plans for the next three months.

I plan to draw more in September and help to improve those skills with practice. As they get better I will be sure to share doodles and how to guides of them here on the blog and Instagram.

Before we get started here is a list of my recommended supplies.

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September Bullet Journal Setup

Let’s dive into my September setup. You’re sure to see some improvements and as we continue further into the month.

September Monthly Spread

September Bullet Journal Setup - Monthly Spread for September

This month I decided to do a large 2 page monthly calendar for my spread. I kept it super simple but added a leaf to the corner in order add some color. Each square is 7 x 7 giving me plenty of space to fill in my calendar.

September Goals

I did a two page spread and really played with the sunflower idea here. I love quote pages and felt this quote from the late Earl Nightingale was a great one to keep me motivated to reach my goals. I planed out this spread at the beginning of the month but didn’t complete it till the end.

September Bullet Journal Setup - Sunflower Goals Quote

I did some rough estimates and I hope to reach these two blogging goals for my mommy blog and this one. As my marketing plan is taking shape I really think these will be easy goals to reach.

September Bullet Journal Setup - Sunflowers Goals Page

September Mood Tracker

September Bullet Journal Setup - Mood Tracker

This month I played a little bit with an Inside Out theme. Corresponding colors and balls for the moods. I kept it simple because this is my very first mood tracker and I don’t know if I will keep it after this month. We will see how it goes.

September Gratitude Log

September Bullet Journal Setup - Gratitude Log

As always I have my gratitude log ready to go. Everyday I find something I am grateful for and record it in my log. This is a great way to find positivity in every single day and to learn to be grateful for everything I do have.

September Weekly Spreads

I decided to try out weekly spreads this month though I can’t honestly say I will continue with them. For me it’s too much repetition in my calendar. While my daily logs help me to use the journal aspect I don’t feel like I need to have a monthly and weekly spread. I don’t have that many appointments.

September Bullet Journal Setup - Weekly Spread 3rd

I messed up the dates on the first week but it is what it is. I decided to go with a bit of modern design on the spread. I tried it, it’s not really for me, but I made it work by adding some great fall colors.

September Bullet Journal Setup - Weekly Spread 10th

I really like the second weeks spread for how minimalist it is. Plenty of space to fill in each of the days and a touch of color in the border at the top. My fine point pens really came in handy for this spread.

September Bullet Journal Setup - Weekly Spread 17th

I created the third week spread late at night one night and I gotta say, it’s not working for me at all. I tried making it better and I’m still not thrilled. The layout isn’t bad it’s the splashes of colors that have me feeling like it’s all too much.

September Bullet Journal Setup - Weekly Spread 24th

The fourth week is my favorite weekly spread. Not only do I have a box for everyday but it’s a minimalist spread with a really pretty sunflower. This was a pretty easy spread to create and I look forward to eventually recreating the flowers in a tutorial.

September Daily Spreads

Each day corresponds with the weekly spread. I decided I would track my water intake daily, my blog stats, and I would remember a fun mantra every day.

September Bullet Journal Setup - Daily Spread 3rdSeptember Bullet Journal Setup - Daily Spread 10thSeptember Bullet Journal Setup - Daily Spread 17thSeptember Bullet Journal Setup - Daily Spread 24th

September Habit Tracker

I wasn’t going to do a bullet journal habit tracker this month but decided to go ahead with it so I can continue some habits that I’ve started. Everyday I want to read, post to Instagram, and write for the blogs. These are important habits for me to keep up.

September Bullet Journal Setup - Habit Tracker

I also left space for a monthly review. This review will be filled in with everything I loved, learned, and discovered about myself in September.

My September Bullet Journal Spreads

This month is a little bit about getting out of my comfort zone and living more in the moment. For a lot of this year I’ve been making plans for the future. While that gives me goals to work for, I really want to be more present minded.

It’s important to me that I focus on the now and what needs to happen today. I know what I am working towards but I can’t let the future be my focus. It prevents me from accomplishing every daily goal I have.

The bullet journal has really helped me to improve on accomplishing all of my daily tasks. It helps me to stay on track for goals and improve my mood as well. This creative outlet has been amazing for the artist in me without needing a huge space to paint.

For October I will be doing a Nightmare Before Christmas theme so make sure you subscribe in the form at the bottom of the page. In November I will venture into a Harry Potter theme. December will most likely be a Doctor Who theme to celebrate the return of The Doctor.

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What are your goals for September? Let me know in the comments below. Do you have bullet journal spreads you would like shared? Email them to [email protected] and they may be featured on an Instagram post and/or to the blog. Please leave your IG Username so I can tag you in the posts. Follow me on Pinterest for more like this and pin this to your Bullet Journal boards.

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